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Product Ecologies illustrate how the different tools of the GVCS work together. For example, motors, power units, and implements interchange within the tractor, microtractor, car, truck, fabrication, and bulldozer infrastructures. Ecologies can also refer to the way in which a set of tools can be put together to produce a wide array of products - such as the induction furnace contributing to the production of tractor parts, construction roofing, or wire.



Overview of Ecologies Original: [1]

GVCS Components: Power Cube, Open Source Car, Open Source Truck, Tractor, Solar Concentrator, Batteries.

General Fabrication Original: [2]

GVCS Components: 3D Printer, Bioplastic Extruder, Rod and Wire Mill, Induction Furnace, Press Forge, CNC Multimachine, Metal Roller, CNC Circuit Mill, Torch Table, Laser Cutter, Surface Grinder.

Solar Energy Original: [3]

GVCS Components: Sawmill, Hammermill, Haying Equipment (Hay Rake, Hay Cutter, Baler), Solar Concentrator, Batteries, Inverter, Pelletizer, Generator, Steam Generator, Steam Engine, Gasifier Burner, Open Source Car, Open Source Truck.

Building Infrastructure Original: [4]

GVCS Components: Well Rig, Bioplastic Extruder, CEB Press, Sawmill, Cement Mixer, Metal Roller, Rod and Wire Mill, Tractor, Bulldozer, Backhoe, Trencher

Agriculture Original: [5]

GVCS Components: Tractor, Tiller, Hay Cutter, Hay Rake, Baler, Bakery Oven, Microtractor, Seeder, Combine, Backhoe, Spader, Auger, Bulldozer, Dairy Milker, Hammermill.

Power Cube Original: [6]

GVCS Components: Hammermill, Drill Press, Lathe, Ironworker, Open Source Car, Open Source Truck, Steam Engine, Steam Generator, Gasifier Burner, Pelletizer, Tractor, Microtractor, Bulldozer, Sawmill, CEB Press, Induction Furnace, Oxyhydrogen Torch.

Materials Ecology Original: [7]

GVCS Components: Induction Furnace, Oxyhydrogen Torch, Aluminum Extractor, CEB Press.

Hot Metal Processing Original: [8]

GVCS Components: Induction Furnace, Uninteruptable Power Supply, Lathe, Press Forge, Hot Rolling Machine, Cold Rolling Machine, Multimachine.

Custom Fabrication Original: [9]
Electrical Power Original: [10]
Fabrication Automation Original: [11]
Implements Original: [12]
Universal Auger Original: [13]
Universal Power Supply Original: [14]

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