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OSE Europe

Paradigms are shifting and new practical solutions are needed. This year we want to start an Open Source Ecology community in Germany and we are looking for a Dedicated Team to make this happen.

The people involved in the project will be sharing openly and for free economically significant information. We want to open source the ecology of the environmental, societal and technological systems so that we contribute directly to the creation of an open source economy – an economy that optimizes both production and distribution, while providing environmental regeneration and social justice.

We start with the technology needed for the creation of a small scale civilization with modern comforts – the Global Village Construction Set and other relevant tools. From tractors, wind turbines to cars. Every technology will be developed with values like modularity, simplicity, lifetime design, low-cost, closed loop manufacturing, Do-It-Yourself, flexible fabrication and high performance. We want to open source the whole lifecycle of each technology – from its parts sourcing, fabrication, use, maintain and repair to its reuse and recycle. We will open source also our ecological food production, housing, workshop constructions and business models – our complete economy. All this economically signicant information will be saved digitally on the Internet as text, manufacturing files, pictures and videos so that we distribute it not only to our current generation, but to all other future generations on Earth – who can use it and build upon it! We are looking for the pioneers to join us in this endeavor! You can help us full-time, part-time or however you can. Let’s connect and learn about each other.

Why Germany? The people in Germany can and will play a vital role in the OSE development in Europe and the world. In Germany there are very good engineers, most people are well financially and here is one of the best sustainability and open source cultures in the world. It is a perfect place to start an OSE community.

Development Team

Our first main goal is to establish the initial Development Team dedicated to create the community in 2012. The Development Team is open to everyone who works on the creation of the community and has a specific group of people, the Core Team, who will start up and develop the community no matter where or how. We would need help with all areas of community creation and development: organization, communication, land search, ecological housing and workshop architecture and construction, fabrication, engineering, mechatronics, permaculture, demeter, farming, business, law, social, financial etc.

Core Team

The Core Team are people who will do their best in their ares for community to start and develop. It is open for everyone who is dedicated to this task.

  • Nikolay Georgiev, Skills: Organizational, Web. Gmail and Skype: nikolay.h.georgiev (in Darmstadt, Germany)
  • Andreas Gmeiner, Skills: Organizational, Politics, Ecology, Permaculture, IT (Regensburg, Germany, comes back to Germany in March 2012)
  • Diego Galvez, Skills: Organizational, fundraising, web, networking. (Leipzig, Germany)

Media Team

Translation Team

we need people to help us with English-German translation.

  • Andre Jonas, Skills: Translation, Proofreading. (Kiel, Germany)

Law Team

we need people to help us with the legal aspects of community creation, fabrication and product selling.

Looking for Land

Currently we are compiling information on land and housing that could perhaps be used for setting up an Open Source Hardware Research Center or an Open Source Community in Germany. If you have any land offers please, add the info in this section.


We are working on these Projects.


This is an initial Roadmap for the creation of the OSE community in Germany. It will be expanded and more concrete as we act.

January 2012

  • January 5 - Check.png contact 20 Hackerspaces (around Munich, Stuttgart/KA, Frankfurt, Aachen).
  • January 11 - Check.png Vortrag in Darmstadt, Trollhöhle, mit Chaos Darmstadt, 20:00.
  • January 12 - Check.png Radio interivew on C-Radar, Darmstadt, 21:00.
  • January 13-15 - Check.png in Leipzig, speak at Occupy Leipzig, speak with people interested in OSE.
  • January 20-22 - Check.png in Bittelbronn, south of Stuttgart, IdeenCamp, on OSE, Village Innovation Talk with Franz Nahrada and others.
  • January 25 - Design a flyer for OSE Germany
  • January 31 - Visit Berlin, meeting in Open Design City is planned, connecting with people to discuss rural and urban OSE developments in/around Berlin.
  • January 31 - Translate Global Village Construction Set/de
  • January 31 - Translate the OSE Paradigm in German
  • January 31 - Expand the Development Team
  • January 31 - Expand the Core Team

February 2012

  • February 2 - Nikolay will speak with Katharina Weber on the project - open sourcing "How to build a strawbale house".
  • February 4 - Nikolay goes to Berlin for about 2 weeks.
  • February 5 - Meeting in Berlin planned with other organizations. More info soon.

February - March 2012

  • March 31 - Visit Aachen/Bonn/Köln?
  • March 31 - Visit Frankfurt?
  • March 31 - Visit Heidelberg?
  • March 31 - Visit Stuttgart/Karlsruhe?

Communication and Contact