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Sunday Sep 30, 2012

Need to clarify Parker Contract and with Aaron for paid/unpaid leave, sick leave, etc. Performance review needs to happen, will start with this month - starting with Daily Log of Tasks. Without Daily Log and clear promises - we can't evaluate. I'm hurtin' for clarity on approach: lack of strategy and review is disturbing me and needs to be addressed. I need to define the operations clearly before moving forward. Had long discussion with Kavitha on management issues. At present, I am clear that we need to continue rolling out prototypes - for that we need a Machine Designer. Regarding Opearations Manager - it seems that the keeping operations on track is secondary to clarity attained from review of Daily Log fueled by clarity on tasks (what by when and conditions of satisfaction) fueled by clarity of procedure. It appears that it's my role to define procedures - can't outsource it - just learn from industry standards and have these reviewed. Need to followup with Bill from Emily on Enneagram, and Katherine's Executive Profile, and some other links on EI, and put dates on my last Shuttleworth Quarterly Review and Executive Director job description.

Sat Sep 29, 2012

Started OSE_Web_User_Privileges to get our user base and privileges clear to the community. Need to include a publicly viewable version. Prepared Granular Priority Tasks for clarity on tasks - specific What and Conditions of Satisfaction. Started Income and Expense Reporting. Work day from 9 to 6 PM.

Friday Sep 28, 2012

Day 3 with Emily - very productive. Reviewed Recruiting Announcement Take Two. Back to Structuring with Parker and Aaron - appeared futile because list is too big and too much discussion instead of getting to work on known priorities. Lack of strategy and review disturbs me - we need guidance. Published CEB_Prototype_IV_Design_Changes for Marshall's last day. Had the most amazing amount of meeting cancellations: Marissa, Gerard, Nilofer, Scott, Karien - as if something is not right? Started Wiki_Curation_Policy.

Wed Sep 26, 2012

Hopefully last day of production run. Components everywhere. Integration coming along even with many mistakes. Harvested 2 watermelons and 5 corn cobs yesterday, began discussion with Gabi about 10 month agriculture milestones.

Tue Sep 25, 2012

Production run continuing - great results so far - 3 days apparently for complete build of CEB Press Prototype IV + CEB_Press_Collaborative_Production_Results. Viveik asked me to put him on Partners page. Guatemalan LifeTrac Replication is real! Karien, Gerard, and Nilofer canceled their appointments today, caught one with Katherine to nail down our promise for accountability of leadership development goals. This may be time to regroup and reorganize - mentorship went great until a distraction in the form of the Collaborative Production Run. Too many things on my plate, I am getting knocked around in the waves. Business Week photographer is on site taking action shots in production run for the forthcoming article. MIT Innovations Journal put me in as coauthor with Colby.

Mon Sep 24, 2012

First prototype run of Collaborative Production. 5 people + Videographer. See Collaborative Production Prototype Run. Nothing else. 8 to 7PM. Suggested we prepare detailed sequence procedures, but crew wanted to move forward. Published Marshall's Blog Post on CEB Press Prototype IV Design Complete.

Sun Sep 23, 2012

Week review. Planned: Ops manager search and followups with Collaboratorium contacts, finishing my room in HabLab. Room finished minus door handle, storm door. No time spent on actual recruiting, but did spend time for Operations Manager Role Description and Construction Director Role Description, on top of existing Master Prototyper Role Description and Machine Designer Role Description. 9 hours of followups successful. Rewrote pithy pitch - Recruiting Announcement Take Two.

Next week planning: social media campaign for Recruiting 4 positions, and focus on Structuring with Parker and Aaron filling out the entire structure within one month. Do both recruiting for October 24 Milestone of Basic Organizational Structure and Process v0.1. Define and deploy Social Media Stretegy in coming week, and do week 1 of 4 on Structuring.

Fri Sep 21, 2012

Talked with Emily - week 2 meeting. Gerard Cox and I met on Nonprofit Infrastructure Checklist, and will get further review as we work on social media strategy for recruiting. Ops Manager, Advisory Boards, and Process are key.

Thu Sep 20, 2012

Started Biogas_Subject_Matter_Experts request for SMEs. Colby wrote first cut of MIT_Innovations_Journal#First_Cut article introducing Distributive Enterprise to the outside world for the first time.

Helen is making me think about about Ruthless Accountability to Core Goals - I need to clarify my Go/NoGo list that Katherine suggested. I get many offers for radical work where people want solutions from employment to freedom, but I have very little to offer because without the GVCS in place, we have no substance. So the only offers I can accept are low-risk offers of GVCS deployment according to Strat Plan and offers of strategic assistance on organizational scaling. So I told Sam Wells that We can collaborate on machine development and strategic organizational scaling at this point, as well as recruiting of Advisory Board Members.

Wed Sep 19, 2012

Began reframing My Story - leading with my personal story - as suggested by David Weaver initially in the SupporTED Collaboratorium. So we're refining the Recruiting Strategy - as the initial hit through job boards buried the lead of a compelling story of changing the world.

No response from Craig Campbell on the OSE fund, which was promised for early yesterday and now latest by today. Responded to Sohil on assistnace with immediate priorities of attaining $20k/month bootstrap funding levels.

Finishing Shuttleworth Pitch - 9.18.12. Got first ag feedback at LifeTrac Technical Review.

Talking to Margaret Cary about what it takes to be a great leader. Take-away: ability to control emotions will make or break your organization.

Ordered Stucco Sprayer and Renee recommended Emotional Intelligence 2.0, which I got for Kindle. So then I got a 1/2 hp Submersible Well Pump and a Pitless Adapter for well.

Tue Sep 18, 2012

Worked with David Weaver on introduction email for recruiting, see Haystack Email. Then invited Marissa Levin to help create a strategy for recruiting advisors and mentors/coaches. Checked in briefly with Sunny to follow up on contacts regarding recruiting. Renee also suggested touching in with Colleen Keegan on advisory board development, so I set up an appointment.

Reviewing cut of MIT Innovations Journal Article on Open Source Civilization. Starter Advisory_Board_Strategy.

Did not get much help yet recruiting from Encore, I don't think I did that right somehow. I did find Coming_of_Age_Kansas_City as a local org that helps organizations leverage 55+ talent. Dissatisfied with Encore results, i tried an Encore Message to Encore.

Monday Sep. 17, 2012

I am preoccupied with the Conxcorp opportunity - an offer to set up a large fund for removing OSE's current material scarcities. Craig Campbell, founding executive, knew about me for a long time, and I think saw the Master Prototyper Recruiting Video and my energy from TED Collaboratorium and decided it was time to contact me. His team was convinced enough by Strategic_Plan_2_Ambitious

I talked to Stephanie today to help refine the Operations_Manager_Role_Description, which Karien and I drew up over Karien's Saturday visit. Then I talked to Gerard Cox, and then Renee commented further on the Ops Manager description. I thought about how to expand coaching support to Social Entrepreneurship Fellows. Finished Shuttleworth Foundation Quarterly Reports (August), and started with Strategic Networking page, for which I started Category Tops.

Tomorrow morning David Weaver and I are reworking OSE Brand and I will be talking to Sunny and Katherine tomorrow. Including Levels of Openness in Human Enterprise in MIT Innovations Journal article. Having run into a former Ashoka-related contact - i wrote a Letter to Jim of Civic Ventures to recruit encore professionals.

Sep. 16. 2012

First Marcin Weekly Planning and Review - done at end of every week. Promised: followups with SupporTED Collaboratorium contacts, and rewriting Strategic Plan. Delivered: 7 follow up meetings including Karien visit, plan rewritten. Assessment: did not get time for construction duties.

Noticed OSE_Systems_and_Processes page outlining development procedure - useful for costing development expenses in strategic plan.

Studying Responsibility_Assignment_Matrix. Requesting Parker to finish all peoples' contracts on site. Doing Shuttleworth Foundation Quarterly Report - August.


Note: Eyes of many of are better than one.

Sep. 13. 2012

Today i have reviewed my Marcin's_Proposed_Schedule with Emily Aiken and discussed my 2 week plan with Scott Blessing. Further, David Weaver proposed the second cut of OSE Brand and Craig Campbell is vetting the feasibility of setting up a fund for OSE. I requested Donna Karlin to serve on my Board of Advisors for Organizational Development - Team Dynamics. Created Recruiting Process page, and began OSE Microhouse Prototype page. I noticed my TED Talk has over 200k hits on Will Cleaver's YouTube channel and Practical Post Scarcity vid has over 100k on another person's channel. We should centralize the numbers for branding purposes. Also posted feedback from Mark Shuttleworth on Community_Development.

Epic night finishing first draft of Strategic Plan 2 Ambitious