Yoonseo Log 11 2012

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November 2012

Testing new log strategy...


Sweiger trip with Gabi (CEB Press, Caster, Light Screen)... done

CEB Press Electronics - Circuit Assembly... done

Terminal Case... that perfect tungsten end is really tough to get -_-

Ehow on Balling Tungsten

Miller TIG Tips

From WeldingTipsandTricks stuck with 2% thoriated for a long time. It worked great ... but on A/C the tip kind of got jacked up at high amperage. I tried 1.5% and 2% lanthanated and learned that both work fine but the 2% lanthanated works great and even better on A/C. And For TIG inverters like the Miller Dynasty 200dx or the Lincoln Invertec v205t, it is Da shizz.

It holds up really well at high frequencies like 120-150 HZ.It stays sharp on DC too.

The only drawback is that is does not break easily...you have to cut it with a grinder. Duly noted. Thought I was doing something wrong by having to grind-cut the lanthanted but guess that's standard practice.


Hablab Cleaning! Jacob is coming.

Make Terminal Case... Needs argon gas refill, new ceramic cups. Make a light tack weld. Then, starting from 1 end (but give enough space for the other aluminum walls), get a junction puddle (between baseplate and wall) then travel along junction edge. Filler adding technique is to insert the filler rod at the junction edge coming from the opposing direction as the weld. Keep the weld small and tight. If for some reason the weld turns big, skip it and do the junction puddle + edge travel again. You can grind off the big part and reweld the gap later.

When balling the tungsten before welding, set material-to-tungsten electron % higher and the current lower instead of just increasing the current. This will keep the copper plate cooler while still heating-balling the tungsten correctly. Make sure that the end of the tungsten is a ball.

Make PCB Mount...


Make Hall Effect Sensor Module x2... done

Test Hall Effect Sensor Module x2... done, both operational.

Make Solenoid Driver... done

Prepare for making Terminal Case... done

Organizing personal information at Yoonseo Kang...

Organizing development webpage at Open Source Technologies and adding material supplier links...

Coconut Oil Tests as Cutting Fluid


Coco Cutting Fluid, Forums

Ordering Coconut Oil... done Haha! This will be fun! You can eat it, you can machine with it!

Safety and health is incredibly important at the minor level because hazards that take off years off your life are actually cutting, say, 5 years of living in *the future*, at which point you can be doing things x10000%+ higher quality and faster than you are doing now. Furthermore, you would be missing out on 5 years of health and safety innovation in *the future* which could further extend longetivity and ability by orders of magnitude more. Critical stuff. Don't miss out. Safety and health gives you a lot more than you might realize, and you don't notice that you haven't been seriously injured so it doesn't enter your mind that much. Chronically underestimated factor of life...

Ordering earmuffs (we are darn low on these, and disposable earplugs aren't that great as a cluttery consummable)... done


Deploying Magdrill x2... done

Design Boxed Way machined dimensions...

Order aluminum flat for Hall Effect Sensor Module x2... done

Prepare Terminal Case welding for CEB Press...

Organize Drill Bits...

Ordering Labels... done


Hablab Ground Insulation Day

Documentation feedback for Chris Olah regarding www.implicitcad.org... done


Upload Tooling Plate Documentation... done

Make Surface Grinder Video... done

Power Cube VII Electronics... awaiting someone to mount battery, solenoid and reveal 2AWG copper stranded wire

Upload Surface Grinder Video... done

Ordering Hall Effect Sensor... done

Stove sealing - Cement the gasket to the front top frame... done

Asking Andy about submersible pump wiring splice... done

Ask Josh about any available 120VAC/240VAC hydraulic power supplies... done

Website Setup Documentation

Get ImplicitCAD to Inkscape with Gcodetools for gcode toolchain working error-free... done


Make Tooling Plate... done

Ordering Steppernug x6... done

Preventing Collet Slip


Organize CEB Press Electronics Materials... done.

CNC Torch Table V2 Test 1... Y Axis jog test success. Needs 2 more steppernugs for complete control. y axis gear setscrew needs tightening.

Design C Clamp with linear interface for Hall Effect Sensor Module... done. Might end up better to just use off-shelf C-Clamps despite 2-piece assembly until C Clamp fabrication efficiency increases.

Contact Chris Olah about ImplicitCAD use instructions... done

Ordering Power Supply... done

Contacting Darren about Steppernug... done

Ordering Solderable Breadboard... done

Ordering LEDs and MOSFETs... done

Test ImplicitCAD... done

Test Gcodetools... Inkscape internal errors?!

Ordering small C Clamps... done

Designing Funnel...done

Ordering Aluminum Tube... done

Fixing Ubuntu Shutdown... no good File:Grubexamplefix.txt sudo shutdown -P now

Ordering Aluminum Sheet... done

Ordering Gasket for Stove... done


CEB Press Electronics Coordination 1:30pm with Marcin... done

Power Cube VII Electronics... needs more touch safe terminal blocks

Laundry trip... done

Battery bank is too low for workshop use...

Organized Workshop with Drawers

Ordering touch safe Terminal Blocks... done

Ordering iron for Boxed Way... done

Ordering Flashlights...done


Power Cube VII Production Run with Others Day 2...

CNC Electronics Wiring... done

Computer to Microcontroller troubleshooting...



CNC troubleshooting... success.

Documentation spree.

Tooling Plate Fabrication Drawing


Power Cube VII Production Run with others

CNC Electronics Mounting... done

Personal reminder that the Boxed Way module can be used as linear guides for Lathe

Ordering Annular Cutters... done

Began Computer Platform

CNC Electronics Wiring...


Power Cube VII Materials Preparation with Tom and Marcin... done

Bandsaw blade replacing with Kavitha... done

Power Cube VII Production Run Preparation... done

Bandsaw blade replacement video... done

Use Gparted with a live cd or usb in order to repartition your computer's internal hard drive.

Began Adjustable Platform

Designing Caster... done


Ordered Portable Light

CNC Electronics Wire to Terminal Tech... tinned wire vs fork connector resolved...

CNC Electronics Intra-connection Tech... male/female headers with twist connectors for now...

Analyzed on-site cordless chuck drills... no good. low torque and frustrating battery removal

Ordering Gloves... done

Documenting Extension Cord assembly... done


Fabricate PCB Mount compressors... done

Install PCB Mount compressors... done

Deploying organizing drawer shipment... done

More drawers... ordered.

CNC Electronics Wiring Prep... heatsinks mounted, mounting holes drilled.

Ordering mcmaster-carr shipment (edge finders, iron for Tooling Plate, cable gland and rubber rod for Terminal Case)... done


Ordering LIN steppers... done

Fabricating stove interface...done

Deploying (installing) stove door... done

Documenting stove door at Modular Stove Fabrication Procedure... done

Deploying extension cord shipment... done

Wrapping up hospital bill... itemization sheet on its way from hospital.

Ordering measuring tapes... done

Ordering wire... 18 gauge 500' red, 500' black ordered.


PCB Mount HDPE Plate cutting... done

Ordering hex to chuck converters... done

PCB Mount Mounting concept... done

Researching iron suppliers... mcmaster-carr is a supplier (http://www.mcmaster.com/#iron-sheets/=k2j66h)







240VAC Extension Cord... done

Food trip with Parker... done

TIG Welding Setup Video... done

CNC Torch Table mechanical assembly finishing... done

Ordering more winterwear... done

Ordering screwdrivers... done

Powercube Troubleshooting with Graham... fixed. The fuse was loose.


Sweiger Trip for powercube/lathe accessories + stove metal. Done. Sweiger does not supply or have connections for iron.

Ordering more extension cords... 25ft x3, 50ft x2, 100ft x1 (Yellow Jacket from Amazon)... done

Ordering mass discrete component organizers... done

Wrapping up hospital bill... no response, message left.

Saw Blade Store response to order question... done. they were just confused with billing/shipping addresses

Septic system troubleshooting... fixed.


Group clean Hablab!

Pictures for Light Screen, Trencher, Flashlight Mount

Light Screen from Josh missing a few parts - must search in Tristan's car...

CNC Torch Table Steppers' electronics interface wired up.

Set up camera tripod

Terminal Case interface with PCB mount...

Ordering HDPE plate for CNC electronics... done


Tooling Plate fabrication preparation...

Terminal Case V3 welding... done - TIG welding aluminum isn't TOO hard...

We'll need to recharge our argon canister soon. Medium size canister is easier to transport, but must price check on medium and large refills.

Design, prototype, documentation Thermal Shield for TIG welding... done, done, and done

Preparing for next sweiger trip. Lathe/powercube accessories, iron for tooling plate, metal for stove door, pure argon gas refill... done

Must order edge finder (ex. from mcmaster-carr), but waiting on further items to optimize shipping.

Husking Walnuts!



Hinge redesign for stove


New stove door design... mostly done.

Ordered aluminum bar for Terminal Case V3 construction (with welded seams for rigidity and waterproofing)

Tested and documented Trencher V1.5 with Aaron. It works pretty good!

Began TIG welding Terminal Case. Started using filler rod for the first time. The aluminum gets HOT. Don't touch it, even with gloves you will get burned. Cannot TIG weld continuously without heat shield. Must design heat shield for hand.

We need more 240VAC extension cords. Must order male and female plugs, as well as more large 3-strand wire.

Ordered 2 bandsaw blades


Stepper Motor considering: bipolar super torque steppers from Lin Engineering (http://www.linengineering.com/LinE/contents/stepmotors/5818.aspx)

Flexible shaft coupling considering: from http://www.mcmaster.com/#standard-shaft-couplings/=jzypil

Plan: organize drill bits

Plan: work on improving flashlight mount - magnetic mounting, adjustable angle


TIG Welding tests... still no good. Grinded the aluminum and reduced the length of tungsten alloy tip sticking out to 1/8" but instead of puddling properly the aluminum totally melts underneath a film of oxide...

Bandsaw blade ordering [Emailed Parker and Marshall for previous bandsaw blade source]...

Thiel Fellowship monthly review... done

Thiel Fellowship annual update... done

Sweiger trip with Gabi for farmer's bank credit card form, powercube materials and TIG welding troubleshooting... success, success and success.

TIG welding aluminum test... success! Minor change was to mount the tungsten collet in the opposite direction. The major change was to ball the end of the tungsten by applying some high current 150-200A at ~50% AC balance to the tungsten tip but using copper plate.

Prototyped flashlight mount.