Marcin Log - March 2013

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Sun Mar 31, 2013

iF Foundation in Haiti - pilot project negotiation. DIY and Alternative Tractors references from Berea visit. Interview for Seoul Digital Forum, includig Emily from New Yorker, at Mark Belinski's (of Digital Democracy) apartment.

Sat Mar 30, 2013

Study of Industry Standard Tractors. Published blog post on Fan Creates Anthem for OSE. Continuing University Partnerships. 3 Month Prototyping Plan 2013 - for 6 prototypes by June 30. Considering Bulldozer, Microtractor, Torch Table, Backhoe, Truck, Car, 150hp Power Cube. Steppernug update. Arduino Sales. Started OSE Milestones 2013. Non-Structured OSHW Documentation. Added OS CNC Torch Table Controller Interface Design to Steppernug. LifeTrac Construction Set continuation. Gerbv open source Gerber File viewer. MyPaint open source painting program. Meshlab triangular 3D mesh editing and processing. Raster Graphics Editors. You Are What You Share, not You Are What You Owe - by Charles Leadbeater.

Fri Mar 29, 2013

Negotiating counteroffers from recruits. Open Source Manufacturing in Detroit. Doing Seoul Digital Forum Talk. Malthusian Trap and graph of GDP. Number of Free Countries in the world. War Statistics indicate waning of war. Installed Synfig 2D animation for Ubuntu. Peak Oil. Graph of CO2 Emissions. Open Source CAD Solution Specification. Freesteel online STL slicer.

Thu Mar 28, 2013

Tinkabi Tractor from Robert Fairchild, Berea College contact. Open Source CAD Solution Specification. 3D Repo. Thingiview.

Wed Mar 27, 2013

Final interviews with 4 executive candidates. Writing Offer Letters. Testing Infomous - it reads feeds. Example of Open Source Ecology Blog - Infomous.

Tue Mar 26. 2013

Got offered 3+ interns paid at $3k for 10 weeks from Berea on agriculture and technology. Set up final interviews for tomorrow at Navy Yard. Planning with Kaustuv on open CAD solution. Decided to do Gecko G540 for CNC Torch Table II with Steppernug open source solution planned as soon as it goes online. Office Software including Pencil for open source diagramming and GUI design, and Scribus - os alt to InDesign. Open source parametric cloud modeling - Shapesmith

Mon Mar 25, 2013

OSHW-OSE-Power Cube-Engine Options started after last night's conversations including 36 hp Briggs and Stratton.

Sun Mar 24, 2013

Documenting Steppernug. Tracks Plus. Conference call with Hayden, James Slade, Ian Midgley, Tom Griffing, Our School at Blair Grocery people on building a LifeTrac Digital for The Spark. Arrived at Berea College.

Sat Mar 23, 2013

Interviewed Gary De Mercurio, talked to John Bethune on test assignment with CNC Torch Table. Ian Midgley is planning LifeTrac IV build in New Orleans with Our School at Blair Grocery. Assessed Factor e Farm for cleanup needs. Planning Pilot Projects.

Fri Mar 22, 2013

Talk for Benedictine College Presentation. Collaboration with 4 Mechanical Engineering students started for next year, 2 strong stakeholder ME professors are supporting the effort. Chris Greco, host, was great.

Thu Mar 21, 2013

Shuttleworth Foundation Fellow-Up. Writing a questionnaire for Final Interview Questionnaire for Managers. Consolidating Doc Jam contacts. Started Open Culture Guidelines. Abstract for Seoul Digital Forum - Open Source and Beyond: Collaborative Development Towards an Economy of ‘Meaning’. OSHW Market Size. Reference Interviews for candidates. Buckybox via Craig Ambrose.

Wed Mar 20, 2013

Reviewing candidate assignments. Gantt Chart Template for OpenOffice Calc was suggested. Standard Home Cost Calculator from Katie Log. OSE Microhouse Project Plan Summary from Katie. See Hugo Log. Researching Context Institute for board members.

Tue Mar 19, 2013

Began Open Source Electronics Development Protocol for open hardware electronics projects, to be applied to the Open Source OSHW-OSE-CNC_Torch_Table by OSE. Right Openness. Sample Debategraph. Aaron finished 2012 Annual Report. Our culture is Radical. Working on Benedictine College Presentation. 3D Printing Case Study of Urbee by Stratasys. The Most Successful Leaders Do 15 Things Automatically, Every Day. Plastic Board industry standard options sent by Alastair Parvin. Started replicators survey at GVCS Builders. PDF Editors for Ubuntu.

Mon Mar 18, 2013

Exploring Wacom Tablet for Ubuntu for instructionals as in Khan Academy. Recording Desktop in Ubuntu. Michel Bauwens' Mindmap of Open and Free. Characteristics of Creative Leader vs authoritative leader. Talking to Jeff Moe about a supersized 3D printer for car bodies. OSHW Documentation Resources. Doc Jam. Open Language Standards. First interview with John Bethune. First interview with Adrian and Tony Auwn. CNC Construction Set. The world's first searchable, semantically marked up, universal open source hardware documentation taxonomy - implemented for CNC Torch Table - OSHW-OSE-CNC_Torch_Table. Sketchup to DXF and STL. Useful CNC and arduino solar tracker - Cerebral Meltdown. Reviewed CAD Director application from McKinnley_Workman. Open Source 3D Printing Filament Extruder. Slide Deck and Benedictine College Presentation.

Sat Mar 16, 2013

Started True Fans Status to describe the current condition of the True Fans Program. Tristan's last video, The Story of HabLab published. OSHW Conferences. Uncovered an amazing information architecture tool, Debategraph. Talked to Jason Naumoff of The Deconstruction regarding radical collaboration event organizing in NYC or SF. Study of existing Hardware Hackathons. Large Scale 3D Printers. Lulzbot - open RepRap 3D printer by a True Fan, Jeff Moe. Annual Report Editing. Teleconferencing Tools. Dymaxion Car.

Fri Mar 15, 2013

New Yorker interview with Emily Eakin. First Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam blogged. Began Media Strategy. The Significance of Open Source Hardware - essential properties. Board Development. Slide Deck. Abstract for SDF in Korea - Collaborative Development Towards an Economy of Meaning. Sample Sunglass embed. Popular Science article. Alastair Parvin and David Lang videos up on TED Long Beach 2013. Today's new TED Talk is Smart Materials TED Talk.

Thu Mar 14, 2013

Fellow Up. Met with Gerard Cox in Brooklyn. Discussed Board of Directors, Recruiting, and are committing to June 21-23 or June 28-30 for the world's first Enterprise Jam.

Wed Mar 13, 2013

Recruiting follow up conversation day.

Tue Mar 12, 2013

Sent Test Assignment to Angel. Self-Building Tractor. Benedictine College Presentation. Cpmpetent Person. Open_Source_Video_Editing_Software. Collaborative Video Editing for OSE.

Mon Mar 11, 2013

Interviewed Rob Kirk and Angel Rodriguez for documentation and site operations managers. Open Source Hardware Modularity - tractor and power cube from Popular Science article. Open Source Hardware Entrepreneurs Group on LinkedIn. 10 Point Operation Plan for Factor e Farm. Reviewed OSE 2012 Annual Report.

Sun Mar 10, 2013

Tai Chi for Beginners. Smokeless Cigarettes.

Sat Mar 9, 2013

Updated OSHW Projects with Modelica and Open Modelica. Responded to Wolfram Research about a Massive Parallel Modeling Platform. Doling out Sample Performance Assignments to recruits from Thursday.Tomato Yields. Updated Collaborative Platforms with Business Innovation Factory. Conversion Chuck for Impact Drivers. OSE App under consideration. True Fans Platform Log - under development. Shallow Insulated Footer. 100 hp Diesel Engine. OSE Supply Chain in development.

Fri Mar 8, 2013

Talked to Leslye Louie. Reviewed candidates from yesterday.

Thu Mar 7, 2013

Day of interviews. Documentation Jam. OSE_Design_Jam

Wed Mar 6, 2013

Karien conference call. Preparing for day of interviews for Job Descriptions 2013. Documentation Jam continuation with Catarina and Simone, lots of buzz. Updating OSHW Projects. Filling out Civic Ventures Application, for which I updated OSE Culture.

Sun Mar 3, 2013

Simone and Catarina call on Documentation Jam.