Marcin Log - August 2013

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Sat Aug 31, 2013

Microhouse preparations - brick pressing and sample carpentry. Microhouse Preparation and Data Collection. Incinerating Toilet Options.

Fri Aug 30, 2013

99 Designs for Nonprofits. Engineering and Open Source Programs for Good. Design Sprint. Rapid Prototyping with Laser Cutter. CEB Press Control Code Flowchart. OS_Microcar_Aug_30_2013_Sprint_Notes. Open Source Optics. Mailing List Protocol.

Thu Aug 29, 2013

Development Templates updated. Katie's Dozuki Documentation Concept.

Wed Aug 28, 2013

Six Sigma Calculations. Critical Path Method. Started Development Protocols Needs. 6 in 60 Video.

Fri Aug 23, 2013

OSE Specifications Evaluation. Recruiting board members.

Thu Aug 22, 2013

John Log left for home and preparing for Ghana, and finishing CNC Circuit Mill in a week to ship back to FeF by Sep. 6.

Sat Aug 17 - Wed Aug 21

TED Fellows Retreat. Potential tractor pilot with Siva Cotipalli. Shenzai with Cesar Harada of Protei. Bristol on HR issues. Paul Wicks on organizational scaling. Angelo Vermeulen on human dynamics on remote colonies.

Fri Aug 16, 2013

Finished Ideal Future State and moving into Future State July 2013 - going over issues and risks. Started Continuous Quality Improvement. Scalable Critical Development Path. Technology Choice Tree Example. Started Design Spring Log.

Thu Aug 15, 2013

Started Interviews Spreadsheet as part of Recruiting Strategy to begin an intentional effort of capturing attention for core product delivery. Started Development Task Durations spreadsheet to begin careful quantification of development time for an entire product that follows the Operations Master Template. 10AM - reviewing Future State July 2013. Created Tasks. Started Work Product Matrix (rename of Aug 2013 template). Forwarding Task Durations. Published LifeTrac GrabCAD Challenge.

Wed Aug 14, 2013

LifeTrac Cab Module Requirements. Reworking Future State July 2013 to start Real Development Board, and integrating with Dozuki template. Finalizing LifeTrac GrabCAD Challenge and updating GrabCAD Challenge Template by filling in Requirements for all Tractor Modules. CEB Controller 5 Concept. Started Product Requirements Template. Started Recruiting Strategy including Recruiting Strategy - dedicated to defining a recruiting strategy for Design Sprints, Dedicated Project Visits, True Fans, and Production Managers.

Tue Aug 13, 2013

Started Shop Inventory Standards. Published editable Workshop Map Template. On the Open IP climate in DC - Sparkfun Testifies in Front of US Judiciary. Started LifeTrac 6 Parts Order. How a Bolt is Made. Updated BOM Template for metal and bolt weights includeig calculators.

Mon Aug 12, 2013

OSE Development Method Planning. LifeTrac 6 Design Rules. GrabCAD Protocol. Recording 6 in 60 Report Script. Scripting HydraFabber Blog Post. LifeTrac 5 Data Collection. LifeTrac 6 Product Development Board. 45.6 Cu In Hydraulic Motor.

Sun Aug 11, 2013

Rural Water Connection. Understanding the Economy.

Sat Aug 10, 2013

Design Sprint - Development_Status_and_Needs#Sat_Aug_10.2C_2013_Plan. Puttting in remaining Modules#GVCS_Modules_Spreadsheet into Dozuki. OSE Documentation Wireframe. LifeTrac 5 Field Testing. LifeTrac 6 Review. LifeTrac 6 GrabCAD Challenge - according to GrabCAD Challenge Template. 10W Laser Cutter Calculations from Tim - 200mm second = .5 mph. Collaboration Architecture for 1 Day Design-Build Event. 10W Laser Cutter Concept Diagram.

Thu Aug 8, 2013

Updated process part of OSE_Specifications_for_Product_Design. Dev template clarity discussion with Katie. Found about Solidoodle-printed car - Solidoodle Car. Refining the Flashy XM Control Panel development process to current process based on 6 in 60 and LifeTrac 5 experiences with Module-Based design to yield August 2013 Development Template. Design Sprint CRM Platform. OSE Utilities Map.

Wed Aug 7, 2013

CEB Press Genealogy. InterLace - commons-based peer production with video. Google Drawing Template. ZoomRP. Initial microhouse concept discussion with Chris - Chris_Reinhart_Log#Concept_drawing_thoughts. Updated Blogging Standards for technical blog posts such as invited to Tim Log for 10W laser cutter. Going over Project Manager Tutorials. Rob is looking for Google_Hangout_Alternative. Limit in hangout is 10 or 15 peeps. First use of Contractor IP Agreement with Independent Contractor Template. James got CEB Controller schematic in Upverter, and began BOM - James_Slade_Log#Thu_Aug_8.2C_2013. Second True Fans Hangout invite.

Tue Aug 6, 2013

Beginning LifeTrac 6 design and development. Team Microhouse Discussion.

Sun Aug 4, 2013

Jung Typology Test.

Sat Aug 3, 2013

Design Sprint - Development_Status_and_Needs#Sat_Aug_3.2C_2013_Plan. Torch Height Controller ready for build - Paul Log. 270 modules put up on Dozuki. Open Source Power Electronics Construction Set Diagram. Need to start CEB Press 6 Development Matrix.

Fri Aug 2, 2013

Critical Path Template. Embedded GVCS Comparison to Industry Standards. Updated OSE Specifications for Product Design.

Thu Aug 1, 2013

Microhouse Build Planning. Open Source License Compliance Audit for software in manufacturing. Refined to Development Template 2.