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CNC Torch Table
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prototype 1 parts

File:BOM Alpha 3.xls Thread Chart

Item Description Amount Cost per item Total per Machine Total Cost Further Info Purpose Acquired?
Computer with parallel port Total computer system 1 $300 $300.00 $300.00 To run Linux cnc yes, IBM Laptop
Xylotex 4 Axis Drive Box with 4 stepper 425 Motors and Cables 1 $460.00 $460.00 $460.00 Xylotex Stepper and controller To provide motion control and movement precision Yes
PowerPlasma 50 Plasma Torch Pilot Arc 50 Amps 1 $699.99 $699.99 $699.99 Everlast To provide the cutting torch for the cnc torch table no
Bearing R6-2RS 3/8"x7/8"x9/3\" Sealed 10 pack 8 $14.95 $11.96 $14.95 VXB Part Number: Kit711 For preventing the carrage from jumping the track no
V-Groove Bearings 3/8 inch single pack 12 $9.95 $119.40 $119.40 VXB V-Groove bearings Part number: Kit8407 To provide low friction linear motion no
3/8 inch Hard Fiber Washers Pack of 100 40 $2.50 $1.00 $2.50 McMaster Part Number: 95601A330 Holding bearings no
Hot rolled steel 3"x1/8" plate 10.0 Ft. 5.32 ft $12.70 $6.76 $12.70 Metalsdepot To provide material for motor mounts no
Hot rolled steel 1"x1" square tubes 16 gauge 24ft for $23.28 41.83 ft $23.28 $40.58 $46.56 Metalsdepot To provide structural support no
Gear Rack (1/2” sq. x 72” 20 DP 20 Deg) 6 feet per rack 26.83 ft $24.80 $110.91 $124.00 Standard Steel Specialty Part Number: 200011 rack for gear to ride on no
3 x 1/8 inch cold rolled Plate 6.0 Ft. 32.33 ft $17.28 $93.12 $103.68 Metalsdepot To provide material to make rails no
3/8 inch threaded rod, Overall Length 36" Each 11.43 ft $1.94 $7.39 $7.76 McMaster Part Number: 98837A031 for connecting the top and bottom carage no
3/8 inch nuts Pack of 100 112 $4.20 $4.70 $8.40 Part Number: 90473A031 For locking threaded rod in place no
3/8 inch washers Pack of 140 112 $3.23 $2.58 $6.46 Part Number: 90126A031 For locking nuts and for spacers no
Steel 20 Deg Pressure Angle Spur Gear 20 Pitch, 20 Teeth, 1" Pitch Dia, 1/2" Bore Each 4 $15.37 $61.48 $61.48 McMaster Part Number: 5172T12 Attaches to stepper motors and interfaces with gear rack no
sleeve bearing Each 4 $1.34 $5.36 $5.36 McMaster Part Number: 6391K143 to connect between the stepper motor and the gear, will also add a bit of adjustable length no
10-32 set screw 7/16" per Pack of 100 4 $5.44 $0.22 $5.44 Part Number: 92311A428 Set screw for attaching spur gear, sleeve bearing to stepper shaft no
Zinc-Pltd Stl Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw 10-32 Thread, 1-3/4" Length Pack of 100 8 $8.45 $0.68 $8.45 McMaster Part Number: 90272A837 Connects the mount plate arms to the carrage no
Zinc-Pltd Stl Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw 10-32 Thread, 2-1/2" Length Pack of 100 48 $6.58 $3.16 $6.58 McMaster Part Number: 90272A840 For connecting the rail, rack, spacer and c channel no
Zinc-Pltd Stl Pan Head Phillips Machine Screw 10-32 Thread, 3/4" Length Pack of 100 24 $5.11 $1.23 $5.11 McMaster Part Number: 90272A831 For mounting the stepper motor to the mount plate no
Zinc-Plated Steel Machine Screw Hex Nut 10-32 Thread Size, 3/8" Width, 1/8" Height Packs of 100 80 $1.55 $1.24 $1.55 McMaster Part Number: 90480A195 For locking the mount plate swing tightness, tightening the rack and locking the stepper motor in place no
Nylon 6/6 General Purpose Flat Washer Off-White, No. 10 Screw Sz, .44" OD,.02"-.04" Thk per Pack of 100 32 $3.83 $1.23 $3.83 Part Number: 90295A120 allows the motor to swing freely no
stepper spring pack of 6 4 $10.00 $6.67 $10.00 McMaster Part Number: 3114T79 Prevents stepper motor shaft from crunching no
Multipurpose White Lithium Grease 10.25-Ounce Net Weight Aerosol single pack 1 $5.62 $5.62 $5.62 McMaster Part Number: 1380K29 For greasing rails, bearings, gears, rack, etc… no
Bright Finish High-Speed Stl Spiral Point Tap 10-32, H2 Pitch Diameter, 2 Flute single pack 1 $5.26 $5.26 $5.26 Part Number: 2523A469 For tapping the 10 gauge threaded hole in the brass bushing and the steel bearing no
10 gauge drill bit single pack 1 $1.74 $1.74 $1.74 McMaster Part Number: 2930A21 For drilling holes in rail, stepper plate, stepper plate swing no
Gen Purp Black Oxide HSS Jobbers' Drill Bit 3/8", 5" L Overall, 3.1" Drill Depth, 118 Deg Point single pack 1 $4.46 $4.46 $4.46 Part Number: 2931A34 For drilling holes in rail for threaded rod no
Gen Purpose Uncoated HSS Jobbers' Drill Bit Wire GA 18, 3-1/4" Oal, 1.9" Drill Depth, 118Deg Point single pack 1 $1.52 $1.52 $1.52 Part Number: 30585A29 making the hole for the 10 gauge tap. It has to be slightly smaller than 10 gauge because we need to cut threading into it. no
Military Spec Cadmium-Pltd Steel Flat Washer No. 10 Screw Sz, .44" OD, .03"-.07" Thk, MS27183-8 Pack of 100 1 $1.94 $1.94 $1.94 McMasters Part Number: 98032A469 Small enough to fit on the rack, big enough to do some good. General purpose metal washers for 10 gauge screws. no
Total per machine $1,960.19
Total Cost $2,034.74

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