Marcin Log - 2021

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Fri Dec 31, 2021

Top Podcasts. Bosch Water Heater.

Thu Dec 30, 2021

Vinyl Siding. Nation's First K-12 Public School Entrepreneurship Track

Wed Dec 29, 2021

SH2 Build Instructions. Vacuum Pump. Senville Aura.

Tue Dec 28, 2021

Vinyl Siding. Construction in Cold Temperatures. Seed Eco-Home Roadmap. Lifetime Design Housing. Vinyl Siding. Shopify.

Mon Dec 27, 2021

Vinyl Siding. Seed Eco-Home Build Crew.

Sun Dec 26, 2021

Vinyl Siding. Polycaprolactone. Plastic Pellets. Ethical Enterprise. Digital Siding. Equipter.

Sat Dec 25, 2021

Origins of Precision. Seed Eco-Home Trim. OSE Developers. Embodied Energy of Wood. How to Embed in the Wiki. Vinyl Siding. Poor Charlie's Almanac

Fri Dec 24, 2021

Emergent Ventures Application. Embodied Energy of Wood. Thermal Battery Storage. Heat Pumps. Bigos.

Thu Dec 23, 2021

Sue Johnson. Senville Aura. Deck Railing. Wrench Turning 101. Open Source Hardware Enterprise Network

Wed Dec 22, 2021

Village Infrastructure. Flojet Macerator Pump. Trellis Procedure Notes. Carpentry 101. Why OSE Campus.

Tue Dec 21, 2021

Extreme Manufacturing - added why construction didn't mechanize.

Mon Dec 20, 2021

Riversimple. Open Source Game Engines.

Sun Dec 19, 2021

How Innovation Works. Neural Network.

Sat Dec 18, 2021

Collaborative Open Design. Gumroad. Roger Martin. Randall Stutman. Chamath.

Fri Dec 17, 2021

Screw Length. Beadboard. Vinyl Siding.

Thu Dec 16, 2021

SEH 2 Trellis. The Urban Block. OSE Housing 2.0. Water Heating Calculator.

Wed Dec 15, 2021

The Laws of Human Nature.

Tue Dec 14, 2021

Farnam Street.

Mon Dec 13, 2021

Belt Positioning Error.

Sat Dec 11, 2021

Collaboration Protocol Log. Transformative Collaborative Literacy. Idea Meritocracy. Critical_Path#Dec_11.2C_2021. OSE Sawmill. Belt Positioning Error.

Fri Dec 10, 2021

Designer Industrial Building.

Thu Dec 9, 2021

Wed Dec 8, 2021

OSE Rapid Learning Infrastructure = OSE Mastermind. Merge_Workflow#General. Word cloud added to Marcin_Log#Older_Entries for 2016. 2016. SH2 enterprise modeling. Seed Eco-Home Kit.

Tue Dec 7, 2021

Distributive vs Redistributive added to Mental Models. Critical Path.

Mon Dec 6, 2021

OSE Cabin. Landscaping Fabric. Critical Path.

Mon Dec 6, 2021

OSE Cabin. Landscaping Fabric. Critical Path.

Sun Dec 5, 2021

Foundation Skirting. Time to $1B. OSE School. Nucor

Sat Dec 4, 2021

Foundation Skirting. Open Source PVC Beadboard. OSE_HeroX_-_The_Open_Source_Microfactory_Challenge#v2.0. High School Cordless Drill Challenge link added to Cordless Drill Incentive Challenge Design. CEB Press Product Page. Building In Kansas City. Inspection Schedule. New Governance Models.

Fri Dec 3, 2021

Crossroads Preparatory Academny Notes

Thu Dec 2, 2021

Cordless Drill Incentive Challenge.

Wed Dec 1, 2021

Compass. Emergent Ventures from Jon Log.

Tue Nov 30, 2021

Open Source Shredder v21.10 3D CAD. Senville Aura. Circuit Breaker as Switch. Circuit Breakers. Industry Standard Exams.Wire Whip.

Mon Nov 29, 2021

New Ideas. Mastery. Psychocybernetics. SEH Extreme Build Project Management. Sweet Home 3D Interoperability same as FreeCAD Interoperability. Senville Aura. Using a Computer as a Router. Cycloidal Gearbox. Get Rich Quick Schemes. Vacuum Pump.

Sun Nov 28, 2021

OSE Education. Structural Thriving. Non-Rival Goods. Financial Independence. Senville Aura.

Sat Nov 27, 2021

Workshop Best Practice. Remote Control Tractor. Distributive Enterprise. Anatha.

Fri Nov 26, 2021

OSE Lesson Plan. Bulk Food.

Thu Nov 25, 2021

Elegoo Smart Car Shield. Open Source Autonomous Tractor Conceptual Design. Educational Facility Design. Solving Housing. Arduino with Wireless. Ardupilot Rover.

Wed Nov 24, 2021

Educational Facility Design

Tue Nov 23, 2021

Enterprise Investment Log. Remote Control Tractor. H3 Visas.

Mon Nov 22, 2021

Jon Log. Emergent Ventures. Daily Critical Path. Accounting. Pedagogy. Precast Footing. CEB Disaster Shelter. Vinyl Siding. Mike Williams Log. Architecture Collaborators. Shower Without Mixing Valve. Testimonials. Seed_Home_2_Product_Strategy#Nov_2021. Power Cube Electronics Build Instructions.

Sun Nov 21, 2021

Open Source Community Microfactory. Senville Aura. Apprenticeship Exams. Electrolyzers.

Sat Nov 20, 2021


Fri Nov 19, 2021

Facility. Distributive Enterprise Financial Independence. Daily Critical Path. Enforced Mediocrity. Picking List.

Wed Nov 17, 2021

Jon Log. MJ Notes. Concrete Pier Foundation. Open Source Shit Fryer. OSE Glidepath

Tue Nov 16, 2021

Jon Log. Registered Apprenticeship.

Mon Nov 15, 2021

Cost to Build a House. OSE Filament Extruder v21.10 BOM. Controlling Arduino from Your Phone. Remote Control Tractor. First Aid Kit.

Sun Nov 14, 2021

Screen. Extruder Screw. House Gravity Storage.

Sat Nov 13, 2021

Daily Critical Path. Tree Spade. Eastern Red Cedar. Urban Farming. Beadboard. Studfinder. Get Rich Quick Schemes.

Fri Nov 12, 2021

CNC Torch Table v21.08. Boiling Water. Valuation.

Thu Nov 11, 2021

Auger Bits.

Wed Nov 10, 2021

CNC Torch Table v21.08

Tue Nov 9, 2021

OSE Land Investment Fund. Steve. Seed Eco-Home Economic Analysis. Steel Cutting IPM.

Mon Nov 8, 2021

OSE Land Investment Fund. Open Source Ecologist Exam. Pressing World Issues.

Sun Nov 7, 2021

OSE School. OSE Planning 2022. Inspection Schedules. College Closures. Accreditation. Mike Williams Log. How to Start a School. GI Bill. Jon Log. Enterprise Escape Velocity. Landscape Design. SBIR Grants.

Sat Nov 6, 2021

Silicon Wafer Cutting. OSE 3 Step Process. OSE Testimonials. Positive Psychology.

Fri Nov 5, 2021

Polarity. Foundation Insulation Panels. OSE Investment.

Thu Nov 4, 2021

Google Pixel 2XL Cameral Cover Replacement.

Wed Nov 3, 2021

David Abarbanel. Jon Log.

Tue Nov 2, 2021

OSE Shredder. Tie Downs. String Line. Essential Craftsman. Builder Training Benchmarking. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Carport.

Mon Nov 1, 2021

OSE Shredder. FeF Winterization Protocol. 3" Bearing.

Sun Oct 31, 2021

Universal Prototyping Structure. OSE Forum. Mental Models. Skyscrapers. FeF Winterization Protocol.

Sat Oct 30, 2021

OSE 4 Year Program. Tuition Benchmarking. Design Class. Converting a MIG to TIG.

Fri Oct 29, 2021

CNC Torch Table v21.08 3D CAD - cable chain. Cleaning an Extruder.

Thu Oct 28, 2021

Builder Crash Course Operations Manual. Tractor Trailer. CNC Torch Table v21.08 3D CAD

Wed Oct 27, 2021

TB6600. CNC Torch Table v21.08. Creating CNC Torch Table v21.08 Data Collection

Tue Oct 26, 2021

Steve. Rubber hits the road.

Mon Oct 25, 2021

Swarm Build Data Collection. OSE Filament Extruder v21.10 Conceptual Design. CNC Torch Table v21.08 3D CAD. OSE Revenue Models. Factor_e_Farm_Site_Plan#End_of_Year_2021. Standby Generator. Off-Grid Energy Strategy.

Sun Oct 24, 2021

2028. Collaborative Economy. People Showing Up. Is There a Housing Crisis. Radical Waste Treatment. Incinerating Toilet.

Sat Oct 23, 2021

FeF Infrastructure. Frost Free Hydrant. FeF Winterization Protocol.

Fri Oct 22, 2021

OSE Filament Maker. Collaborative Literacy. Radical Waste Treatment.

Thu Oct 21, 2021

Critical Path.

Wed Oct 20, 2021

Jon Log. CNC Torch Table v21.08 3D CAD. Critical Collaborative Literacy#Critical Missing Links. Critical Path. Site Maintenance. Water Lubricated Engine. Factor_e_Farm_Site_Plan#End_of_Year

Tue Oct 19, 2021

Power Switching. Flyback Diode. CNC Torch Table v21.08 Conceptual Design. Labor Shortage. Stages of Organization Model. CNC Torch Table v21.08 3D CAD

Fri Oct 15, 2021

Large 3D Printer. CNC Torch Table v21.08 3D CAD. S. CNC_Torch_Table_v21.08_Conceptual_Design - working the new 1" Universal Axis design. Czlowiek z Zelaza.

Thu Oct 14, 2021

OSE Shredder. OSE Filament Maker. Large 3D Printer. GT2 Belts.

Wed Oct 13, 2021

Large 3D Printer. Jon Miller. CNC Torch Table v21.08 Conceptual Design. Open Source Shredder. Genealogies. OSE Filament Extruder. Meritocracy.

Mon Oct 11, 2021

GT2 Belt. Large 3D Printer. Character and Personality Tests.

Fri Oct 8, 2021

Housing Statistics. Trim Coil. Large 3D Printer. GT2 Belt. D3D Giga.

Thu Oct 7, 2021

General Contractor Exam.

Wed Oct 6, 2021

Large 3D Printer. Critical Path.

Tue Oct 5, 2021

Large 3D Printer. Critical Path. French Door Installation.

Mon Oct 4, 2021

Trim Coil. Food Places Near Factor E Farm. Urban Redevelopment. SIP Cost

Sun Oct 3, 2021

Large 3D Printer. Aquaponic Greenhouse. How to Wire Steppers in Series.

Sat Oct 2, 2021


Fri Oct 1, 2021

Large 3D Printer.

Thu Sep 30, 2021

1" Shaft. Apprenticeship v2 Budget Planning. Large 3D Printer

Tue Sep 28, 2021

Site Acquisition. How to Find Easement Information on a Property -

Mon Sep 27, 2021

LifeTrac_v20.12#CAD_2_-_Summer_X_2021_Version. 3" Bearing. Foundation Staking - Tools.

Sun Sep 26. 2021

LifeTrac v20.12. LifeTrac_v20.12#CAD_2_-_Summer_X_2021_Version

Sat Sep 25, 2021

Outdoor Kitchen. Economics of Housing. Summer X Tractor Working Doc. LifeTrac_v20.12#CAD_2_-_Prototype_Version.

Fri Sep 24, 2021

Sprockets. Summer X Tractor Working Doc

Thu Sep 23, 2021

Tractor Design Guide. 3D Printer QC. Designing for Wind Resistance. Cooking Recipes.

Wed Sep 22, 2021

Installing Z Flashing on T-111

Sun Sep 19, 2021

Seed Eco-Home Build Management Spreadsheet. LifeTrac v20.12. Why People Feel Like Victims. Steel Order. OSE Enterprise Incubator. Safety Disclaimer.

Sat Sep 18, 2021

Oyster_Mushrooms#Automation at Aquaponic Greenhouse. Joystick Valve. 6.1 Cu In Motor. 100 Chain.

Fri Sep 17, 2021

Trash Cans. Summer X Enterprise Track. Aquaponic Greenhouse - mechanical systems. MgO Panels.

Thu Sep 16, 2021

4 mil Plastic. Enterprise Session.

Wed Sep 15, 2021

Aquaponic Greenhouse 3 Working Doc. Aquaponic Greenhouse Build Index. Slicing Pie.

Tue Sep 14, 2021

Seed Eco-Home 2 Stairs

Mon Sep 13, 2021

Seed Eco-Home 2 Stairs. Seed Eco-Home Integrated Builder Exam. Seed Eco-Home Decorative Trellis Design. Uni 3 Inventory.

Sun Sep 12, 2021

Aquaponic Greenhouse Biological Systems. Aquaponics Construction Set. Tote Camlock Adapter. Seed Eco-Home Decorative Trellis Design. Wall Modules Design Guide. Fiber Cement Panels. D3D Universal 3.

Sat Sep 11, 2021

Fiber Cement Panels. Seed Eco-Home 2 Stairs. Aquaponics Controller. Double Door Installation.

Fri Sep 10, 2021

Aquaponic Greenhouse Biological Systems. Mycelium MgO Building Panel.

Thu Sep 9, 2021

Summer X Day 9. Anthony Manalakos. Aquaponic Greenhouse Biological Systems.

Tue Sep 7, 2021

Seed Eco-Home Enterprise Session.

Mon Sep 6, 2021


Sat Sep 4, 2021

How to Square a Foundation.

Fri Sep 3, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 26

Thu Sep 2, 2021


Wed Sep 1, 2021


Tue Aug 31, 2021

Open Source Concrete Work. Power Trowel.

Mon Aug 30, 2021

Concrete Pour.

Sun Aug 29, 2021

Are 2 Small Refrigerators Better than One Large One. FreeCAD 101 Extreme. D3D Universal v21.06 Build Instructions. Open Source Concrete Work. Universal Prototyping Structure.

Sat Aug 28, 2021

Open Source Concrete Work. Rebar Chairs. Integrated Farm. Summer X Curriculum Format. Uber and Lyft Estimates.

Fri Aug 27, 2021

Adam Blumhagen.

Fri Aug 27, 2021

Adam Blumhagen.

Thu Aug 26, 2021

Open Source Concrete Work. 3000 SF Workshop. Bull Float. Enterprise Collaborative Literacy. Product Development vs Enterprise Development‎‎. Elements of an Enterprise

Tue Aug 24, 2021

Brad Reams. Open Source Concrete Work.

Mon Aug 23, 2021

Pressure Treated Lumber. Seed Eco-Home Carport Design Guide - panels and siding design. Seed Eco-Home 3 BOM. 50kW PV System. How to Wire a String Inverter. Compressed Air Energy Storage. D3D Universal v21.06 Cut List.

Sun Aug 22, 2021

SEH 3. Steel Studs. SEH 2 Structural Engineering. Steel Fiber Concrete. Seed_Eco-Home_3_3D_CAD. Seed Eco-Home Decorative Trellis Design. EPDM Life Extender. Aquaponics Construction Set. Agriculture Robots. Seed Eco-Home 3 BOM.

Sat Aug 21, 2021

EPDM Life Extender. Fellows in the News. CNC Torch Table v21.08 3D CAD. Best Plants for Aquaponics. Seed Eco-Home 3. OSE Curriculum.

Fri Aug 20, 2021

Seed Eco-Home Carport Design Guide. Seed Eco-Home Roof Detail. Green Roof. Roman Concrete. Seed Eco-Home 3. Tightening the Belt.

Thu Aug 19, 2021

3 Phase Inverters. Carbide Grit Hole Saw. Hole Saw. PVC Fence Posts.

Wed Aug 18, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 25. CNC Torch Table v21.08. Universal Prototyping Structure. Cantilever for 2x12s. PV Panels Sourcing. Roofless Roof. David Mar. Seed Home v2 Build Pictures and Video. 50kW PV System. Motorcycle Battery. Inverter Types. Transfer Switch. Wow Things.

Tue Aug 17, 2021

CNC Torch Table v21.08.

Mon Aug 16, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 24. Seed Eco-Home 3.

Sun Aug 15, 2021

CNC_Torch_Table_Genealogy. Open Source Inverter. Roof Purlin Spacing. PVC Fence Posts. Free Grantwriting Assistance. Summer X Program. Roofless Roof. Houses Per Acre. FAQ.

Sat Aug 14, 2021

Maker Friendly Universities. Exams. Summer X Program. Hex Shaft. Universal Prototyping Structure. Adam Blumhagen.

Fri Aug 13, 2021

Thu Aug 12, 2021

FAB 16.

Tue Aug 10, 2021

OSE_FFR_Partnership. Regeneration_Ventures. Steve. Brad Reams.

Mon Aug 9, 2021

Jon Log. Solar Concrete. 120 Design Lessons - Day 23. David Leasure. Induction Furnace.

Sun Aug 8, 2021

Solar Construction Trailer. Seed Eco-Home 2 Carport. Do Not Wait for Hotend Temperature. Critical Collaborative Literacy.

Sat Aug 7, 2021

SoS Filing. Large 3D Printers. Cement Board. Foundation Design. FAB 16. GI Bill.

Fri Aug 6, 2021

Seed Home v2 Data Collection. Growth of the Soil. 120 Design Lessons - Day 19 - has insulation pattern.

Thu Aug 5, 2021

Jesse Notes. OSE Collaborators.

Wed Aug 4, 2021

Whole House Seed Eco-Home 2 STEP. SEH 2 Structural Engineering. Bourgeois Bohemians. OSE Brand Architecture. Admissible Parts List. 120 Design Lessons - Day 22

Tue Aug 3, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 21.

Mon Aug 2, 2021

Plywood Subfloor. Second Story Walls. SEH 2 Roof. Akili King. Long day with 4 extra people from KC, built second floor.

Sun Aug 1, 2021

Brian Weinberg. CNC Torch Table v21.08. Regen Ventures SBIR Template. Accreditation Primer. Electrolyzer. Plywood Subfloor. Second Story Walls. SEH 2 Roof.

Sat Jul 31, 2021

Proposal 2021. Payback Time of Nickel Iron Batteries. Unimog. Open Source Solar Car. Hot Water Storage Calculations. Zero Energy House or Ideal House. PEX. Hydrogen Economy. Electrolyzer Sourcing. Type K Cylinder. Incorporation. About SBIR adn STTR Grants. SBIR Template. STTR Template. Cost of PV Panels. Atmospheric Water Generator. Solar Hydrogen Fueling Station. Solar Hydrogen Production.

Fri Jul 30, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 21. Long day building 4 second story windows. Weekend off.

Thu Jul 29, 2021

Jon Miller. SEH 2 CAD QC

Wed Jul 28, 2021

Seed Eco-Home 2 Structural Engineering. Jon Miller.

Tue Jul 27, 2021

Urban Infill Revenue Model. Air Ratchet

Mon Jul 26, 2021

Interrogative Design. House Prices. Recycling Plastic. Brian Weinberg.

Sat Jul 24, 2021

D3D Universal v3. 120 Design Lessons - Day 20.

Fri Jul 23, 2021

Seed Eco-Home 2 Build.

Thu Jul 22, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 19. 1" Water Pipe. Jesse Notes.

Wed Jul 21, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 18. OSE College Project and OSE College Mission Documents, Door and Window Flashing Detail

Tue Jul 20, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 17.

Mon Jul 19, 2021

Ozone Venturi. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Workbench. Jeff Jacobsen Log. 120 Design Lessons - Day 16. Regenerative Housing Construction Set.

Sun Jul 18, 2021

Brain Weinberg. SEH 2 Aerials + Sand of the Coliseum. Ozone to Treat Heavy Metals in Water.

Sat Jul 17, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 15.Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Workbench. OSE Apprenticeship Food Purchasing. Purchasing. Heavy Equipment Shipping. Old Work Boxes. Joshua Pearce Proposal.

Fri Jul 16, 2021

Proposal 2021. 120 Design Lessons - Day 14. Landing. Stairs. Roof CAD. Luke Eisman. OSE Apprentice Videos

Thu Jul 15, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 13. Frost Protected Shallow Foundation.

Wed Jul 14, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 12. FreeCAD 16 vs Latest

Tue Jul 13, 2021

How to Cut with a Table Saw. 120 Design Lessons - Day 11. Affordable Housing Economic Model. UMKC Proposal. Back Office. SEH 2 Skeleton.

Mon Jul 12, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 10. Second Story Door. How to Move and Rotate in FreeCAD.

Sun Jul 11, 2021

Aquapnonic Greenhouse Revival. Apprenticeship Feedback.

Sat Jul 10, 2021

Institute for Regenerative Enterprise. Blue River Corridor. Reed Jules Oppenheimer Foundation. Miter Saw. Jeff Critical Path. Second Story Door. Apprenticeship Feedback. Solving Housing Collaboration Architecture. 120 Design Lessons - Day 9. Are Construction Workers Happy?. Concrete Cutting Blade.

Fri Jul 9, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 8. Hidden Door 1

Thu Jul 8, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 7. LOD 500. Missouri Institute for Research and Energy. Anthony Caruso. Ffmpeg.

Wed Jul 7, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 6. FreeCAD Manual.

Tue Jul 6, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 5.

Mon Jul 5, 2021

Apprenticeship Onboarding. Seed Eco-Home 2 Build Cheatsheets. 120 Design Lessons - Day 4. Discourse Setup.

Sun Jul 4, 2021

Superimperialism. Idealisms and Materialism

Sat Jul 3, 2021

Every Build is a Fork. Architecture Library. Rebar Truss. 120 Design Lessons - Day 3. Elijah Log.

Fri Jul 2, 2021

120 Design Lessons - Day 2. How to Join Videos. Information Products. OSE Cabins.

Thu Jul 1, 2021

Wall Module Build Cheatsheets.

Wed Jun 30, 2021

Power Cube Design Guide. CEB Press v21.06 Industry Standards. 120 Design Lessons. CEB Press v21.06. Magnetic Bit Holder With Sleeve. Module Making Jigs. Onboarding. OSE Internet. Steel Ordering.

Tue Jun 29, 2021

100 Chain. Steel Ordering. Large Workshop Structure. Story Stick. Plant Trees. Fused Granular Fabrication. Extruder Screw. Open Source Multihead Printer. Waste Plastic Resource. CEB v21.06#BOM. Collaborative Creation of Genius. Why FreeCAD 16.

Mon Jun 28, 2021

Hydraulics 101. How to Read Valve Symbols. Switching DC Loads with an AC Relay. Outdoor Kitchen. Critical Viral Enterprise Assets. Gravel. DXF Files. DXF_Export_in_FreeCAD#MJ_Notes_2021. CEB v21.06. Conspiracy Theories.

Sun Jun 27, 2021

Sawhorse Brackets. Nickel Iron Battery Payback Time. Collaboration at Apple. Augers. Roofless Roof. Large Workshop Structure. Gravel Driveway Calculator. OSE Design Training. Trim Design Guide.

Sat Jun 26, 2021

Joist Spacing. Apprenticeship Onboarding. Architecture Part Library. Hyperscroll Mouse. Factor e Farm Site Plan. OSE Incentive Challenge 2021. Large Workshop Structure. Large Covered Structure. D3D Universal 3. Universal Track Unit. Bearing Part Library.

Fri Jun 25, 2021

Cabin Cost. Screwdriver Sizes. D3D Universal v21.06. Mental Models. OSE Design Training. Open Source Panopticon Revenue Model. How to Drive Screws Perfectly

Thu Jun 24, 2021

Thermistors. How to Print With Acetal. 3D Printed Bearing. D3D_Universal_v20.07_Future_Work. Marcin's Initial Apprenticeship Assessment. Apprenticeship Survey. Core Dev Process. Welder Supplies.

Wed Jun 23, 2021

Open Source Panopticon. Rendering. OSE Incentive Challenge 2021. OSE Workbench Platform. Core Dev Process. Triumvirate. OSE Logo. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set. Krita + Sweet Home 3D. Numeracy. Nickel Iron Battery Sourcing.

Tue Jun 22, 2021

How Big Oil Conquered Oil. Architecture Library. Charge Controllers. Apprenticeship Onboarding. Simple Copy of Compound. File Simplification. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set.

Mon Jun 21, 2021

Inverters. OSE Governance Model. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set.

Sun Jun 20, 2021

Technocracy. Mark Passio

Sat Jun 19, 2021

Architecture Part Library. Global Village Construction Set Game or GVCS Game or GVCS MMOG or OSE MMOG. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set.

Fri Jun 18, 2021

Lance Notes. CEB Press v20.07. Valuation of the GVCS. OSE Apprenticeship Onboarding. How to Build Stairs. House Design Guide#Stairs. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set.

Thu Jun 17, 2021

OSE Apprenticeship Onboarding. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set. Seed Eco-Home Training MMOG. Showers and Bathrooms per Group

Wed Jun 16, 2021

Open Source Inverter. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set. Extreme Manufacturing Documentation Protocol. CEB Press v20.07. Open Source Inverter. OSE Apprenticeship Onboarding.

Tue Jun 15, 2021

Form 990#2021. Fellows in the News. Expenses. COVID Statistics. Wes Log. The Four Americas.

Mon Jun 14, 2021

Universal Declaration on Bioethics and Human Rights. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set.

Sun Jun 13, 2021

Tim Schmidt. Universal Track Unit. Hablab Improvements List. CNC Sawmill. Phone Plans. Infrastructure Improvements.

Sat Jun 12, 2021

Large Mill. Sam Smith Working Doc. OSE Marketing. Apprenticeship Onboarding. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set.

Fri Jun 11, 2021

Housewrap Installation. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set.

Thu Jun 10, 2021

CEB Press Build Workshop. TPU. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set. Bobcat to LifeTrac Conversion Plate. Pressing World Issues#Housing. Hydraulics 101#Hoses. Collaborators.

Wed Jun 9, 2021

FreeCAD and Sweet Home 3D Interoperability. ZA Alloy. Critical Path. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set and Core Dev Process. Generating CNC Torch Table Cut Files. Workshop Hydraulics. Cement Board. Hydraulic Tubing. Path Workbench.

Tue Jun 8, 2021

Microfactories. Shore Hardness. Open Source Mower. Jeff's Manual. Critical Path. OSE Admin.

Mon Jun 7, 2021

Should Everything Be Open Source. Plastic Regrind Sources. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set. MicroTrac Mower. Critical Path. Summer X Budget. Shipping. Used PV Panels.

Sun Jun 6, 2021

Lime Concrete. Missouri Geological Map. Calcination. Importing.

Sat Jun 5, 2021

Overarching Goals of the OSE Apprenticeship. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set. Flashing Tape. Seed Eco-Home Builder Certification. Apprentice Certification.

Fri Jun 4, 2021

Door and Window Flashing Detail. Flashing Tape. Thermoplastic Elastomer Pellets. 3D Printed Tracks. Jeff Higdon Operating Manual. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set.

Thu Jun 3, 2021

Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set.

Wed Jun 2, 2021

D3D Pro 3. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set. SH2 Dev Book - Walls.

Tue Jun 1, 2021

Inspection Schedule. Electrical Inspection. OSE Upvoting Site. Seed Eco-Home 2 Wall Modules Build Cheatsheet Construction Set.

Mon May 31, 2021

How to Create an Appimage. OSE Apprenticeship Flyer. Tara. Seed Eco-Home Builder Crash Course. R7S Light Bulb.

Sat May 29, 2021

Summer X Schedule Infographic. SEH 2 Business Development. CC to HP Calculator. Graphics Templates.

Fri May 28, 2021

Electrical Inspection. Wall Module Build Cheatsheets. Open Source Enterprise Formula.

Thu May 27, 2021

Wall Module Build Cheatsheets. Regenerative Solutions at Scale. Revenue Share. The Master Troubleshooting List.

Wed May 26, 2021

Welcome Email to OSE Apprenticeship Participants. OSE Apprenticeship Sample Contract. OSE Apprenticeship Initial Assessment. OSE Social Contract.

Tue May 25, 2021

Seth Esmeralda. Ecosystem Restoration Camps. About Revenue Sharing. OSE Social Contract. OSE Apprenticeship Sample Contract. Summer X Budget. OSE Apprenticeship Initial Assessment. [[

Mon May 24, 2021

Jeff Higdon Contract. Workshop Logistics Form. Seed Eco-Home Builder Certification. Summer X Workshops Infographic. OSE Apprenticeship Sample Contract. OSE Apprenticeship Initial Assessment. The OSE Filter. OSE Apprenticeship Offer Letter. Pressing World Issues. Transformation Calculations. Regentrepreneurs. Ken Invitation Letter.

Sun May 23, 2021

Art Esmeraldas. Christian Ward. Arturo Tejada.

Sat May 22, 2021

Collaborative Development. OSE Apprenticeship#Global Design Day. Matt Jarman. Joining 2 Video Files. Advanced Find and Replace. Fab House. Wall Module Design - filling Seed_Home_v2_Wall Modules 3D_CAD. OSE Apprenticeship Social Contract. Extreme Manufacturing Guidelines. Elijah Apprenticeship.

Fri May 21, 2021

OSE Slack. Wall Module Design - setting template at Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Wall_Modules_in_SweetHome3d. Second Story Floor Procedure. Seed Eco-Home 2 Design Sprints.

Thu May 19, 2021

14-2-2 Wire. Right to Repair.

Wed May 18, 2021

Rafter Square. Wall Module Design. Summer X Workshops. Circular Saw Jig. F-Clamps.

Tue May 17, 2021

Breaker Panel. Mindset Evaluation. Wall Module Design. Glamping. Jeff Agreement.

Mon May 17, 2021

Wall Module Design.

Sun May 16, 2021

Flyers. Seed Eco-Home 2 Builder Crash Course. Spanish Churches. Nature of Reality.

Sat May 15, 2021

Wall Module Design. Briar Patch Observatory.

Fri May 14, 2021

Seed Eco-Home 2 Workflow Detail. AFCI and GFCI Requirements. 3-Way Light Switch. Wall Module Design.

Wed May 12, 2021

Never Split the Difference. Movement Entrepreneur Mindset. SEH 2 Electrical Specifications. OSE Icons. Post-Scarcity Revenue Model. Panel Design. Extreme Enterprise Hackathon Value Proposition.

Mon May 10, 2021

Got sick like a puppy from Covid shot 2. Old Work Box. Joshua. Discourse Design. Push-In Wire Connector. OSE Marketing#Key Places to Engage. Icons. SEH 2 FreeCAD Team. OSE Apprenticeship Video Edit. Outsourcing Video. OSE Mentorship Video of Interest Form‎. Organize Video. Management. Political Manipulation. Hispanic Centers in KC

Sun May 9, 2021

OSEmail. OSE Video Assets. Extreme Enterprise Hackathon Value Proposition. FreeCAD Stair Designer. House Design Guide - [1]. Copywriter.

Sat May 8, 2021

Splitting a Video Into Parts. OSE Video Assets. OSE Apprenticeship Notes. OSE Video Assets. Hackathon X. Summer X Onboarding Survey.

Fri May 7, 2021

OSE Apprenticeship posted! Event Posting. Seed Eco-Home Builder Skill. OSE Apprenticeship Badges. Getting Foscam Camera To Work in Linux. Regenerative Village.

Thu May 6, 2021

Bridging the Gap. Movement Entrepreneur. Shuttleworth Fellowship Gathering. Event Posting. Rapid Learning Theory.

Wed May 5, 2021

Handbrake. Hampus.

The May 4, 2021

Steve. Open Source Integrated Circuits.

Mon May 3, 2021


Sun May 2, 2021

Poverty Line. Sawmill Production Rate. Bandsaw Mills. $37.50. Video Scripts. Enterprise_Log#Sun_May_2.2C_2021. Redneck to PhD. Movement Entrepreneurship.

Fri Apr 30, 2021

Living Expenses. Seed Eco-Home 2 Data Collection. Build Cheatsheets. Josh Log. Caleb Log.

Thu Apr 29, 2021

Build Cheatsheets

Wed Apr 28, 2021

Prison Entrepreneurship Program. Lime Plaster. Build Cheatsheets.

Tue Apr 27, 2021

Best Linux Phone. Factor e Farm Utilities. Open Source Nursery. Lumber Shortage.

Mon Apr 26, 2021

Seed Eco-Home 2 Build Cheatsheets.

Sun Apr 25, 2021

High Volume Low Pressure Air Gun Cleaning Procedure.

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OSE Wiki Offline. Kate Raworth.

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Magic Lantern. Visual Purchasing. Seed Eco-Home Build Cheatsheets.

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MIT Master Machine Builder Presentation.

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Felix. Westside Community Action Center. Seed Eco-Home Build Cheatsheets. MIT Master Machine Builder Presentation. Laser Measure. Toxic Positivity. YOLO Economy. Internet of Production Alliance. The First Commercially-Available Production Machine.

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Dewalt Cordless Drill. GI Bill Setup for OSE. Polished Concrete. OSE Apprenticeship. OSE Video Assets.

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Autonomous Water System.

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Grid Connection Costs. Polished Concrete. Counties Without Building Codes. Seed Eco-Home 2 Preorder Form. Studiolada. Preempitve Learning. OSArch Thread on Open Architecture Workflows.

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Cost of Cloud Storage. Slinger. Aircrete.

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Free and Legal Music Sites. Driveway Fabric. Social Gastronomy Movement.

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Visual Purchasing. Extreme Enterprise Hackathon Microtasks. Summer X Offerings Summary. OSE Apprenticeship. Visual Purchasing. How to Win the US Presidency.

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Gluing EPDM. Visual Purchasing. Daniel Schmachtenberger. Summer X 2021. Fictiv. Summer X People.

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Extreme Enterprise Hackathon Design. Geogrid. Bulk SweetHome3D Export to Blender. FreeCAD Tasks. Online Check Printer. Admin Tasks. Visual Purchasing. Polished Concrete. MIT Master Machine Builder Presentation. Critical Path. DIY Integrated Circuit.

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MIT Fab Class. Scanning Tunneling Microscope.

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Extreme Enterprise Hackathon Design. Open Source Doors. Visual Purchasing. Summer X Budget. Automated BOM Generation. Kdenlive Outsourcing + FreeCAD Outsourcing. OBI Kickstarter Video. Gutter Design Guide. Critical Path.

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Modular Metal Structures.

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Open Source Agriculture. View-Blocking Plants, Hedges and Trees. OSE Infrastructure. Summer X Budget. House Designer.

Downward Selection‎‎. Rapid Learning Instructional. Authentic Sharing of Cutting Edge Information. Open Source Genius Network‎. Second Best. Integrated Learning‎‎. Transformation. Continuing Distillation‎. Rapid Learning Infrastructure for XM Workshop‎. Supercooperator Fab Lab‎. 5 Day Workshop Infrastructure‎. OSE Collaborative Marketing. Ethical Agents. Authentic Cutting Edge Info‎‎. Let Me Drop Some OS Economic Theory Webinar.

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5 Day Workshops. Arborvitae. Collaborative Summer X Edit

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Summer X Budget. Home Building Crash Course Guarantee. Programming the Reprap Discount Full Graphic Smart Controller. Torque vs Speed Curves for Electric Motors. Low-Speed Drill. Poison Ivy. Positive Psychology. Summer X 2021. Open Source Soundtracks. Video Gallery. Agriculture Fab Academy Presentation. The Possibility - scenes. Extreme_Enterprise_Hackathon_Design#Sun_Apr_4.2C_2021. Collaborative Video Protocol. Marketing. Graphics Overlay in Kdenlive.

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Mounting exFAT on Linux. The Possibility

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PVC Cross. Video Gallery. Monitor Cables. How to Transform Your Mindset. Fascism. OSE Microtasks. Every Build is a Fork. Technological Time Binding. The Possibility. Enterprise Development Log.

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Visual Purchasing. The Promise. CNC Sawmill. Promo Scripts. Tractor Industry Standards. Permissive vs Copyleft Licenses. Distributive Enterprise. Aquaponic Greenhouse Workshop. Critical Path - April 1. Thu Apr 1, 2021 Summary Goals. Lav Mike.

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Customs Clearance. Enterprise Track. Open Source Optimization. AC/DC Voltage Drop Calculator. Summer X Price Benchmarking. The Possibility. Enterprise Development Log. Stedman Graham. Mechanics of Collaborative Genius. Collaborators. People Do Not Collaborate. Collaborative Creation of Genius. Enterprise Development Log.

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PV Production Facility. Visual Purchasing. Quickest Time to $1B Revenue. The 4 Zones of Capacity. Largest Hackathon in Human History. Sherry Lassiter. Psychopathy. Housing Market. The Possibility. Fab Academy.

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Collaborative Literacy. Seed Eco-Home Designer. The Failure of Open Source. Levels of Openness. Public Production Engineering. Open Source Product Development. Builder Qualifications. The Possibility - script for Summer X. Never Split the Difference. Extreme Enterprise Hackathon Design.

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FreeCAD Outsourcing. Visual Purchasing. Making Keyways.

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Noise Reduction. Installing a Floor on Joists. EPDM. Seed_Home_v2_Conceptual_Design#Details_-_Seams. Rebar Truss Design Guide. Micro Concrete Roofing. Batten vs Purlin. House Design Guide. Seed Eco-Home 2 Parallel Tasking. Visual Purchasing. Video Memory Calculator. Open Source Film Studio.

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Metal 3D Printing. Concrete Polishing. 2x Lumber. MMOG. Exploded Part Animation in Blender. Exreme Enterprise Hackathon Design. Snapd. FreeCAD Process Simulation. Visual Purchasing. Post Carbon Institute Podcast

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The Possibility. Critical Path. Epdm glue - [2]. Cyanoacrylate Glue.

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Large Covered Structure. Icons#Operations.

Mon Mar 22, 2021


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Sawmills. Lumber Cost Per Board Foot. OSE Campus Operations.

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3D Printed Housing Panels, Extreme_Enterprise_House_Cost_Detail#Complete_Budget. 3D Printer Swarming. Geodesic Dome. OSE Upvoting Site.

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Arduino MPPT Solar Charge Controller. MPPT vs PWM. Roof Design Guide. PV Panel Quotes. Extreme_Enterprise_House_Cost_Detail#Complete_Budget. Visual Purchasing. Photo Sharing Sites. Tech Bubble Formula. Critical Path. Universal Track Unit Conceptual Design. Cooperative Oragnizations

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Voltage Divider Calculator. Arduino Volt Meter. Realtime Clock in Arduino. Seed Home v2 Build Instructions. Switching the Neutral. Transfer Switch. Design Guides. 3D Printer Production Cheatsheet. Visual Purchasing. Community Economic Development. Regenerative Development. Open Source Hot Dip Galvanizer.

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Autonomous Grading. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Fabrication_Diagram. Artificial Uterus. Solving Housing. Open Source Quonset. Laser Level. Annular Area Calculator. Large Covered Structure. OSE Apprenticeship Learning Psychology.

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Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Fabrication_Diagram. Universal Basic Income. Solarpunk Expo. Hacking Degrees. Visual Purchasing. Solar Homes. Puncture Proof Tires. Solving Housing. OSE Tractor Vision. Skid Steer Industry Standards. OSE Recruiting Log

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D3D Pro 3 v2b. D3D Pro 3 v2. Transparent UV Stable Filament. Video Memory Calculator. Hiring Philosophy. Operating Costs. Factor e Farm Improvements.

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Heater Pad. Energy Conversion Efficiency of LEDs. Extreme Enterprise Hackathon Design. Core Utility Panel Design Rationale.

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Site Manager Job Announcement. Extreme Enterprise Hackathon Design. Sensorica and Pearce. House Design Guide.

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Microgreens. How to Install a Wall Mounted Light. House Design Guide. Extreme Enterprise Hackathon Design#Copy. OSE Enterprise Strategy and Roadmap

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Impact Filter. Who Not How. OSE Apprenticeship. Humility.

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Collaborators. Socratic Design. OSE Apprenticeship. Wealth Inequality. Autonomous Tractor.

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Spray Gun. Visual Workshop. House Design Guide. Small Scale Mining Equipment. Part Library Protocol. Critical Path. Michael Williams. Universal Track Unit. The Possibility. Medicine for Profit. Transparency. House Design Guide. Quotes. GDP Per Capita.

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Ed Lenz Vertical Axis Wind Turbine. Water Supply Lines. House Design Guide. Critical Path. OSE Enterprise Principles. Nickel-Iron Battery Quotes. Tiny House Villages.

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Factor_e_Farm_Site_Plan#2021_Improvements. Employee vs Entreprenuer.

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Hardox. Open Source Dump Trailer. Solar Panels. PSI Rating of Solar Panels. Solar Ballast Block. XE Hackathon - and specifically, Extreme_Enterprise_Hackathon_Design#Microtasks. PVC Cross. Hydraulic Power Unit

Fri Mar 5, 2021

Building Permit. Critical Path.

Thu Mar 4, 2021

Solar Investment Tax Credit. Importing PV Panels from China. UL vs CE. Fair Trade. Nickel-Iron Battery Importing. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Bathroom_and_Kitchen.

Tue Mar 2, 2021

Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Bathroom_and_Kitchen. Dryer Vent. Hot Water. Tankless Water Heater. Google Analytics. Seed Eco-Home 2 Utilities and Appliances vBOM.

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Magnetic Flex Bed. Seed Eco-Home 2 Utilities and Appliances vBOM. CH340G Drivers. Large Scale Collaboration Guidelines. Why We Put Files On Gitlab

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Circuit Breakers. Seed Eco-Home 2 Utilities and Appliances vBOM. Nickel-Iron Battery. Compressed Air Calculations. Pressure Rating of Pipe. Isothermal vs Adiabatic. High Pressure Air Cylinder. Air Motors. CAES. Potassium Hydroxide. Minimum Viable Night Time Power. Nickel-Iron_Battery/User's_Manual.

Sat Feb 27, 2021

Nickel-Iron Batteries. Shipping from China. PWM vs MPPT. Transformation SMEs. Value Per Printer Hour. Collaborative Creation of Genius. Seed_Home_2_Unique_Value_Proposition#XE_Hackathon. Temperature Logger. Microwave Oven. COVID Vaccine. Seed Eco-Home 2 Utilities and Appliances vBOM

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Meta Design Guide. [[Template:build]]. Extreme_Enterprise_Book#Table_of_Contents. Time to Build a House. Seed Eco-Home Build Instruction Icons. Habitat for Humanity. OSE COVID Strategy. COVID Cure.

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Ashwin Log. Medicine. Sill Plate Detail. 500 Modules. Open Source Live Tap Connector. Seed Eco-Home 2 Critical Path. Seed_Home_v2_Data_Collection#Total_Time_Budget. Meta Design Guide. D3D Pro 3D Printed Parts.

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D3D Pro 3 Data Collection. 3D Printer Log. How to Precut Floor Joists. On-Demand Book Printing. Trailer Park Dream Home. Panel Build Time Calculator. Critical Path Template. Seed Home 2 Business Plan.Genius Collaborators. Seed Eco-Home 2 Critical Path. Seed Eco-Home 2 Strategy.

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D3D_v20.04.27_Data_Collection#Performance. Free Solar Install Programs. Extreme Enterprise Hackathon Design. OSE Mentorship. Data Collection with Amazon Turk.

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Crypto Notes.

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Heat Pump. Q&A Software. Blender to Godot Export. Universal Controller. D3D Pro Production Cheatsheet. D3D Universal Production Cheatsheet. Efficiency of Utilities. Utility Costs. Seed_Home_v2_Requirements_+_Value_Proposition#Utilities_Value_Proposition. CAD-BOM-Build. Time Log. Economy of Affection. Solar Power Station. Open Source Inverter. Pay Structure.

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Admissible Part List. Embodied Energy. Concrete Mixes. Solar Concrete. OSE Bank. Board Feet Calculator. Fiberglass Rebar. 3D Printing in Construction. Solving Housing.

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Big Tech and Food. What Makes Housing Expensive?. Electrical Design Guide. Seed_Home_2_Utility_Panel_Conceptual_Design. Extreme Enterprise Hackathon Design. Collaborative Design Guide. House Admissible COTS Parts

Thu Feb 18, 2021

Bitcoin. Heat Pump. Cost of Living. Induction Cooktop. Ashwin Log. Electrical Design Guide. Consulting. Pelton Turbine. Off the Grid Living Statistics. S#Energy and Cost Savings for Seed Eco-Home with careful energy budget accounting over lifetime. Nitrogen Fixation. Extreme Enterprise Incentive for Showing Up

Wed Feb 17, 2021

Induction Cooktop. Multiwire Branch Circuits. NFPA Codes. Technological Sublimation. Elemental Approach. Nickel-Iron_Battery/Bill_of_Materials#Off-the_Shelf_Sourcing. Compact Clothes Dryer. Tankless Electric Water Heater. Heat Pump.Electrical Design Guide. Supercooperator Certification.

Tue Feb 16, 2021

Bitcoin. Rapid Learning YouTube Channels. Marketing SMEs. Electrical Design Guide. XVL Work Instruction Suite. 3D Printer Sourcing Certification.

Mon Feb 15, 2021

Commodity Prices. Nickel-Iron Battery. Electrical Design Guide. Enterprise Design Guide - added to Judging Criteria. ZA Alloy. Kanthal. 3D Printer Design Guide. Collaborative Design Guide - and Meta Design Guide.

Sun Feb 14, 2021

Electrical for Dummies. Zero Energy Design Guide. Living House Design Guide. Electrical Design Guide. Closed Loop Water System. Greywater Reclamation. OSE Incentive Challenge. Enterprise Design Guide. Opearations Diagram 2014. How Open Source Took Over the World. House Design Guide - electrical.

Sat Feb 13, 2021

Ashwin Log. 3D Printer Admissible Part List. Hydrogen Generator. What is OSE?. Productive Market Sublimation. Enterprise Design Guide. Psychological Integration. Economy of Affection. House Design Guide. Hydrogen Storage

Fri Feb 12, 2021

Asus Router. Commonwealth Fusion Systems. Seed Home 2 Video Protocol. House Wire Types. Hot Water. Water Heating Calculator. Sociopathy and Mask Wearing. Torque and RPM to Power Calculator. Electrical Design Guide. House Design Guide - electrical. Extreme Enterprise Incentive for Showing Up. Debt. OSE Bank. What is OSE?. Average Price of a New Home.

Thu Feb 11, 2021

Fact and Bias Check. 5V Battery Pack. Pressing World Issues. Ball Mill. Mt. Baker Mining and Metal. Melting Zinc. Induction Furnace Flux. Spam. Zinc. Hot Dip Galvanizing#Zinc Ingots

Wed Feb 10, 2021

Solving Housing. Beam Deflection Calculator. Collaborative Design. Meta Design Guide. Working with OSE. Working Openly. Findable.

Tue Feb 9, 2021

First 3D Printed House for Sale in the USA. Blender Import of Multiple Parts. Creating 3D Videos in SweetHome3D. Supercooperator Certification. Porting Sweet Home 3D Files to FreeCAD for BOM Generation. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Wall_Modules. Collaborative Design - adding Guide. Liquid Nails. How to Design a House. How to Start a Working Doc.

Mon Feb 8, 2021

Energy Stored on Energy Invested. Compressed Air Storage Calculations. Power User Documentation. Blender Export to Multiple Parts. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Wall_Modules. OSE Principle of Economic Transformation.

Sun Feb 7, 2021

Porting Sweet Home 3D Files to FreeCAD. Door and Window Detail. Automated BOM Generation. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Wall_Modules. Collaboritive Design. Economic Freedom. Collaborative Singularity. Darwin

Sat Feb 6, 2021

Extreme_Enterprise_Role_Architecture#CAD_Role_Architecture. Contacts. How to Revive a Dead Forklift Battery. DIY Solar Assistance. Tarski's Undefinability Theorem. Abundance of Materials. Forklift Batteries. Moulding. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Bathroom_and_Kitchen. EV vs Hydrogen. The Case for Using Wiki Version History.

Fri Feb 5, 2021

CEB Press v21.02. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Wall_Build - adding plumbing. Automated BOM Generator. Open Source Water Heater. OSE Campus Land Acquisition Financial Model. OSE Mental Health Education. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Wall_Build. PV and Heat Pumps. Open Source Bank. Economic Benefit of Open Hardware. Extremism - added deradicalization.

Thu Feb 4, 2021

Right to Repair. Extremism. How to Control a Relay Through SMS. Flow Meter. Hydraulic Power Unit. Time Lapse Time Conversion. SweetHome3D. Pressing World Issues. Extreme Enterprise Role Architecture#CAD_Role_Architecture. LibreSOC. OSE Accounts. Logan Log, Brad Log, Justin Log.

Wed Feb 3, 2021

OSE Mentorship Agreement - Ashwin. Maker YouTube Channels. Mental Models. OSE Mentorship - Initial Assessment. Worse is Better. Seed_Home_v2_Data_Collection#Final_Foundation_Result. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Wall_Modules. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Sill_Plate. Mentorship Onboarding Survey

Mon Feb 1, 2021

Blender#Exploded Part Animations. Successive Overlap. Housing 2.0. OSE Forum. Balloon Framing vs Platform Framing. Embedding Google Spreadsheets. Top Challenges for Builders. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Sill_Plate.

Sun Jan 31, 2021

Concrete Fasteners. General Semantics. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Sill_Plate. Natron. Blender vs Natron Compositing. Design Levels. Extreme Enterprise Hackathon. Specific Tasks for the Extreme Enterprise Hackathon. FreeCAD Badge.

Sat Jan 30, 2021

Wind Load Category. Construction Tolerances. Lumber Prices. Mudsill Anchors. Podcast Statistics. Rotary Laser Level. Remote Quality Control. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Sill_Plate.

Fri Jan 29, 2021

Wendell Berry. Allen Tate. OSE Certification.

Thu Jan 28, 2020

Power Ladder. Seed_Home_2_Production#Production_Workflow_Overview:_Fabrication_Diagram. Steam Calculations. Rainwater Catchment Calculator.OSE_Filter. OSE Scaling Matrix.

Wed Jan 27, 2021

Wood Flake. OSE Scaling Matrix. Collaborative Singularity.

Tue Jan 26, 2021

The OSE Filter. Ethocracy. The Greatest Website of All Time.

Mon Jan 25, 2021

Operations Manual. David Lemmer Log. SH2. Open Source USB Microscope Stage.

Sun Jan 24, 2021

Caterpillar. Feedback Loops. Bulldozer Industry Standards. Universal Track Unit. Upvoting. Power Cube Review and Roadmap. Tractor Review and Roadmap. 3D Printer Review and Roadmap. Microhouse Review and Roadmap. Integrated Humans. OSAT. Singularity. Open and Collaborative.

Sat Jan 23, 2021

Painting in Cold Weather. ADU.

Fri Jan 22, 2021

Collaborative Enterprise. Competitive Waste. Bristol. Spiritual Psychology.

Thu Jan 21, 2021

Painting in Cold Weather

Wed Jan 20, 2021

Seed Home v2 Data Collection. Wood Stain. Podcast Placement Service.

Tue Jan 19, 2021

Seed_Home_2_Planning#Jan_19.2C_2021. Marketing. Distributed Manufacturing of Open-Source MedicalHardware for Pandemics

Mon Dec 28, 2021

Pyrolysis Oil. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Walls_and_Panel_Construction

Sun Jan 17, 2021

How to Rename an External Drive.

Sat Jan 16, 2021

10lb Filament Spools. Multi-Head 3D Printers. Cura Settings. D3D Pro v20.07.

Fri Jan 15, 2021

Metacognition. Changelog.

Tue Jan 12, 2021

Pay as You Go Phone Plans. Open Source Scale. Nostalgic Groups.

Mon Jan 11, 2021

Woven vs Nonwoven Housewrap. Seed_Home_v2_BOM. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#CAD_for_BOM_Purposes

Sun Jan 10, 2021

Seed Eco-Home Hackathon SMEs. Lumber Cut List Calculator. 3D Printer Bed Probing. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Walls.

Sat Jan 9, 2021

Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Walls. OSE Certification. BOM-Quality CAD. OSE University Course. Mass Humanization

Fri Jan 8, 2021

Seed Home Plans. Shaun MacDougal Workshop Promotion. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Walls. Seed Home 2 Strategy. Nailing Schedule Calculations. Insulation Savings Calculator.

Thu Jan 7, 2021

Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Walls. Seed Home 2 Strategy. Seed Home 2 Calculations

Wed Jan 6, 2021

Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Walls. Dream Team. Resource-Based Bank

Tue Jan 5, 2021

Unprecedented. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Walls. Open Source Architecture Repositories. Colllaborative Literacy - Google Docs. Why GNU Hurd Never Got off the Ground. Circular Saw. DIY Swingblade Sawmill.

Mon Jan 4, 2021


Sun Jan 3, 2020

IPO. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Walls. Wood Filament

Sat Jan 2, 2021

Why Batteries will Never Compete With Fuels. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Walls. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Walls. School. Predictions on the Arrival of Artificial General Intelligence. Automated BOM Generation in FreeCAD. Tiny House Communities.

Fri Jan 1, 2021

Bitcoin. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Walls. Ethics. Extreme Enterprise Mentorship.