Marcin Log - October 2012

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Wed Oct 31, 2012

Requested bid for Stove#Hydronic_Heat_Exchange_System_Design from Paul and also tweeted it. Documenting Bridgeport Mill. Requested Band Saw Blade sourcing from Parker the second time. Purchased Power Cube VII Surplus Center Order. Purchased engine. See Power Cube VII. Getting Gabi to get belts for Factor e Farm Lathe. Requested Hose Crimper Dies from Sweiger. Ace thinks she can find someone for Heat Exchanger install on Stove.

Tue Oct 30. 2012

Surprising writing on the wall at the Maysville John Deere Rebellion. Getting belts for lathe from them. Did Baling with LifeTrac with Gabi, got around 30 bales.

Mon Oct 29, 2012

Wiki was down. Logged a 20" tree for burning. Dangerous with branches tied up in nearby tree - tree didn't fall and needed recut in unpredictable situation. Should have used tractor with pretension to pull tree down from up-high tangle. Settling in from conference. Considering canceling NYC trip.

Week Milestones:

  1. Power Cube Collaborative Production - materials ordered, procedure written. Surpluscenter + engine ordered. Needs metal + procedure.
  2. Finalization of Shuttleworth submission - 5 minute video
  3. Get lathe up and running - needs belt + pulley. Buy belt on line?
  4. Find somebody to design and build heat exchanger system - Stove#Stove. Just call up a heating specialist locally? Ask Sweiger?
  5. Buy 2 more Millermatic 200 welders
  6. Insulate bottom of house for winter
  7. Identify solution for Bridgeport Mill #2 - call in repairman by Friday. Ask Sweiger for Bridgeport repair people?

Strategic Notes:

Sat-Sun Oct 27,28,2012

Bioneers East Conference - transformative reception, ovation at point of 4 day build of CEB Press. Looking forward to one day.

Fri Oct 26, 2012

Bioneers Script done with Kavitha, Emily; Aaron pumped in a slide. 1 runthrough in morning. Continuing Machine Development Process and Machine_Documentation_Process. Started Fabrication Diagram Method diagram - Fabrication_Diagram#Fabrication_Diagram_Process_Overview. Started Communications Strategy. Defining development path at Strategic Product Ecology Deployment.

Thu Oct 25, 2012

Continuing Shuttleworth Fellowship Application - 2013 - Marcin Jakubowski. Documented lease terms - CEB Press Leasing

Wed Oct 24, 2012

Started OSE_Machine_Development_Process. Practicing Bioneers Script. Finished Prototypes Built and Cost. Defining GVCS Interface Design Standards. Cut applications from speech and put them at Applications_of_the_GVCS.

Tue Oct 23, 2012

Worked with Bill Bonnell on positioning interview + Aaron, Parker, Yoonseo. Back to Shuttleworth Fellowship Application for 2013. Put up Dan CEB Press Replication. Started Charles_Liptaak_Replication. Finishing Prototypes Built and Cost graph.

Mon Oct 22, 2012

Week Milestones:

Started Parker Tasks. Edited MIT Innovations Journal Towards an Open Source Civilization proof. Posted Graphical_Tool_Template_Google_Doc to wiki. Working on Shuttleworth Reapplication for 2013, starting with Prototypes Built and Cost graph. Discussed collaborative OSE Weekly Newsletter with Aaron. Working on Power Cube VIII

Sun Oct 21, 2012

Planning out next week. Milestones: purchase gas-powered compressor ASAP for stuccoing. Mount Power Cube and Soil Pulverizer on LifeTrac I to allow 2 tractors to be used in presence of second broken wheel shaft. Contacted Hypervillage people. Planning Power Cube VIII Collaborative Production Run for Thu-Fri Nov 1-2. Started Financial_Process.

Sat Oct 20, 2012

Did Drainage Sloping with LifeTrac for in preparation for insulation skirt. 2.5 hours of run time in 8 hour day. Bucket quick attach plates broke off bucket, rewelded. Wheel bolts snapped 2x, 10minute repair job. Remounting bucket after dragging out first LifeTrac - Broken Wheel Shaft #2. Need to redo shaft.

Fri Oct 19, 2012

Planning Microhouse Prototype Build. Worked with Lenny Wayne on Backhoe Log. Epic work on Universal Rotor Log by Josh - problem statement, independent design review. CNC Torch Table Log looks like CNC Torch Table is moving. Yoonseo Log looks compelling on box ways, automated tool change for CNC Circuit mill and precision multimachine.

Thu Oct 18, 2012

Epic build of Modular Longwood Stove - 5 people + Videographer - and documentation - Modular_Stove_Fabrication_Procedure. Posted on wiki. Great example of modifying Fab Diagram with minor changes from learnings in google doc embedded on wiki with ready edit - otherwise too cumbersome. See Modular_Stove_Fabrication_Procedure#Fabrication_Diagram. I put it 8 hours yesterday on Collab Production - people cut out after 3 hours after dinner, so not so much collaborative production. Drew up whole fab diagram, master index, and BOM yesterday, and got steel same day. Very simple BOM. Talking to Isaiah today on media advice - turned into advice on getting Product Lead - the guy where 'the buck stops here' on schedules, bringing in correct people, tight processs, execution, deadlines, killing projects as needed, hands-on, not biz guy, but maker with organizational experience. Expect $8k/month. Did Stove Installation in HabLab.

Wed Oct 17, 2012

Ordering Stove BOM from Sweiger. Planning for 3rd welder for CEB Press V Collaborative Production Run. Began OSE Logic Model.

Tue Oct 16, 2012

Talked to Karien, got my ass hwooped regarding being unfocused. Talked to Craig Campbell regarding Conxcorp funding, he said he could send info package by tomorrow. Uploaded GVCS Icons in Gimp/Photoshop to High Resolution GVCS Media for potential TIME article. Discussed OSE Process Map with Aaron and Parker - check out Aaron's first Sample Process Map regarding Accounting Process. Worked with Graham on Broken Wheel Shaft for LifeTrac. Too much wind - blowing raking hay all over the fields. David is doing tornado tiedowns in workshop. I am doing BOM for Modular Wood Stove. Recording voice for Bioneers Script for Tristan. Gabi left until the 23rd morning. Working on Modular Stove Fabrication Procedure. Emily is reviewing Bioneers Script, and so is David Weaver.

Mon Oct 15, 2012

Starter Accounting System. Talked to Tristan on remote editing video uploads last week. It is not happening. Tristan promised a Video Upload Strategy by his return from October Vacation, Oct 18 - Nov. 2. Requested Parker to keep filling Parker Log, Thu and Fri were empty. Reqeusting Parker to follow True Fans Handling Process, to document OSEmail process. See Process Documentation Standards.

Sun Oct 14, 2012

Deep discussions with Catarina plus doing Bioneers Script.

Sat Oct 13, 2012

Working on Offer as part of Bioneers East Conference. Ready for Review. Working on Stove for Thursday build. Writing Bioneers Script. Discussed usage of Open Source Hardware Logo with Catarina and posted on Main Page.

Fri Oct 12, 2012

8 AM call with Emily - Rob Kirk - on Documentary. Also Gus on designing the social platform - and he is lifestyle-motivated for Freedom. Emily leaves near JPL, significant other is Rotary Club pres. She worked with Jessica on her speech. Documentary would be about America - strategic way to roll out message. Machine designer, (will know machining/fabrication), can knock off with 6 to 8 people. build another power cube here. synergistic. Talk to Jasnow about Machine Designer. Tanks rolled. It wasn't a parade. Users come to production runs through the act of production runs. Advisory board re: communications - technical reviews - business strategy - review experts. Started Communications Advisory Board.

Revisiting True_Fan_Handling_Process. Reviewing Backhoe Log. Reviewing Power Cube Log. Reviewing Guatemala Log on LifeTrac Wheels, ITT Springfield Log, Torch Table Log, Inverter Log. Started Private Contacts

Talked to Lawrence B regarding business plan and assistance on funding.

Thu Oct 12, 2012

Day of return from Global Insights Network.

Wed Oct 11, 2012

Please Review - Backhoe

  • Bitmap Update 38.jpg
  • Once this is approved he can make fabrication drawings and a BOM - requires final approval and certainty that all changes have been made.
  • Please email me your response.

Sun Oct 7, 2012

Started Executive_Assistant_Process_Documentation as part of Processes.

Sat Oct 6, 2012

Back to business, up at crack of Dawn. Starting to define standards and process for Guest Collaborative Production Run Director - right now we are planning on Tom (Power Cube VIII), Lenny-Wayne (Backhoe), and me (CEB Press V is defined) as Collaborative Production Run Directors. Updated Executive Director. Started Critical_Path_Narrative_for_Agriculture. Defined Collaborative_Production_Model. Continuing to refine OSE Processes list. Sent to Kat Baybrooke of OKFN - I am looking at and I noticed that you took down your information on requirements for setting up chapters. Can you point me to that old information? At least the thought process there was useful, and we wanted to adapt to our purposes (creating open source production of everything). We are interested in setting up OSE Chapters. Already OSE Europe, Greece, Italy, Germany, and Guatemala are starting - pretty much on their own. We'd like to set standards and process before it totally goes out of control. David is arriving today for a week to cook for us.

Fri Oct 5, 2012

Missed conference call with Claire due to sickness. In bed - stomach ache, sick in the head, high blood pressure. Physical manifestation of growing pains stress. Peacefum state of mind in bed. Got up and organized a Power Cube VIII Collaborative Production Run for Nov 1-2. Tom is currently building Power Cube VII. He agreed to serve as Guest Collaborative Production Run Director, goal is to build one Power Cube in 2 days from ground up by streamlining. This is consistent with 10 Month Rollout Plan.

Thu Oct 4, 2012

Preparing CEO Role Description with % duties, COO Role Description, Director of Product Role Description. From role description move to Recruiting Announcement. Defined Investor. Published Power Cube VI Review. Planning Power_Cube_VII_Collaborative_Production_Run. Karien discussion - Steve Song is on Soros Board for evaluation. Started OSE_Principles_of_Open_Culture

Still need a Work Plan from Aaron. The latest is Resource_Development_6_Month_Strategic_Plan. Also - current list of tasks - [1] . plan shows a rationale (problem statement brief), timing , and how they will be achieved strategically. Here is anohter one -[2]. This Plan shows milestones, no rationale (motivation), no dates outside of. Marcin wants movivation - why we are doing this. Aaron starts with list. Strategy involves taking a list and paring it down to the least minimum. Distinction between introduction and summary, and motivation.

Working on Hybrid_Structuring_Strategy with Aaron.

Started OSE Processes.

Wed Oct 3

Started Response Cases. Talking to Gerard on Social Media Recruitment Plan. Once we have a post, put it up together. Discussed creating Critical Path Narrative.One larger goal for this week in addition to burying water lines is to demonstrate that we can build a microhouse in 3 days to show that we can build housing on demand.

Request review Luke Shields's DPV application. Response: Need Intro Video. Need 4 week plan. Need to select some point of development. Option 1. Can he learn Sketchup and start drawing up backhoe? Assignment: convert backhoe to full sketchup model with layers (part by part) so we can convert it to a build video by turning on layers. Capture a video and post it for viewing to facilitate assembly. This also leaves ability to produce annotated fabrication drawings by hand for universal collaboration. Document process of how to go from VeriCAD to Sketchup by working with Lenny Wayne. Option 2. Join True Fans Network development. Option 3: Coordinate with Yoonseo on code requirements for g-code generation from KiCad. Or code generation for end stops and trigger integration in G Code. Questions - can he cover transportation and why does his resume not show the 10 years of carpentry?

Power Cube test results - in water line burying: top cube keeps losing prime. Replaced fitting inlet on pump and it still happens. Will tighten hose clamp on inlet. Otherwise, will replace with another power cube. ITT students are apparently doing well on that - we should modify and go forward. I should video an improvement review tomorrow - minor. Bugs:

  • Can't access starter switch from cab
  • Hoses point backwards - too far from connectors and can a break if RAM into an object
  • hydraulic filler cap should be more then 3 quarter inch large
  • fan should be on at all times
  • muffler should be opposite side from driver as it gets too hot and I can feel it
  • power cube is about 1 half inch too tall and bottoms out on Lifetrac frame

Great points:

  • quieter muffler
  • power is strong

Week Plan:

  • Finish burying water line with 1 cube, mount second, review water and bury pressure tank, follow up on sub pump.
  • Design stove in Sketchup.
  • Thu design stove finish
  • Fri design begin on micro house
  • Get hammer mill going
  • Get lathe running - Sat.
  • Investigate Miller welder as third welder - Mon
  • Lenny Wayne - Guest Production Director on Backhoe
  • Request ITT log. Invite to guest post. Send them review video.
  • Request torch table log - Tim Boyd, OpenCapitalist
  • Assess torch table drivers and end stops
  • Pay Vann
  • Review finances status

Tuesday Oct 2, 2012

Karien conference call. I set the standard. Then ops manager takes it. I need to write down all that. 3 Peeps - CEO, COO, PD Product Director - once CEO sets process, COO executes, PD runs technical direction. Actions: start interviewing people as we define process, so people arrive in time. Karien request - CEO, COO, Product Director role descriptions - refined after recent learnings. Interview ideas - co-development of process as part of interview. The difficulty for me so far has been role boundary definition, as well as clarity on process. It is turning out that it is more of my role to create process than I formerly thought.

Filling out dates on Shuttleworth Quarterly Report. Working with Lenny-Wayne and Aaron on Backhoe Redesign Document.

Worked on Mud Throwin' fittings. We just got a Stucco Sprayer.

Mounted Power Cube VI and Buried Water Trench.

Request for Subsoiler Blog Video granted. Not yet on Income and Expenses Sheet and Hybrid Structuring Strategy.

Monday Oct 1, 2012

Updated Contract Template with Saturday Work Days and Leave Info. Started User Accounts page in Google Docs. Started Records Keeping Guidelines. Started Dingleberries. Added details to Yoonseo Funds. Started Work Day Guidelines. Updated Daily_Log_of_Tasks. Updated Collaborative_Production. Started Authorized Tool Users List in response to recent $750 of avoidable tool loss in 2 days. Linked Older Logs of mine to this Blog, changed to Log for clarity. Updated alcohol policy at Factor_e_Farm_General_Guidelines. Sent CNC_Torch_Table_Control_Overview to Tim Boyd (see also Aaron/Induction_Furnace to request him to work on torch table electronics. Nominated Catarina for Shuttleworth Flash Grant. . Tristan Focus Forward - submit on Oct 6, 2012, and Gabi agriculture vid to be done by today. Forwarded to Gabi the GVCS Graphical Tool Template and timeline template from 10 Month Rollout Plan. Requesting 10 Month Ag Rollout from Gabi. See how to resize from Sample Google Doc Embed. Do Collaborative Production Test Run Report tomorrow or day after. Published Water Well System diagram for review. Learned about Dean_Kamen's_Stirling_Engine_Water_Purifier from Gus. Put on Power Cube VI on LifeTrac, readying for water trench burial. Requested Hybrid Structuring Strategy from Aaron.

Requested Hybrid Structuring Strategy abstract and 2 pages from Aaron, Subsoiler Video from Tristan, Income and Expenses Sheet from Aaron.

Month Plan - I commit to:

  1. finishing water system by reviewing and installing pressure switch, tank, and wiring to a submersible pump in our well. After which the water lines will be buried. I will help make sure the backhoe is back up for digging.
  2. Designing stove and doing a Collaborative Production Build of frame and brick infill.
  3. Pouring foundation for a set of 12'x12' CEB wall pads.
  4. Designing a Microhouse prototype featuring CEB walls, hammer-milled straw for insulation, CEB modular stove, modular roof panels with hammermilled straw insulations, sprayed stucco with all modular doors/windows units. Demonstration that such a house can be built in 3 days for a 12x12 unit.
  5. Not doing much on organizational development outside of Character Stand and Promise and about 7 hours of microtask organizational work in Structuring - 7 hours per day + 6 hours of playing with tractors and quimmit throughout.

3 Month Plan - I commit to the following. Note that without a plan

  1. Build out heat system for HabLab
  2. Build Microhouse prototype
  3. Direct the next Production run of CEB Press with Torch Table available - by November 15 - for a 2 day production run
  4. Direct a third Collaborative Production run for streamlining down to 1 production day - November 30.
  5. Direct a first Collaborative Production run of Tractor Prototype V - CNC torch table version with corrected hose routing, metal wheels, gearbox for bulldozer duty, flow dividers for track-less operation - Dec 15
  6. Collaborative Production Run of backhoe