Marcin Log - November 2012

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Fri Nov 30, 2012

Refining Work Log Guidelines#Requirements. Updated Conflict Resolution Policy. Started OSE Rules of Engagement. 2 hr work planning for video with Tristan. 1 hour discussion with Dan on organizational psychology.

Thu Nov 29, 2012

Fellowup in morning. Use My CrowdVoice as part of OSE projects platform? Continuing Governance. From Dirt and Twigs to a New Civilization. Wrote Process Documentation Standards Abstract. Talked to Dan for 3 hours on organizational psychology. GVCS Publishing on Paperight as one suggested hard copy option - download for free at a participating copyshop - and pay for printing only.

Wed Nov 28, 2012

Touched back with Rob Kirk on December 18 visit. Touched with Donna, Catarina, Kavitha, Claire, Karien regarding 'profit-sharing pickle'. Donna, Kavitha, Catarina suggest mediation. Claire suggest adaptation of Wyolum Sweat Equity. All agree that there is no profit. All agree that the discussion is about specific needs of specific individuals, not blanket agreement. It is not about the money, it is about governance or pay for volunteers. Conclusion: develop governance and all parties take responsibility for expectation management. Time Best Inventions of the Year 2012. Huffington Post TED Weekends blog post. Finalist in Focus Forward Film Competition. Submitting Shuttleworth Application with 4 references. CEB Press on Crowdfunder ? Continued Governance. Shuttleworth Fellowship 2013 Submission.

Tue Nov 27, 2012

Fatigued from last night but excited. Suggested that GE opensource nickel iron batteries to Mike Arauz and Catarina. Gave Lenny Wayne of Backhoe Log go ahead on triangular backhoe design, planning build on Dec. 7-8, with consistency beginning for 2 prototype builds per month. Shooting Shuttleworth Application video. Finishing 4 questions. Requested letters of reference from Lesa, Lawrence, David Garrett, Manuel, Pawel, Nikolay, Zach, Dan, and James. Continuing Pilot Projects.

Mon Nov 26, 2012

Got up at crack of dawn. Finishing 2013 Shuttleworth Application script. Updated Team_Sequencing_Rationale with Claire. Submitting Shuttleworth for reveiw to Karien, Catarina, Dave, Emily. Did insulation from noon till 9 PM. Some people cut out early in view of frost danger (got down to 10F) - major vision alignment issue - needs to be resolved. Kavitha helped till 9. Finished further script ideas, shooting tomorrow. Week Goals: Submit Shuttleworth Application, begin 1 day production run prep, go over Video Production Plan for Tristan Dec-Jan 2013.

Sun Nov 25, 2012

Recovering from production run, loaded Barry Alexander up last night by midnight. Starting Free Marcin Campaign. Finishing 2013_Shuttleworth_Application script. Talked to Catarina about documentation, development, community manager recruitment, and strategic communications.

Thu Nov 22, 2012

Submitted Huffington Post TED Fridays blog post with editorial team. Major revision of 2013 Shuttleworth Application. Working November_23,_2012_Collaborative_Production_Run.

Wed Nov 21 2012

Continuing Open_Source_Hardware_Modularity_Pattern_Language with Catarina. Starting Documentation Standards Development. Wrote down strategy evolution with Undercurrent including Humanitarian Pilot Projects. Secure commitment by Catarina Mota for 50% time commitment on collaborative development of OSHWA/OSE open hardware documentation standards in January, and on potential collaboration on a build of the WikiSpeed Prototype I 100 mpg car - as part of Open Source Everything class at ITP at NYU - which requires extensive documentation. Goal is to produce a complete car in 1 day with 20 people as a hands-on exercise of Open Source Collaborative Production. moving forward on fabrication optimization of Tractor to 1 day with Milgo Bufkin - state of art digital fab. Beginning CEB Press IV Fabrication Diagrams for the November_23,_2012_Collaborative_Production_Run.

Tue Nov 20, 2012

Slept in, out of sorts, chainsawed some fire lumber, working on script for Shuttleworth reapplication. Tristan won't be here until Thu night, will have to scuttlebutt on application video. Updating Open_Source_Hardware_Modularity_Pattern_Language and extended this from GVCS to Open Source Hardware in general.

Mon Nov 19, 2012

3rd Ward visit with Jason and Stephanie - offer to settle on Governor's Island for pilot projects. Milgo Bufkin]] visis was insane. CNC hole punchers, water jet cutters, largest industrial CNC laser in the world, and metal bending of steel up to 4" thick including making closed tubing profiles, CNC rollers. New ideas on small scale production of tractors in one day for $500 in parts. Will ask Bruce Gitlin, CEO, to advise on tractor fabrication optimization to one day. Then Katehrine Handin, but we were late for lunch, straight to Undercurrent strategy session. Discussion on cunning plan for standards/documentation/os hardware pilot/ with Catarina - helping us allocate Kauffman $35k documentation budget.

Sun Nov 18, 2012

Met Catarina, Adrian Hong. Great to reconnect to Adrian. Met Gaby of Protei/OpenH20. Talked about open hardware development and documentation and hybrid orgs - OpenH20 and OSE are hybrids.

Sat Nov 17, 2012

3 hour session with Emily on Character Stand and Promise. Rest is insulation from noon. Everyone quit at 4:30 after doing East side, I finished north side myself by 9:30PM, as it was a window of opportunity - don't know if weather will allow more insulation work in future. North side is critical as it's a full wall. Went to bed to wake up at 5 AM, left by 5:50 for NYC.

Fri Nov 16, 2012

Talking to Rahul Log. Finishing Shuttleworth_Project_Pitch_-_Staff - did good work on job description last night, but overall it's elusive as roles are shifting constantly based on new developments. Recruiting Sequencing is coming together. Posted Build Yourself on wiki. Published Open Recruiting Guidelines. Received 24VDC_Hydraulic_Power_Unit from Josj. Rahul - Universal Rotor, Quick_Attach_Wheels, Universal Rotor Log is basis. Working on LifeTrac Gear Module. Estimated time - 1 week full time, 3 weeks part time. Conditions of satisfaction: full design + BOM as Phase 1. Encouraging conversation, looking for a long term commitment.

Thu Nov 15, 2012

Didn't get to Shuttleworth_Project_Pitch_-_Staff yesterday or day before yesterday, so starting now. Long discussion with Tristan regarding Nov-Dec Video Production Plan, waiting for acceptance/amendment. Chainsawed firewood lumber today, and yesterday. Plenty of dead trees at north end from bulldozing by neighbor. Didn't order steel or bolts for CEB Press until late today - there was a number of mistakes in the cut list and bolt list so I had to comb through both. Sweiger Metal Order - File:Sweigernovceb.ods. Mokan fastener order - File:Mokannovcdb.ods.

Wed Nov 14, 2012

Goals for Today: complete CEB IV Steel BOM for 2nd CEB Collaborative Production Run, and CEB IV Bolts order from Mokan Fastener. Write Shuttleworth Project Pitch for Staff. Start Work Log Guidelines as distilled version of Work Log. Update DPV page for Work Log guidelines. Rewrite Shuttleworth Application. Test CEB Press - 4-6 PM. Document Power Cube VII Wiring and install.

Started Remote_Collaboration_Guidelines. 2 hr meeting with Tristan on video work. Didn't get to Project Pitch, Reapplication, or CEB Press testing, or Wiring. Waiting for Tom to verify wiring diagrams.

Tue Nov 13, 2012

Interviewed Jacob Dalton for DPV on True Fans Platform - now in contract writing phase. Started Documentation Guidelines. Ordered November_23,_2012_Collaborative_Production_Run hydraulics.

Mon Nov 12, 2012

Frozen soil and heavy rain yesterday, after a couple days in the 60s. Stove thermal mass is working great - today morning latent heat of masonry was clearly present, as it was 20F at night. Yoonseo's Open Source Stepper Motor Controller is beginning to look very impressive. Preparing November 23, 2012 Collaborative Production Run.

Sun Nov 11, 2012

Started Power Cube VII Collaborative Production Run

Week Milestones:

  • Rewrite 2nd rough draft of Shuttleworth Application
  • Test CEB Press IV brick pressing
  • Prepare full fabrication procedure for CEB Press
  • Order outstanding materials for CEB press

Last week mlestones evaluation:

  • Shuttleworth Gathering all week
  • prep for Power Cube production on Saturday
  • Sunday begin Power Cube Production.

Overall Evaluation - Shuttleworth week done, application review session with Karien and Helen was useful. Experimental collaborative Fabrication Diagramming did not yield complete diagram, but did get us much of the procedure. Waking up early today (4 AM), I got to Procedure refinement an hour before the 9 am start time. Beginning Production Run on schedule. Other Evaluations - Tristan: As of 2 months and 2 weeks of work (one week vacation last week), Tristan produced a total of 7 videos of which 2 qualify as instructionals - of the 15 stated in contract (10 videos and 5 instructionals). Uploaded about 10 minutes of the 250 minutes of remote editing uploads. Parker: 3 of 5 days worked on last week (vacation), most tasks not done. This week: Milestones not set, looks like 1 hour average of administrative work on logged days, logged 4 of 5 days.

Sat Nov 10, 2012

Power Cube VII collaborative design session.

Fri Nov 9, 2012

Laws_of_Simplicity - simplicity makes a good brand. Posted Branding Discussion. Posted OSE_License#Towards the OSE License - Open Source Hardware License with Andrew Rens. Rough notes on December 18 Production Run.

Thu Nov 8, 2012

Claire Davis presentation on HR - outstanding. Andrew Rens discussion on OSE License. Something went viral in Poland, just got 5 media interview requests. Polish DIY Electronics Forum. I should contact Leah Buechley at MIT Media Lab. Should contact Michael Weinberg. I was blown away that the Shuttleworth Foundation team had major team dynamics issues at startup. They are a highly functional team today with help of Helene Smit - depth coach. I started a log of team dynamics for organizational learning.

Wed Nov 7, 2012

Embedding Pybossa App for Citizen Cyberscience. Steve Song referred me to YouTube_Video_Optimization and If This Then That. Mark Shurman excited me about Popcorn Maker for remixing videos. OpenShot is another open video editor, comparable to Kdenlive - found about it from Jason, Shuttleworth video editor. We should set up a bunch of video templates in OpenShot as part of our media strategy. Scratch is another great reference from Rufus Pollock. Creabator creativity incubator crowd development platform appears worth watching. Initial view of Mailgun for volume email handling. Suggestion for OSE: do for-profit branch in June 2012, put $ into strengths, not weaknesses, do market research on machines for customers to help shape our program.

Tue Nov 6, 2012

Updated GVCS_Rollout_Sequencing with GVCS Modularity Pattern Language. Started description of December 18, 2012 Collaborative Production Run. Updated DPV page with Dedicated Project Visits#Application and Participation Steps to respond to Emily Dixon request for summer internship. Published GVCS Rollout Sequencing. Finished rough draft of Shuttleworth_Fellowship_Application_-_2013_-_Marcin_Jakubowski.

Mon Nov 5, 2012

Arrived Monday at 9 AM in Stratford on Avon near London for the Shuttleworth Gathering. Jet lagged, did my Dogfood session - plan and discussion on strategic approach - refocus on revenue plan and organizational stabilization. $20k bootstrap funding milestone.

  • Week Milestones:
    • Shuttleworth Gathering all week; prep for Power Cube production on Saturday; Sunday begin Power Cube Production.
  • Last Week milestone evaluation:
    • Power Cube Collaborative Production - materials ordered, procedure written. Surpluscenter + engine + metal ordered. Organized experimental Collaborative Fabrication Diagramming Day
    • Finalization of Shuttleworth submission - 5 minute video - done
    • Get lathe up and running - needs belt + pulley. Buy belt on line? -got pulley and belt; need to install.
    • Find somebody to design and build heat exchanger system - Stove#Stove. Just call up a heating specialist locally? - Gabi called up heating specialists this week.
    • Buy 2 more Millermatic 200 welders - bought 1, others are hard to find. Shipping: {Kavitha} As of Nov 8th, still in progress. Chuck Harrison is working on bringing it back to his workplace to ship. Will update status by Nov 10.
    • Insulate bottom of house for winter - teeth on bucket broke, couldn't finish digging.
    • Identify solution for Bridgeport Mill #2 - call in repairman by Friday. Ask Sweiger for Bridgeport repair people? - Troubleshooting vid done, but no further action taken.
  • Last week summary: Critical path of prototyping: Power Cube production run prepared with followthrough on Fab Diagram forthcoming as a group effort; new welder (1 of 2) bought; lathe closer to running. Shuttleworth accomplished - quick vid from script, but will require more time next time to do full video. Gap analysis: recruiting heat exchanger designers not easy; equipment breakage prevents house completion; not enough time to look after mill nor to complete lathe.

Sun Nov 4, 2012

Traveling. Kavitha and I are negotiating Jacob Dalton's Dedicated Project Visit on True Fans Platform - defining clear, measurable goals for his stay. Emailed Josh Bond on directions of Tractor, Power Cube, wheel units - integrated development awaiting LifeTrac Infrastructure Deployment - need good models to show how ecology fits together. Core - rapid deployment via next level of modularity

Sat Nov 3, 2012

Began documenting Contract Process to clarify performance management & sanctions, expectation management, measurability (assessment of followthrough) & transparency, scope of work (what you are to and not to do), distraction management, process documentation and Microinstructionals (re 144 Incubators. Main outstaning question I need to nail is governance for Critical Path. Defined current Critical Path. Added Strategic_Plan_2_Ambitious#Foundation_for_the_Open_Source_Economy to Strategic Plan. Published Daily_Log_of_Tasks#Effective_Communication.

Fri Nov 2, 2012

Emily conference call - Character Stand and Promise - next meet Sunday 3 PM London Time. Positive development with Rob Kirk on potential TV series where we control the message. Updated Executive Assistant. Working Shuttleworth Application 2013. Updating Log Standards (same as Work Log Standards. Started Remote Design Standards. Videod Trencher_Prototype_I.

Thu Nov 1, 2012

Updated Wood_Stove_with_Heat_Exchanger#Overview for bidding. Started DPV Standards after reviewing Jacob Dalton's DPV application. Redoing Shuttleworth_Fellowship_Application_-_2013_-_Marcin_Jakubowski