Marcin Log - March 2016

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Thu Mar 31, 2016

Pee and Poo.

Wed Mar 30, 2016

Regan Arts negotiation. Talking to Ben Kellogg about Kickstarter publicity. Making nursery shelves for 10000 nuts.

Tue Mar 29, 2016

How to Make STLs for 3D Printing - by combining existing, and generating new ones. Updated instructions for the Sketcher Script . Water Fittings STLs added to Useful 3D Print Files. Session with Wevolver to post the Tractor online.

Mon Mar 28, 2016

OBI Publicity. Greenhouse Nursery Module. Swing Blade Sawmill.

Sun Mar 27, 2016

Sun Mar 27, 2016 Notes

Sat Mar 26, 2016

Sat Mar 26, 2016 Notes. Continuing Greenhouse Nursery Module - pumping determined, general plumbing determined, going into overflow details + 3D printed parts, plus control panel. Stack Exchange Alternatives.

Fri Mar 25, 2016

Heavyweight Product Management. How Nonprogrammers Can Contribute to Open Source Projects. Browser cad - On Lulzbot success - tool chain - yearbook - Filabot on appropedia. 3D printer construction set in FreeCAD under FreeCAD news. Steam engine in FreeCAD.. Work with BlocksCAD on Tractor Construction Set Library.

Thu Mar 24, 2016

OSE Wiki - adding navigation map. Moving towards a unified structure. Shelving design + auto watering controls at Greenhouse Nursery Module. Financial Goals.

Wed Mar 23, 2016

3D Printer Calculations. Designing shelves for 12,000 seedlings with bottom watering at Greenhouse Nursery Module, linked from Aquaponic Greenhouse Workshop. Updated Aquaponic Greenhouse Log. Tree Planter. Contours, Keylines, Swales, and Berms. Continuous Charcoal Maker.

Tue Mar 22, 2016

EIR - contract added for Alec. Updated Burndown Graph Protocol. Edited 3D Printer Workshop Survey from Torbjorn's initial cut.

Mon Mar 21, 2016

Sketcher Workbench. Operations Manual Template.

Sun Mar 20, 2014

OSE Wiki Information Architecture for Collaborative Ecology. OSE Priorities March 20, 2016.

Fri Mar 18, 2016

Prusa i3 Build Optimization - quality control procedures checklists are being drawn up. Combination Square. QC Checklist - 3D Printer

Thu Mar 17, 2016

D3D Product Testing - testing automatic bed leveling. Probing works. Z offset needs adjustment.

Wed Mar 16, 2016

D3D Live ISO updated, finally works. Results are excellent: system is much faster than normal because it's lean (500MB) and operates from RAM when selected for this option, about 3/4 GB needed. F12 selects boot options on Dell Precision M6500. Moving on to Automatic Bed Leveling. Updated Dogs Log.

Tue Mar 15, 2016

Open Source Nursery. Updated OSE Fellows. Replication updated to Peru. MicroHouse WebGL. Open Source Photogrammetry.

Mon Mar 14, 2016

Development Log started to document major trends in development direction.

Sat Mar 12, 2016

Jonathan Prusa i3 Build. Open Source Walk-in Cooler.

Fri Mar 11, 2016

Drones. EIR Review Process. Created D3D Product Testing to test the live linux with the software. Design Sprint March 11, 2016 Working Doc. Online CAD Part Repositories.

Wed Mar 9, 2016

OSE EIR Basic Financial Model. Continuing Nut Breeding with nursery design. Distributive Enterprise Webinar. Adding to Publicity Resources. Hours. Startup Farm Data.

Tue Mar 8, 2016

Small Apollo Program for the GVCS. Map of OSE Efforts. Mapping Open Source Hardware Collaboration Ecologies. Lean.

Mon Mar 7, 2016

Announced Collaborative Literacy Webinar. Updated OSE Africa Guidelines.

Sat Mar 5, 2016

BOM Template - added supply chain strategy. Going over Script 7 of Prusa i3 Modular Build Video. Potato data point - 3/4 lb/sf - Potatoes. Live Linux. Added Entrepreneur_in_Residence#Selection_Criteria + Distributive Enterprise Brief Template. Added OSE SME Webinar

Thu Mar 3, 2016

Local Newspapers Strategy. 3D Printer Marketing Log. Greenhouse Nursery Module. Cloud Collaborative Embeddable Linkable Word Cloud Generator. Greenhouse Nursery Module.

Wed Mar 2, 2016

List of Open Source Hardware Projects. Cultural Creation Strategy. 3D Prototyping Services. Press Release Template and 3D Printer Press Release. OSE Local Press Contacts. OSE Africa Guidelines.

Tue Mar 1, 2016

Wevolver - setting up with Rich Hulskes. OSE Wiki Structure Specification. OSE Community Platform. Hydraulics 101. Crowd Funding. Open Source EDM. How to Design a Regulated Power Supply