Marcin Log - May 2013

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Fri May 31, 2013

Coilover Struts for the open source car. Hydraulic Power Unit Analysis of Industry Standards.

Thu May 30, 2013

Factor e Farm Logistics Calendar. Returned from Shuttleworth Fellows Gathering at the Media Lab. Met with Joost.

Wed May 29, 2013

Third day of Shuttleworth Fellows Gathering May 2013 at MIT Media Lab. Preparing for my MJ Dogfood Session.

Sat May 25, 2013

Writing Dashboard Script. Updated GVCS Cost Comparison to Industry Standards. Lulzbot TAZ Tractor Scale Model 3D Printing Tutorial. Started first ever Crowdprinting for OSE. TAZ 3D Printing Tutorial

Fri May 24, 2013

OpenBeam Kossel Pro 3D printer. OpenBeam universal constructor. Creating Monday Planning Meeting Protocol. CEB Press Electronics BOM.

Thu May 23, 2013

Setting Husam up for Husam TAZ Testing - doing the First GVCS Prototype 3D Print. Transfering Wikispeed info to Rob - OSE-Wikispeed Hybrid Overview. Found YK's Terminal Case on wiki - may be useful for CEB Press Gen 3 controller. Formalizing Conceptual Design Process, and filling Conceptual Design Spreadsheet. Working on OS Stepper Motor Controller - Tree of Technology Choices and Cost and Open Source Stepper Motor Controller Development Brief. Just put up a howto - IRC Instructional. Uploaded videos of first print to TAZ wiki page.

Wed May 22, 2013

pdating Open Source Stepper Motor Controllers. CNC Mill Analysis of Industry Standards. START conference for founders. Starting first instructionals on CNC Torch Cutting Academy + Backhoe Pivot Module Academy + Bulldozer Geardown Module Academy + Car Wheel Drive Module Academy + CNC Torch Table Stepper Motor Controller Academy. Added instructions for exporting Sketchup running under Wine in Linux to STL at Sketchup. Continuing OSE Lulzbot to get TAZ going. 100 Acres Equivalent on 7000 Square Feet for Vertical Farms?. Classic Shotglass first 3D print. Added RepRap IRC to OSE IRC channel. Communications Tab should be reworked later.

Tue May 21, 2013

Updated Stock Pivot Plate with Samthetechie Log contributions. Created Stock 1/2" Tubing. CNC Metal Cutting sources in Midwest USA. Cloverdale Manufacturing. Zach provided link to CEB Hydraulic Pressure Switch. Discussed Loveland, Colorado facility expansion of Lulzbot with Jeff Moe - 880,000 sf available. Discovered Powerlolu for CNC Torch table. May 2013 Vision Update. Openbuilds Vslot. Jeff Moe Collaboration. Open Source Industrial Revolution talk at the Seoul Digital Forum.

Mon May 20, 2013

Week Plan and Review. Last week, promised Prototyping Budget Pitch, documenting Concept for 6 Machines, 12 people at Design Sprint. Achieved: 14 people at Design Sprint. Delivered concept only on Backhoe, and shifting to defining template with assistance from Marie, then putting content in spreadsheet, and having team do the filling in of template. Takes long - so separating it by content then presentation of content. Doing Prototyping Budget right now. Goals for week: (1) Get back to progress on Torch Table, handing off the other 5 machines to Gary. (2) Prepare 3D printing files for tractor for Shuttleworth Gathering. Budget From May 14, 2013 for 12 Months. Created Blogging Backlog for Lisa. Solidworks Backwards Compatibility Issues from Ian and Mike A. Found CEB Press IV in BRL-CAD!! Going open source all the way. CEB Press III in STL. All day onboarding meetings - till 4 pm. Then food and emails and it's 5:30, ready to talk to Justin Downs on the Bobcat Standard Quick Attach. Husam and Gary created Open Source Warehouse. OSE Guidelines of Engagement.

Sun May 19, 2013

Wacom Bamboo Tablet Instructionals beginning - for conveying conceptual design rapidly.

Sat May 18, 2013

Broadcasting Google Hangouts. Justin Downs is designing a modular Bobcat Standard Quick Attach for LifeTrac. Beginning Conceptual Development Wireframe. Husam is uploading his product to the Articulated Pivot Module wiki page. Stock Pivot Plate with Dimensions. Sample Box Beam for Printing. Universal Constructor Set. 3D Printing Infill Example. 50 HP Power Cube.

Fri May 17, 2013

Linked to GVCS Cost Comparison to Industry Standards page. Updated OSE Shop Design for December 18 Production Run. Began Analysis of 3D Printing Industry Standards. Invited Brian Log to Design Sprint. Responding to Mike Jordan on Sketchup of Microtrac Tracks.

Thu May 16, 2013

Generated OSE Sample Cuts DXF files in LibreCAD on Mike Hill Plasma Table torch table for Tractor Construction Set pivot joint plates, bonding plates, and tubing. Working on Prior Art on OSHW-OSE-Dev-Backhoe - see Backhoe Prior Art. Result of cutting: got plates, but 4" tubing was too tall for the CNC torch table.

Wed May 15, 2013

Tinkerforge open source stepper motor controller? Added Power Usage to OSE Lulzbot. Working on concept design page at OSE-OSHW-Dev-Backhoe with backup at OSE-OSHW-Dev-Backhoe-Backup. Rob is doing analysis of Collaborative Video Editing Industry Standards. List of Fellowships. Updating Work Log Standards.

Tue May 14, 2013

6 Year Spring Cleaning Sprint vid published. Internet Backup Schedule. Started Operations Cleanup Sprint 2013. Budget Planning. $16 Bed Frame

Mon May 13, 2013

Week goals: set up Concept Development Page for 6 of the 6 in 60 machines, in preparation for this week's Design Sprint. Shuttleworth Prototyping Pitch by Friday. Goal of 12 collaborators at this sprint, and 18 the week after. Review of last week: basic Dashboard set up, and first OSE Design Sprint held. Appear to be achieving regular blogging with Lisa's help. Sketchup to DXF and STL. Began first example of Concept Development Page Prior to Sketchup - Backhoe Development Page. Ord Bot is a great candidate for HydraFabber. Updated Documentation Manager 2013 Role Description. Open Source Video Logging Software.

Sun May 12, 2013

Responded to HydraFabber page. Reviewed 2nd edit of OSE Design Sprint Video. Cloud Gantt Software - reduced to simple stacked bar chart in Google Spreadsheets as simplest implementation. Factor e Farm Blogging Standards. Conceptualized plan for building 60 machines in 6 days, 2 years after 6 machines in 60 days. Twitter Hashtag Embed

Sat May 11, 2013

Set up Dashboard for May 11 Design Sprint. Sample Google Hangout Embed. Sample Google Hangout Broadcast Embed. Beginning OSE Lulzbot Documentation. 6 in 60 is building upon Arduino, RepRap Mendel i3, Lulzbot as FeF machine, RepRap Kit with Leo, Shapeoko, Wikispeed, Lasersaur, Desktop Factory Competition. 50 hp Power Cube Calculations. Ironworker Prototype II Geometry. Convert files from Sketchup to DXF or STL.

Fri May 10, 2013

Open Source Hardware Certifications. Design Challenge Platforms. Working with Audrey on OSE Jam Team Design. Creating OSE's first Modular Development Platform page on wiki. Started GVCS Modules. Extreme Design Sprint session 1. For concepts design - see 6 in 60 Initial 3D Models. Sprint 1 Participants. HydraFabber.

Thu May 9, 2013

Testing Sample Form. Posted Tech Team Culturing Survey. Elliot produced 6 Year Spring Cleaning Video.

Wed May 8, 2013

Pixorial Test for web cam video sharing. NBC Universal Blog Post on OSE and The Feast. Micropayments via Payswarm. Interested in CNC Gantry Mill to produce Precision Machining Construction Set building blocks. Tweeted OSE Design Sprint. Rough Cut of OSE Design Sprint by Rob! OSE Wikispeed Localmotors Open Source Car Concept. SLS Wax Printer for lost wax casting. 6 in 60 Initial 3D Models. Tech Team Culturing Survey is up.

Tue May 7, 2013

On-boarding Rob Kirk - planning out video production plan and documentation fulfillment plan. Preparing OSE Design Sprint invitation. Starter 6 in 60 Initial 3D Models page.

Mon May 6, 2013

OSE Sprint Design.

Sun May 5, 2013

Downloaded Project Management (software for Ubuntu), to test Gantt chart. See also Project Management Basic, not impressive, but does produce HTML code for embed - see Project Management Sample Embed using Planner on Ubuntu. See Sample Gantt Project Embed‎.