Marcin Log - September 2016

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Fri Sep 30, 2016

OSE Operations Manual - adding HR Operations Manual. Jahnavi - TU Berlin. Bill Ottman. Open Source Pellet Burner. 3D Printer Design Evolution - added critical path. Open Source Conferences

Thu Sep 29, 2016

Microtasking - started with Identify Thermoelectric Generator Subject Matter Experts. Build Planning 2016. HR Scrumy.

Wed Sep 28, 2016

CEB Press Workshop - added feedback form. Updating IT/Web Team

Mon Sep 26, 2016

Following up with participants. Approved. Automatic Resonant Frequency Tracking. Power Cube v16.09. Unimog with Backhoe.

Fri Sep 23, 2016

Game Day. 1 Day CEB Press Build #2. X. Beam Calculator.

Thu Sep 22, 2016

CEB Press Workshop#Logistics. CEB Press v16.09. Workshop Prep Checklist. Thursday Prep List.

Wed Sep 21, 2016

HR. Workshop Prep Checklist. Thursday Prep List. CEB Press v16.09. Open Source Ecology Papers. Surpluscenter Tracking.

Tue Sep 20, 2016

CEB Press v16.09 script. OSE Server. CEB Press Workshop#Participants. CEB Press Fabrication Diagrams. Mokan Bolts for CEB Press 2016

Mon Sep 19, 2016

CEB Press v16.09. 3 Phase Plugs

Sun Sep 18, 2016

Product Ecology Roadmap. CEB Press Distributive Enterprise. CEB Press v16.09 - controller

Sat Sep 17, 2016

Garnet. CEB Press v16.09 Electronics Design. Passive Solar Design on Seed Home. Hydraulic Valves. Cat 5 Ampacity

Fri Sep 16, 2016

Heavy Duty CNC Construction Set. CEB Press v16.09. Hydraulic Quick Couplers

Thu Sep 15, 2016

Power Cube v16.09 parts order. CEB Press v16.09 hydraulic system.

Wed Sep 14, 2016

CEB Press v16.09. Quarter and eighth inch files uploaded for cutting at Files. Power Cube v16.09 parts order.

Tue Sep 13, 2016

Open Source Sourcing. Files. Power Cube v16.09. CEB Press v16.09#Fabrication_Diagrams. CEB Press Frame Fabrication Diagram Files. Indiegogo InDemand OBI Campaign. DXF Export in FreeCAD.

Mon Sep 12, 2016

CEB Press Changes 2016. HR 2016. Wear of Metals.

Fri Sep 9, 2016

Fri Sep 9 Notes. Celebrate!. CEB Press v16.09.

Thu Sep 8, 2016

CEB Press v16.09. Beta Access.

Wed Sep 7, 2016

Requesting addition of Lukas Log and Sile Log. CEB Press v16.09. Greenlab. FreeCAD Architecture Tutorial. FreeCAD 101 redirected properly. Collective Intelligence Conference. Post and Beam vs Balloon vs Platform Framing.

Tue Sep 6, 2016

Seed eco-home code compliance document. Seed Home Requirements. Wareium. Design Sharing Platforms. Seed Eco Home Layout

Mon Sep 5, 2016

Mon Sep 4 2016 Notes. Hamburg Presentation.

Sat Sep 3, 2016

Travel Checklist.

Fri Sep 2, 2016

OSE Podcast. HR Log. WikiFab. CEB Press v16.09. Integrative Immersive Training.

Thu Sep 1, 2016

The Success of Open Source. HR Strategy Log. CEB Press v16.09. Design Sprints - next announcement