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HintLightbulb.png Hint: For completion status please see Status of Completion. This page is more for project organization, but needs a maintainer.

Active Projects

Late 2019:

Status Brief

Up-to-date Status: Status_Brief

Master List - Outdated as of 2014

Note to project managers - This page should:

  • Serve as a one-page master index to all technical development.
  • Each status step should be hyperlinked to provide details.
  • Each step is scored 1-10 for the level of completion.
  • There are 31 steps times 3 prototypes (different colors). That is a total of about 4.5k pages that will eventually be linked to this Status page. To help organize this page,
  • Each tool name should be linked to the Product Page Template
  • Development step columns are explained at GVCS Development Template

Edit this Google spreadsheet [here

Item STATUS: black=prototype 1, red=prototype 2; green=prototype 3
COLUMNS: 1=Concept; 2=Leader, 3=Manager, 4=SME, 5=CAD Person, 6=Fabricator, 7=Marketer, 8=Documentor, 9=Standards Report; 10=Concept Design, 11=Budget, 12=Proposal Brief; 13=Funding; 14=CAD; 15=Design Rationale; 16=Fabrication Drawings, 17=BOM; 18=Sourcing; 19=Peer Review; 20=FMEA; 21=Fab; 22=Testing; 23=Instructional Video; 24=Instructional Template; 25=Manual; 26=Fab Ergonomics; 27=Fab Optimization; 28=Open Enterprise Model 1; 29=Open Enterprise Model 2; 30=User Group; 31=Additional Videos; 32=Training Materials
NOTE: Each item is marked 1-10 for level of completion, with 1=begun and 10=completed
1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32
Concept Leader Manager SME CAD Person Fabricator Marketer Documentor Standards Report Concept Design Budget Proposal Brief Funding CAD Design Rationale Fabrication Drawings BOM Sourcing Peer Review Failure Mode Effects Analysis (FMEA) Fab Testing Instructional Video Instructional Template Manual Fab Ergonomics Fab Optimization Open Enterprise Model 1 Open Enterprise Model 2 User Group Additional Videos Training Materials
Modern Steam Engine Steam Engine Concept 9 Mark J Norton Mark J Norton Gary Hadden Mark J Norton Marcin Jakubowski Mark J Norton Steam Engine Design 9 9 Steam Engine Design 8 Steam Engine Build Instructions 9 Steam Engine Bill of Materials 8 Source 8 Steam Engine Reviews 6
[2] Solar Concentrator Solar Concentrator Concept Solar Concentrator Systems Engineering Breakdown Diagram; Solar Angle Calculator Solar Concentrator Plan Solar Concentrator 2D CAD Files; conversion to Solar Concentrator 3D CAD Files Solar Concentrator Fabrication Procedure
[3] CEB Press Full Product Release; Replication of CEB Controller Ryan Lutz, William Neal 15 CEB Press Fabrication Procedure CEB Press Instructional Video
[4] Open Source Car 2 Mark Rudnicki
[5] Tractor 10 Marcin Jakubowski 3 5 Ryan Lutz
[6] Microtractor Will Cleaver
[7] Bulldozer Open Jones
[7] Power Cube 10 Marcin Jakubowski
[8] Multimachine Multimachine Working Concept Dan Granett - see [1]; Eric MacNeil Jershonda Baker on lathe prototype 12 Multimachine Bid
[9] Ironworker 5 Sid Jordan 5 5
[10] XYZ Table 10 Marcin Jakubowski; Mark J Norton - small OS stepper motor controller; Leo Dearden - scalable OS motor controller
[11] 3D Printer 10 Peter Koeleman - Darwin and Mendel 10 10
[12] 3D Scanner
[13] CNC Circuit Mill Blair Evans suggested Snap-Lock from MIT; Mark J Norton on bootstrap mill
[14] Industrial Robot Industrial Robot Systems Engineering Diagram Yoonseo Kang|
[15] Laser Cutter 10 Collaboration with Lasersaur 10
[16] Universal Welder
[17] Plasma Cutter
[18] Induction Furnace 1200W Open Source Induction Heater
[19] Metal Rolling 3
[20] Nickel-Iron Batteries
[20] Rod and Wire Mill
[21] Press Forge
[22] Gasifier Burner
[23] Steam Generator
[25] 50 kW Wind Turbine
[26] Pelletizer
[27] Universal Seeder
[28] Rototiller Marcin Jakubowski
[29] Spader
Microcombine Bryan Burgess
Universal Auger Marcin Jakubowski
Universal Power Supply Open_Source_Charge_Controller AJ Manoulian on AC-DC charge controller; Tim Corrigan on inverter
Hay Cutter
Hay Rake
Chipper / Hammermill
Nursery Need Full Time Farmer
Bakery Oven
Dairy Milker
Bioplastic Extruder Bill Haessly on extruder; Nicholas Marshall on chemistry
Dimensional Sawmill Alex at Flofarm
Cement Mixer George Gleason
Well-Drilling Rig
Open Source Truck
Electrical Motor / Generator
Hydraulic Motor
Aluminum Extractor from Clay Edward McCullough