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constructing open source technologies for resilient communities.
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Mark Norton

A friend of my pointed me at Marcin's TED talk. After watching it, there was no turning back. I've been fascinated by the Maker movement for years now but never quite had the motivation to jump in, in spit of being handy with tools. I live on a small farm (Phase 3 Farm) that my wife and I are turning into a self-sufficient homestead that we hope will supply all of out needs one date. Farms need tools and it struck me that the GVCS was a great way to get what I needed - by literally building them myself. By profession, I am a software developer and I've worked on several major open source efforts over the years, so I understand quite well why the work of OSE is so important and also some of the challenges it faces, especially around sustainability. As such, I'm willing to put my money where my mouth is and became a True Fan. (more...)

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LifeTrac is a low-cost, multipurpose open source tractor. It serves as a workhorse backbone for many of GVCS technologies.

Featuring a modular design and detachable PowerCube units, it has the ability to rapidly switch between a variety of GVCS machines via the QA Plate. The machine is overbuilt with a focus on lifetime design and easy of repair.

Four hydraulic motors provide skid steer power to the wheels, and a unique chain tread system enables navigation of fairly extreme terrain. (more...)

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