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Power Cube 6
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This is the procedure for manufacturing version 6 of the OSE Power Cube.

PowerCube VI

Intro to Power Cube Construction Script


  1. Safety
  2. Workspace
  3. Tools

Steel Cut Sheet

Type Cross Section Qty Cut Length Purpose
Flat Steel 1/8" x 4" 2 1" control panel mounting tabs
Angle Iron 1/4" x 2" x 2" 2 8" engine plate mounting tabs
Angle Iron 1/4" x 2" x 2" 2 4" pump attachment
Angle Iron 1/4" x 2" x 2" 1 2" gas line guard
Angle Iron* 1/4" x 2" x 2" 10 27" - 45 degree miter cuts (see diagram) main frame
Tube - Rectangular 1/4" x 6" x 12" 2 26" tanks
Flat Iron 1/8" x 4" 1 14" control panel
Flat Iron 3/8" x 4" 2 26" attachment plate (powercube to lifetrac)
Flat Iron 1/4" X 6" 4 12" tank ends
Flat Iron 1/4" X 6" 1 6" pump mount
Flat Iron 1/4" x 8" 1 13.5" engine mount
Expanded Steel 1/8" thick 1 14" x 26" radiator guard
  • Note: These angle iron pieces are to be cut at specific 45 degree angles for a mitered frame, as shown below.

Mitered Frame


Design Files


File:PC6 Fuel Tank FAB.skp
File:PC6 Hydraulic Reservoir FAB.skp
File:PC6 Frame FAB.skp
File:PC6 Engine Pump Mount FAB.skp
File:PC6 Control Panel FAB.skp

Electrical Diagram

Wiring Diagram

From key switch:

Red - Battery Positive, Alternator Positive

Black - Battery Negative, Frame Ground

Yellow - Fuel Solenoid Positive, Fan Positive

Blue - Magneto Ground

White - Starter Solenoid Positive

Resolving Correct Labeling on Key Switch

Note: Convention on back of key switch. M and B have different label on the metal stud - I am assuming we go by the label imprinted in the plastic.


Jack's Small Engine says:

The letters on the back of an ignition switch stand for the following:

  • M = Magneto
  • S = Starter Solenoid
  • L = Lights
  • A = Accessory
  • B = Battery
  • G = Ground
  • I = Ignition
  • R = Regulator/Rectifier

Source: http://www.jackssmallengines.com/Products/TROY-BILT/ignition-switches-keys

As for the labeling on the switch itself, we can verity with an ohmmeter:

In OFF position, M should connect to ground. In ON position, M should not connect to anything

In OFF position, B should not connect to anything. In ON position, B should connect to L


Subassembly Fabrication

The purpose of this section is to cut the raw steel into required lengths and shapes as required for final assembly. These step includes drilling and cutting steel up to 1/4” in thickness.

  1. Hydraulic Pump mount
  2. Fuel tank
  3. Hydraulic oil reservoir
  4. Control Panel
  5. Battery Mount


Power Cube assembly requires all the parts listed in the Bill Of Materials to be available and prepared as detailed in the “Fabrication” section (above). Assembly requires a welder (electric or torch) capable of welding metal 3/8” thick.

A "Stronghand" clamp has proven useful for 90 degree alignment of the frame members

Power Cube Frame welding
  1. Frame
  2. Gas tank
  3. Hydraulic tank
  4. Engine and Hydraulic Pump Mounts
  5. Battery mount
  6. Oil cooler and fan mounts
  7. Solenoid Mounting Bolts
  8. Throttle mount
  9. Keyswitch mount
  10. Quick Attach Plates
  11. Painting
  12. Install Hydraulic Components
  13. Install Engine and Pump
  14. Install Solenoid
  15. Install Muffler
  16. Wiring
  17. Install Throttle Control

Final touches

  1. Install engine and secure with bolts, nuts and washers
  2. Connect wiring to key switch and solenoid
  3. Connect fuel line
  4. Connect coupling to engine shaft
  5. Install hydraulic pump on coupling and secure with nuts & washers
  6. Install fan and hydraulic oil cooler

See Also

See also Power_Cube_Fabrication_Procedure for older model.

Work in progress by Tom Griffing - File:Powercube.odtFile:Powercube.pdf


Previous Versions

Power Cube Fabrication June 2011

Peer Review

  • I would do double chain coupler. I have had good experience with it - it will extend pump life because it will eliinate any strain on the pump shaft, while easing accuracy requirements for pump mount welding.

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