Marcin Log - April 2013

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Mon Apr 29, 2013

Blender for 3D Printing. Audrey Log started. Lisa Log started. Airbnb at Factor e Farm. Connect.Me. Free Universal Construction Kit for linking Lego to Tinkertoy.

Sun Apr 28, 2013

LifeTrac Construction Set Script. Rob Log continued.

Saturday Apr 27, 2013

Doc Jam - documenting Taxonomy Session -

Tue Apr 23, 2013

Revising final contracts for new people. Major site cleanup day: 13 people on site. OSHW Documentation 5 Slides in 2 Minutes. Making Society's Mathilde Berchon will be at the First Doc Jam, to collaborate on blogging. How to Find an Industrial Designer from Making Society. Coroflot directory of Industrial Designers.

Mon Apr 22, 2013

Site cleanup, cleaned out old camper. Worked on SDF Presentation for Korea. Organized food for Open Source Hardware Documentation Jam. Open Source Coroflot?

Sun Apr 21, 2013

Study of prior art Open Source Stepper Motor Drivers. Stepper Motor Calculations. Prior art on Open Source Rotary Encoder. Downloaded Fritzing OS circuit design. Precision Machining Construction Set. Editing CNC Machine.

Sat Apr 20, 2013

Spreading First Annual Report through networks. Working on Trucktor Suspension Module. Annual Report Mailing List for 2012. Udoo Arduino Linux Android Computer. The Spark Press Release. Blogged and spread social media - see First Annual Report and Team 2013 Blog Post. LifeTrac Wheel Model.

Fri Apr 19, 2013

Site walkthrough with Elliot and Gary for cleanup. Moving forward on Microtrac drive, tracks, and did Conceptual Design of Truck Suspension. Planning rapid prototyping via Lulzbot and Lasersaur. Did Sketchup Cube Test in 42 minutes. Updating Design Rules for Tractor Construction Set.

Thu Apr 18, 2013

Gary arrived. Visiting with Karien, Adrian, Gary, and Elliot.

Wed Apr 17, 2013

Developing Microtrac Drive with Gary, see Gary Log. Adrian and Elliot arrived.

Tue Apr 16, 2013

Gary began OSHW-OSE-CNC Torch Table-v2. LifeTrac 1 Day build. Rationale for Open Publishing. Sending 2012 Annual Report letters to funders.

Mon Apr 15, 2013

Frames Sandbox. OSE IP Rescue Operations. Got Rob Kirk going on first explainer videos - to submit a plan for the next 5-10 uber-explainers on OSE, language agnostic. Continued with Gary on prototyping planning, team building, and documentation infrastructure. Negotiating 50 kW Wind Turbine. Rationale for Open Publishing.

Sun Apr 14, 2013

Sample Manual Gantt Chart. Frames Sandbox. Talked to Chuck Todd about Precision Machining Construction Set - to submit a concept to him for review.

Sat Apr 13, 2013

Preparing Annual Report 2012 annoncement. Sketchup#OSE_Case. Documentation Taxonomy - Refactoring. Visual Diffs on Github.

Fri Apr 12, 2013

3 Month Prototyping Plan 2013. Community Supported Fabriculture. Spring Cleaning List.

Thu Apr 11, 2013

Sending out contracts, found Man with a Truck to do site cleanup. Cohabitat Open Source Ecosystems and Fab Lab Lodz. PCB Milling on Shapeoko. Laser Cutter 3D Printer. Buildlog Laser for under $900 + Tube + PS. Open Source Selective Sintering Laser 3D Printer. Small CNC Router Reviews. Updating OSE Open IP Clause.

Wed Apr 10, 2013

Finalizing contracts, setting up backup power grid, beginning cleanup, signing on summer internship students. Wiring Calculations. Upgrading power for induction furnace prototyping. OSE Full Printed Explainer Treatment, with Sketchup Tractor Construction Set and Tractor Construction Set Design Guide. Air Cooled 1600cc VW Engine.

Tue Apr 9, 2013

Looking forward to breakthrough prototyping in 2013 after spring cleanup. Turned on power, hot water, stove, shop power. Tractor and truck start right up.

Mon Apr 8, 2013

Advantages of XYZ Bolted Construction. Integrating Contract Template 2013 with OSE Task List with Operations Manager Duties 2013 + Executive Team Duties.

Sat Apr 6, 2013

Finalizing Prototyping Plan Q2 2013. Updated OSE Task List for outstanding tasks towards organizational efficiency. Downloaded 123D Catch and ran in Wine on Ubuntu. First sample of mouse failed, just had little tidbits of mouse sample. 130W Laser Cutter. 200W Laser Cutter - 1-6 mm cutting in metal? Cheapest 40W Laser. Graph of Small Laser Metal Cutting Capacity. Sample 30 IPM Cut Rate. Laser Tube Prices. 150W Lasers. OSHW-OSE-CNC Torch Table continued. Open Source Stepper Motor Controllers. Working on SDF Talk, and meeting Jerri Chou of The Feast. OSHW-NORTD-Lasersaur Status.DXF to G Code Converters.

Fri Apr 5, 2013

Scalable Pivot Joint for Tractor Construction Set. Continuing on Scalability. 75 GPM Quick Couplers are $270 for a pair, time to opensource these. Starting Numeracy. Large Bolts.

Thu Apr 4, 2013

Finalizing Shuttleworth approval of new hires. Redesigning Ironworker for fabrication in a single day. Revisiting gasifier burner, heat exchanger, and steam engine + other projets - Prototyping Plan 2013 Negotiations such as CNC Gantry Mill and Modern Steam Engine Plan 2013. Request and Offer Protocol. Received email from Darcy Cunningham on semantic media wiki. Simone will run Open Space Technology for the Doc Jam. Continuing SDF Talk. Notes on Speaking Engagements from Micheal Bungay-Stanier. Thoughts on Autonomous Work Contributions. Started formalizing Technical Review Team. Case for open source development - Cornish Steam Engine.

Wed Apr 3, 2013

260 mpg Car. Finalizing offers to Katie, Audrey, and Gary. Continuing Tractor Construction Set. Planning for return to FeF.

Tue Apr 2, 2013

Continuing 3 Month Prototyping Plan 2013 with Tractor Construction Set and Technical Review Team. Scalable Hay Rake. UCSD Global Ties. Eric Lang on 50kW Wind Turbine. Spaceframe Bicycle. OSE Materials Science Needs.

Mon Apr 1, 2013

Continuing 3 Month Prototyping Plan 2013, working with Adrian on operations settling. 4 candidates in the running for positions - negotiating all. Manufacturing nonprofit in Haiti - foundry - AECP. Pilot Project Skeleton. David Doherty.