Marcin Log - January 2016

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Sun Jan 31, 2016

3D Printed Drill. 3D Printed Laser Cutter. Large Format 3D Printer. Open Source Airplane.

Sat Jan 30, 2016

Prusa i3 Build.

Thu Jan 28, 2016

Marcin Critical Path 2016. FreeCAD Scripts - imports section reworked for Sketchup (DAE) to FreeCAD. Garden Tractor. FreeCAD SMEs. Work Breakdown Structure. Depth of Modularity - important concept derived from my interpretation of From Manufacturing to Design (in the OSPD seminal literature section). Rotary Hydraulic Encoders. Parallel and Series Valves. Hydraulics SMEs. 3D Printed Part Library.

Wed Jan 27, 2016

Hempcrete. Publicity Strategy. Moving from Open Source Product Development Method Roadmap to 2016 Critical Path and Enterprise Information Architecture. Zoogleal Mass. Moved Koruza CNC Torch Table Development out of CNC Torch Table Development. Santa Fe Institute keeps popping up. Updated OSPD and Concurrent Design.

Tue Jan 26, 2016

FreeCAD Crash Course. Tractor Construction Set video - in our Collaborative Literacy training videos. Open Source Product Development Method Roadmap. Mark Horner. Enterprise Development#Resources. Jonathan's Organizational_Core_Training

Mon Jan 24, 2016

Lime Cycle. Ricardo Pfeiffer is a applying to do a Master's Thesis on the CEB Press.

Sun Jan 23, 2016

Added video to Bulldozer. Hazelnut Development. Chicken Proposal. Track Idlers.

Sat Jan 22, 2016

3D Printer Log started as Jonathan joins team. Based on Roadmap#Agriculture_Equipment_Construction_Set_Roadmap, moving forward with porting all libraries to FreeCAD format. Fertilized Chicken Eggs.

Fri Jan 22, 2016

Continuing Roadmaps. Shift to rotor implements and hay implements for agriculture, along with getting a robust tractor for a market garden. Gotu Kola. Roller Mill.

Thu Jan 21, 2016

Agriculture Log. Zoogleal Mass. Cackle's Red Broiler. Updated Design Sprints.

Wed Jan 20, 2016

Tilapia#Tilapia Food. 3D Printer Distributive Enterprise Log. Guest Cabin Budget. Laser Diode. Roadmap#3D_Printer_Roadmap. Oxyhydrogen Generator Development. Dump Trailer Development. Oxy-Fuel Cutting. Torch Cutting Industry Standards. Filament Extruder Development.

Tue Jan 19, 2016

Milestones#Narrative. 2016-2017 Milestones. D3D Development. Prusa i3 Development.

Mon Jan 18, 2016

OBI Critical Path. Milestones. Global Issues - nice reading list and global geopolitics figures, such as $1.7T global military spending. OSE Partnership with OBI.

Sat Jan 16, 2016

Robust Economics. Continuing Critical Path and Milestones. 3D Printed Multiwall Greenhouse Glazing. Ceramic Printing WASP Extruder. 3D Printing Filament Extruder. Modular Housing. Plastic Pellet Prices.

Thu Jan 14, 2016

Shifting to revisit mission, vision, assumptions, model of change, critical path, OSPD platform basics, documentation basics. Potentially a paper on OSPD. Priorities, scope and sequencing. Extreme Development principles. Viral replicability criteria. Phasing. Budget. Bootstrapping approach. Resoirce allocation clarity - how much to enterprise, how much to platform, and how much to hands-on, once again with stacking of functions approach. Absolute clarity on this, with brevity, no mincing of words. Famous quotes, up to '10 billion per week habit.' A white paper that can be published. Referencing OSAT, OSPD, open Labs, etc. OSPD PH. D. student, from MIT or equivalent. Approach is to stack functions at all times around core work. This means Ph.D. would be an ancillary proposal to on-ground Enterprise development. Direct Burial Cable. OSE Roadmap. HOW TO USE THIS TEMPLATE:

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Wed Jan 13, 2016

Principles of Extreme Development. Chinese Greenhouses. Elements - burndown list, critical path, task allocation strategy, financial sustainability. Rodmap, priorities, distributive enterprise goals, following Principles of Extreme Development. Cannot cut corners on OSPD Process. Must reconcile with critical path, scrummy, micro task burndown. Bio Oils.2x6 Lumber.

Tue Jan 12, 2016

OBI Critical Path. OBI Infographic. OSE Wiki Managemement

Mon Jan 11, 2016

D3D Enterprise Logic Model. Rotating Lead Screw Nut.

Sun Jan 10, 2016

Yesterday worked on plumbing in Faculty House, and winterized Hablab for the coldest day of the season, 1 degree F last night. Today to finish Plumbing in Faculty House.

Fri Jan 8, 2016

Platform Design Integration. Integration. Tractor Design Workbench Specification. OSE Wiki Standards. Module Sidebar Template

Thu Jan 7, 2016

Open Building Institute Foundational Document. FeF Faculty Campus Development. FeF Infrastructure Improvement 2016. D3D Team Charter. Tractor Design Workbench Specification.

Wed Jan 6, 2016

2016 Agriculture. Open Building Institute Foundational Document.

Tue Jan 5, 2016

Moderator Requirements. Jonathan's Forums Budget. Jean-Baptiste's Icons Development Video. Forum can up-vote on the icons. Joshua's Collaborative Video Protocol. BOM review includes a crowd source of alternative parts based on an existing spreadsheet, with line reference to an item and source. This could nail sourcing. BOM is simply published and referred to on Bug Tracker and Development thread, for acceptance by Commit Manager, with commit history documented. Governance identifies who commit manager is. It's a person working on a different project with the same skill set. Forum is searchable by common topics, with headings of posts that are consistent. BOM review - instructions are 1. Assess part choice for cost, performance, availability, delivery time, and location of source - for different country locations. Set up and fork for different locations. Set up such forking space for other people - such as simply copy and paste a template. Use well annotated, well-structured template. Alec EIR Blog Post. Dev Cycle - benchmarking. Assess competitor's specifications for accuracy, speed, power, and all available parameters. Replicate or exceed these. Development Assumptions. GVCS Modules. Wikipedia Concept Validation. Encyclopedia of Mechanisms Concept Validation. Design Rationale. OBI Theory of Change. Dhanada Mishra - to produce a Chapters template for wiki. Form around the concept of Distributive Enterprise - resonates with him as in Orissa, poorest region of India. Power Electronics Construction Set. Tractor Design Workbench Specification. Module Development Narrative.

Mon Jan 4, 2016

Module Development Narrative. Started Tractor_Design_Workbench_Specification. D3D Development. Sweden Visa. CNC Inspiration. Open Building Institute Foundational Document.

Sat Jan 2, 2016

OpenJSCAD has drag and drop. Bryan Bishop discussion on open CAD. History of NURBS. Torbjorn EIR Agreement and Work Plan. Open Source Electric Car.

Fri Jan 1, 2016

Analysis of Industry Standards (for viral replicability) - build time and working BOM. D3D Development. D3D Value Proposition. OSE Model of Change. Tractor Design Workbench Specification. FreeCAD - updating that main need is documentation.