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HintLightbulb.png Hint: To join team, see OSE Developers Page. Current working project is the Distributive Enterprise 3D Printer, D3D, D3D CNC Torch Table, and D3D CNC Circuit Mill, Power Cube v18.01, Biodigester, Thunderhead. See Current Meeting.


For best results, use OSE Linux. Work discussed during the meeting should be examined by opening FreeCAD, KiCAD, Sweet Home 3D, QUCS, OpenSCAD, LibreCAD, Arduino IDE, Cura, Blender, GIMP, and Inkscape - for native literacy in any of the subject matter presented. Participants should provide links to supporting working documents, repositories, and files. Videos should be embedded right in the docs. For this to be seamless, a session on OSE Linux is recommended.


Active Developer Logs

Reporting procedure: Please report in your log: (1) what you finished (2) what you are working on (3) any blocks or challenges. Please use {{Status Log|...}}. Then, in the list below, you can also copy those items so they are clearly visible - but make sure you update you log so that your current status is clearly visible to the world at all times. Contact sheet - [1]

  1. Nathan Log
  2. Abe Log
  3. Jen Log
  4. Michael Log
  5. Eric Poliner Log
  6. Jon Log
  7. Ruslan Log
  8. Marcin Log
  9. Miles Log
  10. Jesse Log

Four Star OSE Devs

  1. Michael Log
  2. Marcin Log

Three Star OSE Devs

  1. Abe Log
  2. Lex Log
  3. Roberto Log

Two Star OSE Devs

  1. German Log
  2. Ruslan Log
  3. Oliver Log
  4. Emmanouil Log

One Star OSE Devs

Developers who have successfully completed their 90 day term (120 development hours)

  1. Jose Log
  2. Dixon Log
  3. Jozef Log
  4. Ayo Log
  5. Christian Log

OSE Developers

See requirements for official OSE Developers.

Active Developers and Development Effort



Current Meetings

Current Meeting

Past Meetings



Tue Jan 2, 2018

No meeting from Dec 5, 2017 to January 2, 2018