Marcin Log - July 2014

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Tue Jul% 22, 2014

MicroCar workshop in preparation. MicroHouse 3 Workshop.

Sun Jul 20, 2014

Started Brick Data and Project Budgets. Soil preparation for pressing.

Thu Jul 17, 2014

OSE Collaboration Architecture

Wordpress Instructions. Micro Power Cube workshop announced.

Wed Jul 16, 2014

Sun Jul 13, 2014

MicroCar Workshop Script.

Hi, my name is Marcin, Founder of Open Source Ecology. We are designing and building open source machines that can be made at a fraction of conventional costs, and are sharing our designs online for free. Our next machine is the first prototype of the tilting microcar - by partnering with Yann Lischetti- founder and engineer of Velocar. Yann has now put in about 2 years of design effort into Velocar, and we are ready to build the first functional prototype. Yann - tell us more.

The velocar is a tiny, 65 kg human-hybrid electric trike, with ridiculously high equivalent efficiency of over 1000 mpg, capable of going up to 100 km/hr, with a range of 100 km - at a cost of $5k. The project is absolutely open source - dedicated to replication by distributed manufacturing. It is designed for small and local batch fabrication, and includes carbon fiber composites, regenerative braking, an aeroshell, and human power assist.

The unique part from OSE's perspective is the dedication to open enterprise - a production model that can occur in community-based microfactories. Our prime audience is hackers and builders interested in mastering their own personal mobility - and transforming mobility in general. We are offering a workshop where Yann will teach us about the design of super-efficient vehicles, where we build the first Velocar prototype during our workshop. We are sourcing materials now, and preparing for our workshop on August 1. Sign up now for an exciting experience that takes OSE to the next level of open engineering design.

Wed Jul 2, 2014

Posting workshop announcement for MicroHouse 3. For Wordpress: 1. Duplicate latest announcement as a post. Signup form - [1]. Presentation on WordPress template - [2]

Tue Jul 1, 2014

Microhouse Workshop 3 - Script.

At Open Source Ecology - we're developing open source industrial machines that can be made for a fraction of commercial costs, and sharing our designs online for free. In 2011, we published our beta release of the tractor, brick press, soil pulverizer, and power unit - which was our Civilization Starter Kit v0.01. In 2012, we refined the build of the brick press - to a single day of production time. In 2013, we built our first Microhouse - a comfortable, affordable home using onsite soil. Earlier this year, we continued with a second prototype. The goal of the first 2 Microhouse prototypes were to test the limits of a rapid build using a large group of people. Now we are building - Microhouse Version 3 - Open Source Ecology's most ambitious building project yet.

We will be building a spacious, open source home - that is fully code compliant, directly transferable to the urban environment and costs 1/3 of conventional housing. This prototype is designed to be affordable, expandable, and driven by the owner-builder experience - suitable to both DIY and professional builders alike.

The house has 512 sqft of livable space; uses passive solar gain; and has a 2 story double thick CEB wall. The thermal mass will keep the house on average, 15 degrees cooler in the summer - therfor lowering heating and cooling costs. The aesthetics of the compressed earth block allows for minimum interior and exterior finishing, furthering cost savings. Our collaborative build technique allows for simultaneous, prefabricated modular assembly resulting in extremely rapid and labor efficient construction.

Our plan for this house is a 5 day immersion education experience where we go all the way from foundation to finishing. Sign up and be a part of an unprecedented achievement in sustainable construction and open source hardware.

Minutes from morning meeting