Marcin Log - June 2013

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Sun Jun 28, 2013

Rest day. Parts arriving late delays 6 in 60. Will build Microtrac, Ironworker, Backhoe in time. Bulldozer or Truck will be done Wednesday, but not both. Started 21 Agriculture and Construction Tools. Network Project Diagram.

Sat Jun 27, 2013

Continuing on build sprint, finishing the Bulldozer Geardown Module with Kavitha. Requested James Log to continue the 50 hp Power Cube. Updated Design Sprints to a proposed weekly participant number of 584 individuals every Saturday.

Fri Jun 26, 2013

Mike Hill Modular Wheel Units Order aborted after 30 of 200 parts due to plasma cutter issue - Cutmaster 52 is burning a tip every 10 parts even though air dryer is in place. We need an air dryer as our plasma cutter exploded after water trap filled up and spilled inside machine. Rest of Mike Hill order - we will be cutting by hand and reducing 6-way to 4-way blade on the bulldozer unless I can pull some magic. Cloverdale Manufacturing 6 in 60 Metal Order expected today - will be finished Tuesday because it is taking them longer than expected to do 4-sided tubing. Got all flats and 16 10 foot tubes, 1/4", so far.

Thu Jun 25, 2013

Formalizing Design Sprint method. Last week of 6 in 60.

Wed Jun 25, 2013

Delivering spare Cutmaster 52 to Mike Hill so he could finish cutting. Cutting parts in shop - wheels.

Tue Jun 25, 2013

Weekly Plan and Review. Promising to build 5 machines AND organize the First Focused Concept Design Sprint on CNC Construction Set - to nail out SEBD (comprehensive) and Interface Design and beging Specific Dev Pathway a la Concept Design Workflow. Last week: Achieved all design and part sourcing, missed Scoping out of CNC Torch Table simply because sourcing and design was all encompassing. Updated Sourcing to XXH Pipe. Got tubing from Metal By The Foot. Mike is having trouble with his Cutmaster 52 overheats and burns a tip per part.

Mon Jun 24, 2013

Pipe Schedules. Fab procedures and buildout begins. Desktop Circuit Production. Bolt Head Sizes.

Sun Jun 23, 2013

Finalizing [[Mike Hill steel order. True Fans 2013. Stayed up all night finalizing Mike_Hill_Modular_Wheel_Units_Order

Sat Jun 22, 2013

Design Sprint. 2013 Milestones. Lost PLA Casting. Hydraulic Motor Calculations. Overhung Load Adapters. From Gene Griffith of Gene Log - Permco Hydraulic Motors for hydraulic gear motors and pumps. Axial Piston Pump can be 95% volumetric efficiency. Gear Pumps - 85%. Hydraulic Gear Pump or Hydraulic Gear Motor.

Fri Jun 21, 2013

Spent 2 hours with Gary on getting him ready take over the entire mechanical GVCS section so I can transition to precision machining/metallurgy and automation. Most of day spent sourcing outstanding parts, couple meetings with Crew, and then Design Sprint Prep at 7 PM. Interns taking a day of rest to prep for the 10 Day Build Sprint that starts Monday. Requested Katie to assess a Work Log for Work Log Standards - according to new checklist.

Thu Jun 20, 2013

Linked to Sprints and Hackathons. 6 in 60 Sprint planning and prep. Finalizing 6 in 60 Part Ordering. Continuously reworking 3 Inch Wheel Hub. Made changes to Mike Hill Modular Wheel Units Order. Ordered spare bandsaw blades, springs, annular cutters, began work on Torch Table and found more mechanical parts missing. 6 in 60 Quality Control Session Prep with Gary, 2 hours. Started Quality Control Protocol. Called John Motloch re Master Plan.

Wed Jun 19, 2013

Workshop Maintenance Process request. Finalizing 6 in 60 Part Ordering and Kliment Scope of Work - CNC Torch Table Height Control. Conceptualizing Conceptual Design Sprint Protocol. Lucas's Triangle Calculator. Began discussing OSE performance Check.pngMetrics with Katie. Updated Ironworker - How It Works. Posted Ironworker Parts. Began Methane Digester Conceptual Design.

Tue Jun 18, 2013

Referred to OpenStructures review by Karien. Reconciling Lucas Log with Justin Burnett Log for DXF files for wheel units. Blog Update Compiling document from Katie. Protocol Protocol. Open IP Assignment document. Generating DXFs for CNC cutting for Modular Wheel units from Lucas Log and Justin Burnett Log. Guiding Kliment Log to post CNC Torch Table in Linux information based on CoolRAMPS, and building on [[DXF_to_G-code_Conversion_Tutorial to integrate RepRap toolchain into the puzzle. Ultrasound Torch Height Controller from Kliment based on a $32 part. Exporting Sketchup Files for Cutting on a CNC Torch Table.

Mon Jun 17, 2013

Parking Lot from Audrey. Rob setting up Dozuki. Showed Prototyping Plan 2013 to Katie. Met with Andrew and Catharina on Contributor Agreements and Legal, updated OSE License. Week Goals: Finish outstanding design: Check.png bulldozer geardown (4x). Check.png Steel Wheels. Backhoe Legs/Bucket/Feet. Control Cab. Microtrac wheel hub. Articulated LifeTrac. Scope out work for CNC Torch Table. Order Hydraulics, bolts, and Check.pngsecond CNC Torch Table cutting order. Review of Week: Intended to go towards completion of CNC Torch Table, Got in 1/10 the time on the torch table because of priority on finishing 6 in 60 Designs. Hold Katie to proper Work Log management.

Sun Jun 16, 2013

Returning to CEB Press Controller Wiring Diagram by Dorkmo. Gear Pump Calculator from Gene Log - nice MIT link to gear pumps. Updated CoolRAMPS. Data on 4 bolt 3" Bearings.

Sat Jun 15, 2013

Majorly successful design sprint - see Dashboard. Had 17 contributors, well on our way to 50 regular ones and peak 250 for One Day Design Sprints. Major contribution was Yann Log on Velocar, Tim Log on HydraFabber laser diode, and Gene Log on hydraulic gear motor design. Other than this, all our interns began doing hydraulic diagrams according to Hydraulic Diagram Standards. Updated OSE Workflow Infographic. Added Glimpses Prezi to Glimpses page. Audrey added a quick reference sheet on Technical Team Contributors

Fri Jun 14, 2013

Looking into Google Fiber Beamed to FeF with the Free Network Foundation. Updated Video Backlog. Started OSE Workflow Infographic. Updating Rapid Prototyping Crash Training for hydraulics. Beginning CoolRAMPS for OSE CNC Torch Table. Considering Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 52 plasma cutter. Talked to Katie. Audrey produced a Developer Profile Template.

Thu Jun 13, 2013

From FellowUp - see video of Dan Whaley - The Revolution Will be Annotated 2013. Updated Champions of Change. Starting wiring up CNC Torch Table controller for Cool DRV open source stepper motor controller by Kliment, as part of Long Term Open Source Stepper Controller Development. Formalizing Developer Vetting Process. Talked to Matt Scully of Alohabet Energy about potential application of his silicon-based thermoelectric (TEG) innovation in the OSE Solar Concentrator Electric System. May provide sample TEG modules - interested in building open source applications of his propriatary semiconductors. Cost of semiconductor fab is a couple million, we can probably do it for $5 using CEB-block Class 1 Cleanroom. Sending in update and budget requests to Shuttleworth. Discussing Open Source Wireless Mesh Extenders with Paul Gardner-Stephen.

Wed Jun 12, 2013

Started Active Technical Contributors spreadsheet on wiki. Retreat Preparation. Email Responses. Point Recruiting Wishlist. Started Performance Metrics spreadsheet. Standard RFQ - request for quote. Revisiting Prototyping Plan 2013. Revisited OSE Status Brief. Beginning OSE Chapters Development based on OKFN work.

Tue Jun 11, 2013

Had 2 hour session with students on basic design principles of 6 in 60 Campaign. Added OS Stepper Drivers redirect. Conceptual Detail of Pivot Module Review. Branding. Talked to Danny Aranda. Began formulating One Day Design Challenge. DIY Laser Diode Projects. Started Wikispeed Frame Review. Rob talked to Wayne Tollefson - will build our Power Cube - and get next door neighbor on TIG Welding. Wikispeed Crash Testing Results. Dune Buggy. Beginning on OSE XL2. Beginning Modular Car Wheel Unit. Beginning to define Technical Advisory Board.

Mon Jun 10, 2013

Getting back into flow of things from Glimpses. Weekly plan and review: Last week was in Washington DC for Champions of Change and at Glimpses

Sat Jun 8, 2013

Awesome Glimpses conference. Talk was received very well. Found OSE Microhouse designer, and got access to Quid.

Fri Jun 7, 2013

Interesting time with Andy Walshe and Glimpses Human Potential event - discussed Open Sourcing Peak Performance. Sketchup Export to Blender. Began Video Script Backlog. OSE Status Brief. Announcing OSE Production Manager. Developing Rapid Prototyping Crash Training. Klout from Jordan.

Thu Jun 6, 2013

Got Steel Quote from Cloverdale Manufacturing at under a dollar a pound. Need to reduce diameter of Stock Pivot Plate to 4.75 - as the space around DOM needs be only 1/8" for weld-in. Need to change the Sketchup and DXF. I changed the DXF manually. Tech Team Resumes. Signed up for Rob and Emily producing Glimpses Prezi.

Wed Jun 5, 2013

Missed 2 flights, got back today. Caught up with Gary on prototyping. Linking up Status Briefs for all modules - concept is to do a quick video script - perhaps with tablet - then upgrade with Popcorn links for prior wiki work + animations + other video - starting with 2 column script where text is on one side and Popcorn mouseover links and other media are in another column. Requesting Video Production Team and Video Instructionals Backlog from Rob. Talked to Simon Kirk of Simon introduced me to Jessica Lawrence.

Tue Jun 4, 2014

Going to the White House, one day trip as Champions of Change for Crowdfunding. White House Champions of Change Press Release.

Mon Jun 3, 2013

First official day for 4 interns. Day of meetings and onboarding. Husam decided to leave early. Graded driveway with LifeTrac for access by plumber - need to unclog sewer pipe, install propane lines, and install larger on-demand heater. Blogged Glimpses event.

Sun Jun 2, 2013

Planning out next 2 weeks by reprioritizing 6 in 60 Modules for 2 week design sprint with 6 interns, all of whom know CAD or have some experience with Sketchup. Sarrus Linkage Linear Bearing from William Langford of MTM. Rob published first version of Work Log Instructional video.

Sat Jun 1, 2013

Published OSE BOM Standards. Had 4th Design Sprint. Concerned about constant Contributor Numbers for Design Sprints. Intended contributor growth is 6 per week until we reach 50, followed by paralleling via other OSE Chapters.