Marcin Log - April 2015

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Thu Apr 30, 2015

Crowd Video Production. Developing Open Source Aquaponics Consortium - Aquaponics_Greenhouse_Working_Team#Update_-_April_30.2C_2015. Lay-Flat Trailer build instructions complete. Ready to build? . True Fans Hangout ran 2 hours. Then 1.5 hours with Tigre on IT/Web - need to control meetings.

Wed Apr 29, 2015

Andreas Leadership Development. Found about and Used for converting MP3 to YouTube video.

Tue Apr 28, 2015

Lay-Flat Trailer rapid prototype in 3DP and redesign.

Mon Apr 27, 2015

Ordering plants - from Fruit List at Garden Plan 2015.

Sun Apr 26, 2015

MicroTrac 2015.

Sat Apr 25, 2015

Icon Source moving along nicely. Moving forward on Lay-Flat Trailer. Companion Planting. Working on OSE Web Strategy - where the key is to build around open communities. [1]. Issue encountered - no significant economic forward dedicated motion is happening - except for LulzBot as and open source software projects of all kinds. OSE needs to step up, and is hosting a Month of Distributive Power in 2016. As such, welcome to a month of Open Source Extreme 2016.

Fri Apr 24, 2015

Miracle Orchard Planning with Stefan for Miracle Orchard Workshop. Sepp Holzer Drying Trees.

Thu Apr 23, 2015

Today: finish announcement for Miracle Orchard Workshop. Publish 3D print model of trailer. Get materials for trailer. Hitch + hooks + lumber. Finish design detail for railing. Continuing Open Source Nursery. Wrote a Letter of Interest to Dr. Tobias Redlich, Helmut-Schmidt-Universität Institut für Konstruktions- und Fertigungstechnik, Hamburg, Germany., - for his OpenLabs project. Good trailer work from Dorkmo on Lay-Flat Trailer page. Open-Sourcing CAD. GSD Methodology. Starting Python 101.

Aquaponics, initial layout. Hanging columns. Beds, troughs. Nursery, chicken, worm, fish, tropical, strawberry areas. Build team. Peggy Bradley. APduino. OS Hydroponics. Open source weed growers - the true fan. Open source sawmill. Minnesota guy with OS Aquaponics. Aquaponics Education - check in with vets - Reagan, other program. Vinay for food production aspect. Backyard pools as growing space. Carrot and starch crop. Dietary requirements. Inputs: offal, soldier fly, mealworms. Farmhack peeps. UVI. David Dobbins. Rad Mycology. Governance. Founding Members approve new members. Membership dues - paid to education program. Membership via contribution. Roadmap. Team dev. Revenue model - OS contrib towards developing an enterprise. If you are not interested in building a system or starting anenterprise, this is not a group for you. Funding model - crowd funding of pilot projects. Membership dues towards educating the world. Ergonomics requirements - 1 hr per month of maintenance for each key system: automation, water, plant, mushroom, fish, chicken, structure, heat. 1 day per month requirement for greenhouse operation. Competitive with time it takes you to go shopping. Brand: home of open source Aquaponics.

Add duckweed as fish fodder via Aquaponics. Design automation sections.

Production engineering for one day build.

Micro task to product demo approach: allows for self-vetting via meritocracy, and allows for leadership via meritocracy. The development is technical and continuous.

Front wall gutters, back wall troughs. Mid line columns. Drain through ground gutter with more plants. Ferrocene my tank with metal lath as base. Or stabilized walls with wood. Good tech for in-ground pools. Technique would help.

Pond area - buried. Second level of fish - propagation tanks. Surface trough runoff to buried tank.

Floor area - tunnel for walking

Wed Apr 22, 2015

Discussion on CNC Torch Table - Major design simplification - cheap plasma cutters don't have high frequency start. $6-7k units non-rf bc hard to get this to work. 4-5k grand have rf, but also rf start for cnc. Low range CNC plasma cutters have touch start. CEB discussion - Blaz would be doing the update. Notes on Troublemaker Generation 2 - []

Tue Apr 21, 2015

Continuing Miracle Orchard Workshop. Getting pool ready. Leadership Training development with Laura - Enterprise Log. Adding Open Source GIS to Landscape Design.

Mon April 20, 2015

Binding Arbitration. Working on Miracle Orchard Workshop.

Sun April 19, 2015

Preparing Publication of Miracle Orchard Workshop. Back to Swing Blade Sawmill. More on exporting Sketchup to STL. OpenBuilds could be a community to build upon for small CNC - laser, mill, lathe, robot, 3D printer, scanner - if standards could be adopted. Open Wonderland is a 3D virtual world where people can bring in 3D objects, such as Collada (DAE) Sketchup exports. Can it be enhanced to do virtual collaborative swarm builds for collaborative learning?

Sat April 18, 2015

CAD Tutorial. Design Sprint - April_18,_2015_-_Pattern_Language_Icons. Doing Development Template - enterprise section. Working on Miracle Orchard Workshop. Collaborative Landscape Design. Started Supercooperators and Leadership Development.

Fri April 17, 2015

Miracle Orchard Workshop - [2]. Food+Tech connect. Grove Labs.

Thu April 16, 2015

Spreadsheet on Aquaponics Modules - [3].

Wed April 15, 2015

Koruza CNC Torch Table. Koruza 3D Printer. Free Tier Software for Open Source Projects. Doing Taxes 2015 - Discussed in 3DP workshops.In Slovenia, there are people doing it, Whole toolset for Koruza opensource, first toolset for Koruza. Whatever done globally, we should be running an instance locally. And find a way to get global community to support it. Dogfooding prototype. Who ran 3DP workshop? Ran first one, trained 10-15 people = do it, and then they do it. Ideally, DIY with limited involvement. Prepare printer and documentation to the point that it's a virtual workshop done by. 1-2 people - few days per week to get it done. Realistically, 3 months of development. Cost to be covered is work plus materials.$3-5k. 2 iterations of prototypes. August is feasible to have workshop. Printer is 3rd generation. 15-20 per iteration with Gen 2. Gen 3. Documentation Expectation: Documentation - None of the documentation is good enough right now - Luka. Explainer video idea is positive. Instructionals + video cross-referenced to Instructional. Every section of assembly should have a quality control procedure. Useful Source - let's do it. Useful Source documentation of Koruza. Ideally, OSE should do the documentation based on the printer. Ideally, I should do it. Developing and documnentation in Slovenia. OSE documents in replication process. Unique value: completely closed design, so you can print more complex materials. Pitfall is wooden print bed. Control electronics is worth redoing. Software with closed loop will be the next evolution.

Specifically on improvent:

  1. Software leveling. Support for bed leveling is in Marlin. Pressure vs. conductivity route. Conductivity can be tricky if gummed with plastic. If we do extra work - might as well do it right. Same level
  2. Replace wood to metal platform.
  3. Controller improvement.
  4. Plexi will cost 40-60$ for 3 or 6 mm plexi. 1.5 sq meters. Wood is $10/sm. USA sourcing - make it both 6 mm and 1/4" for sourcing.

Roles: Luka will 2. Luka oversees and advises, will be more involved on documentation.

More reliable: assembly. Reducing wear on small parts. Test it on 3DP.

Hard to find people who build Good-Enough Systems.

SD Card version. Ethernet or SD card. More direct assembly process.

Useful Source: document in XML format so you have an offline viewable. Everything is a fork. Take a photo - if problem - you.

You have original photo - parallel it with documentation, you add build photo. Release is connected with app on phone. So you make updates realtime. Should work locally. Download app, but app is offline. Download Useful Source documentation, XML. Then you can upload. We want people to use Outernet, or connectivity.

They do have a mockup in XML. Complete rewrite for this summer, asap.

Mon April 13, 2015

Talked to Josh regarding Mark Shepard workshop. Icons Group. Site Planning negotiation. Evaluated dump capacity of Trailer Build. Faxing 990 letter to IRS - [4] . Web working Group - solvingn backups. OSE Badges. Building up Linux Support to help with various linux software needs. Beginning printing with Lulzbot Mini.

Sun April 12, 2015

2015 Critical Paths. We should review the Org Critical Path 2014. Pluralingual Communication. Lulzbot Mini setup.

Sat April 11, 2015

Site Design Planning Skills.

Thu Apr 9, 2015

Great meeting with Shubhendu of, and great aquaponics meeting with Oyster mushroom plan and IPM work begun.

Wed April 8, 2015

CNC torch table - [5]. Site plan workshop balance sheet - [6]

Tue April 7, 2015

Notest on Community Building.

Mon April 6, 2015

Continuing Development Template. Working on OSE Site Design Workshop. Getting ready to spawn Icon Creation Team - with Icon Creation blog post - [7]. Started Web Admin 101.

Sun April 5, 2015

The Big Plan - [8]. Updating Calendar for Site Plan Workshop. OSE Team Dev - Leadership Dev Frameworks - [9].

Sat April 4, 2015

Started new Development Board - CEB_Press_6_-_Overall_Machine_-_Development_Board. Open Source Housing Cost. CEB_Study_of_Industry_Standards.

Fri April 3, 2015

Continuing CEB Product Release 2015 to make it Useful Source. Evaluating Structural Power Cube build from 2014- see Data Collection fro 8x8x8 and 8x8x9 hole versions. Contributed to Rob_Beddingfield_Log#Design_Rationale.

Thu April 2, 2015

Aquaponics Greenhouse Concept + Technical Design. Restoration Agriculture Workshop planning - [10]

Wed April 1, 2015

$400 without shipping + $180. 40W laser cutter. Technology assessment on laser cutter 4 printers in office - Koruza units - each one took 1/2kg plastic - 2o Koruza units in 2 week period. 2 weeks. Zero messups. Calibration and tuning - messup only from bad filament. Initial calibration - 1 day of build. Eve of same day you get. Fine tuning. Find optimum temperature, flow of filament, shrinkage. Filament varies between manufacturers.

1% error - due to plastic.

Positioning accuracy - 0.0x mm.

Belt tensioning - none.

Carriage has screw.

Start 8 am, print first objects 8 PM.

How many people are currently running?

How many are aborted?

Build instructions online?

How often do you need to calibrate? Bed made of wood which

Aluminum bed.

100 guys - first printer - nationwide online hacker community.

English PDF -

Can't overoptimize bc of too many custom parts.

Print hours - before

Makerbots are difficult to fix, and don't work for long.


Moving bed and open construction not great.

Print volume - 20x20x20 cm print.

What is your relationship to Ultimaker - didn't say anything about.

Cost on bed level - servo + end stop.

700 kg of plastic to 100 people.

What can go faster? Sorting out connector.

Novices take about an hour for soldering. Frame under an hour. 3rd hour - trolleys together. Possibly bed assembly if aluminum. 4th hour is belts and pulleys, 5th preparing printhead + extrudere. 6th is mounting electronics and cabling. 7-8 - finalizing. 2 hour breaks. Troubleshooting. 3 instructors per 24 printers. Troubleshooting sprinkled throughout process. Check correctness. No QC list.

Electronics - 1 hour prep - 1 hr put it. At least 1 hr, possibly down to 1/2 hour for electronics.

Buying steppers with connectors, or board with all connections.

Next version of electronics. Optimizing electronics makes sense only with volumen - 1000. BC of added cost. There is no really good controller for a 3D printer. No need really. Optimized controller - easier connectability. Integrated on board. RAMPs does some.

4 workshops decreased with time. Instructors got up to speed. First run - 16 hours with only Luka, to 8-10 hrs - more instructors and less.

16 people just Mustafa. 4 workshops of 16-24 people. With 24, thereabout 3 instructors. Need one instructor who instructs, and one who advises. For a person who hasn't soldered before, still doable. Electronics should be treated as a black.

Everything shoudl be set up with electronics is a black box.

What was most difficult in build? Small things. Not much.

Small details of how to put it together, etc.

OS top 3 - that you make. 1. Troublemaker 2. too many custom parts in Ultimaker. Repraps 3. Kossel or delta - simple but dead volume.

To produce - no more than 1 hour for shell. Could be 45 minutes with 3D printer. Birchwood. Significant smoke with birchwood.

For play - do a printrbot jr.

Optimizations - aluminum bed, possibly simpler electronics, possibly autolevel.

Complaint on Forum - "Something wrong with my printer" - but it was settigs. Part fails on build- if sourced from china. Order 10% more than you need.

CNC Torch - recision of 1/2 mm is good enough. 1m by 1m. Plasma cutters are cheap - $300 cheapo. Combo plasma + welder.