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Counter started Monday, Jun 6 2022.

Stats kept below - 120 hr/wk average*52*4 years - 24,000 hours. 12 person years over the last 4 years. Record below is since 2017. Everybody's Hours.


Marcin Timesheet. Short link to MJ - CM. CP. Ukraine War Reporting

Mon Jul 15, 2024

Ciritique of the US Legal System

Sun Jul 14, 2024

Sublimation. Sublimation Method. Semantic Differential. OSE Proposal 2024. Billion Per Day Operation. OSE Apprenticeship - collected all links. How to Convert to Dually Wheels. Drywall Finishing. Friction Materials. 5" Hydraulic Cylinder

Fri Jul 12, 2024

Unbundled Representation Contract

Thu Jul 11, 2024

Legal Skills. Managing Up. Personal Power Base. Leadership 101.

Wed Jul 10, 2024


Tue Jul 9, 2024

Autonomous Microtrac. Limited Scope Representation. Zero Turn Mower

Sun Jul 7, 2024

Legal Skills.

Sat Jul 6, 2024

Work Doc - closet trimmed - [1], and more casing added.

Fri Jul 5, 2024

Stair Closet. How to Stop Fascism. Zero Emissions. Tire Waste. Portable Rock Crusher. Trim for Shim Doctrine added to Design for Tolerancing. Parts of a Door.

Thu Jul 4, 2024

Stair Closet.

Wed Jul 3, 2024

Legal Skills. Bathroom Door + laundry trim [2]

Jul 2, 2024

Husquarna Z254F.

Mon Jul 1, 2024

How to Read 101. Industrial Machining 101. High Pressure Pumps. Open Source Waterjet Cutter. Wazer. Hydrogen Booster Pump. H20Jet Pump. Unlimited Developer Scalability. Enterprise Review Board. RLF in Every Town. Shaft Coupling. How Sprockets Are Made. Drawbar Pull. Shaft Torque Rating. Quick Clamp

Sun Jun 30, 2024

Part Library - Hydraulic Motor Library. Added BMER 250 motor. File:5 Minute Tractor Drive.fcstd. TCS 5 minute drive design - [3], Tapered Shaft Coupling. DIY Springs. LifeTrac v20.12 3D CAD‎‎. Bearing Part Library. How to Influence, Inspire, and Lead 101‎‎. Solar Hydrogen 101. Engine Design 101‎‎. Precision Machining 101. Coil-On-Ignition‎.

Sat Jun 29, 2024

Toyota Tacoma. OSE Master Procedure System. Build-Extracted Model‎‎. Design For Joining. Large Workshop Structure. LifeTrac Construction Set. 5 Minute Part Replacement‎ = 5 Minute Rule. Extreme Crowdfunding‎‎. No Assholes Rule Social Contract‎‎. Tractor Construction Set 101‎‎. Total Recursion. UTU. UWU.

Fri Jun 28, 2024

Trim build doc - [4]. Effective Production Possibility 101. OSE Apprenticeship - How It Works

Thu Jun 27, 2024

Global Tire Market Size. Work Doc 7. SEH Lifetime Value Generation Model. Quiet Compressors. Elite NEET. Husqvarna Z248F

Wed Jun 26, 2024

Wood Filler. Work Doc 7. French Door Installation Cheatsheet‎, Wood Filler‎. Seed Eco-Home 4 Build Instructions. Drywall Alternatives‎‎.


French Door Installation. Yt-dlp

Mon Jun 24, 2024

Critical Path. Small Engines. French Door Installation Cheatsheet. Text to MP3. Remote Starter for Engine. Trusscore. Drywall Alternatives.

Sun Jun 23, 2024

TCS working doc for system integration - [5]. System Integration Method. 17" Wheels. Tire Sizes. 140 Chain. 160 Chain. 200 Chain. 50 Chain. Hydraulics Part Library. 5 Minute Part Replacement. Hydraulic Horsepower Calculator. Hydraulic Motor Calculations. OSE Rapid Learning Theory. Tools of Titans. Small EFI Engines. Electronic Fuel Injection Kit. Open Source Fuel Injection.

Sat Jun 22, 2024

OSE Education

Fri Jun 21, 2024

Tractor Construction Set 101. 101.

Thu Jun 20, 2024

Light Channel Instructional. Trade-Free. Rapid Learning Facility v1.0 Requirements. Spray Foam Insulation. Windows for Metal Building.

Tue Jun 18, 2024

OSE Rapid Learning Theory. Light Channel Build.

Sun Jun 16, 2024

SEH Legal Strategy. Professional Degrees Without School. OSE Education Strategy. Integrated Education

Sat Jun 15, 2024

How to Be Your Own Lawyer. Bedroom circuits started - [6].

Fri Jun 14, 2024

Box Jaw Wire Stripper. Mission. Frederick Douglass. Open Source Media Players.

Thu Jun 13, 2024

Flow. Stewardship. Superfluidity - positive superfluidity added. Distinct Part Count. Build notes - electrical [7]. How to Be Your Own Lawyer

Wed Jun 11, 2024

Per Capital Solar Area

Tue Jun 11, 2024

Low Cost RTK GPS. Electrical Build Optimization. UL Certification. 2 Way Switch.

Sun Jun 9, 2024

Post-Capitalist Society. Speed and Scale. Shit. Curriculum Design. Embedding Google Photos. Critical Commentary. Mistake Connoisseur. Sturgeon's Law. Occam's Razor. Occam's Broom. Jootsing. Rathering. Surely. Deepity.

Sat Jun 8, 2024

Payscale Whitepaper. OSE Curriculum. Incollinovation. Conservative Democracy. Rapid Learning Facility. Pedagogical Compression. Integrative Waste.

Fri Jun 7, 2024

Rapid Learning Infrastructure. Boxes install start - [8].

Thu Jun 6, 2024

PV finalization - [9]

Tue Jun 4, 2024

Utility Wall closure - [10]. Ivana Stradner. The Armchair Problem. Liberal Democracy. Marxists vs Fascists. OSE Apprenticeship. Berggruen Institute. The Designer Economy.Innovation. Script

Mon Jun 3, 2024

Dashboard. Federated Franchise. Extreme Production. Leveling the Playing Field‎‎. Abundant Money, Real Education. OSE Product Label. Class Warfare. Information Autocracy.

Sun Jun 2, 2024

Gas Powered Quad Copter

Sat Jun 1, 2024

4" PVC Cross. Apprenticeship_2024_Script#Education_Design. Solar Brick Production. Hysteria Podcast

Fri May 31, 2024

Reading 101.

Thu May 30, 2024

Property Taxes. Thu May 30, 2024 Script. Commerce 101. Learning How to Learn 101. Moral Intelligence, Harvesting Rate

Wed May 29, 2024

What does it mean to be a responsible denizen of Earth?. Seed Eco-Home Enterprise White Paper. Housing Market Strong in 2024

Tue May 28, 2024

OSE Apprenticeship Development. Aeromine. 3D Printed Cordless Drill. Hydrogen Booster Pump.

Sun May 26, 2024

Seed Eco-Home Genealogy. Solar Energy. Energy Statistics. Lithium Reserves. How Banks Make Money. Hydrogen 101. Minimum Cost Solar. Battery 101. Hydrogen Properties. Hydrogen Filling Station. Individual Energy Independence.

Sat May 25, 2024

Rise of China. Only the Paranoid Survive. America's Advanced Manufacturing Problem and How to Fix It

Sat May 25, 2024

Rise of China. Only the Paranoid Survive. America's Advanced Manufacturing Problem and How to Fix It

Fri May 24, 2024

My Years with General Motors. Revenue Per Worker. Turnover. Patents. Blender.

Thu May 23, 2024

Flight Controller for Rover. Happiness. Starting Pay.

Thu May 16, 2024

The No Asshole Rule. Kinetic Switch.

Wed May 15, 2024

Script#Technical Script. Combined Quad Heater vBOM - [11]. File:Pexpenetrationgeometry.fcstd. Learning How to Count.

Tue Wed 14, 2024


Mon Wed 13, 2024

Data Collection. Vacuum Filter. 10x Language Learning. Cover Plates. OSE Education Vision. Cover_Plates#Work_Doc_for_Routing_Boxes

Sun Wed 12, 2024

OSE Curriculum. Commerce Is War. Form 990.

Sat Wed 11, 2024

Apprenticeship Leaderboard. OSE Curriculum.

Fri Wed 10, 2024

Transparent Thermoplastics. Wood-Plastuc Composites. OSE Curriculum. Culture.

Thu Wed 9, 2024

Energy Management. OSE Fellowship Exam. OSE Apprenticeship Exam. Topgrading. Clear Thinking. Seed Eco-Home 4 Modules.

Mon May 6, 2024

History 101 added to OSE Curriculum. Quotes. AFCI Controversy. Story Stick. Solving for Dictatorship.

Tue May 7, 2024

Education Grants. Rapid Learning Facility - Rapid Presentation Tools.

Clear Thinking

Sun May 5, 2024

Quotes#Character. Discipline. Hetty Green. Wiring and Story Stick. Autonomous Agriculture. Drone Development. AFCI + GFCI Protection. OSE Rapid Learning Theory.

Sat May 4, 2024

Adding Leadership and Entrepreneurship to OSE curriculum. Utility Wall Design-Build. Legal Literacy. Full Liability Operation. Wire Nuts

Fri May 3, 2024

Seed Eco-Home Rapid Learning Theory. OSE Fellowship Disclaimer. Horizontal Drilling. OSE Design Guidelines. Load Balancing. Labor Productivity. People Serving Technology

Thu May 2, 2024

Clear Thinking. High Output Management. Problemsolving.

Wed May 1, 2024

Critical Path. Script. Clarity. Rapid Learning Facility Engine Lab. Security promise - [12]. Marey 150. Mycelium Irrigation. Heater Pan. Seed Eco-Home Water Heater.

Tue Apr 30, 2024

Applications of OSE Culture to Operations. OSE Nonviolence Guidelines. Flow. Maslow's Pyramid. OSE Curriculum - Self-Actualization 101. Neuroplastic Sublimation.

Mon Apr 29, 2024

1000 Lessons. How to Think. Hydrogen Compressor. LFNC. Horizontal Drilling. Induction Furnace - Case Study for Collaborative DesignCheck.png.

Sun Apr 28, 2024

OSE Curriculum - Self-Actualization 101, Neuroplastic Sublimation, How to Read, How to Write, How to Think. Bathroom Story Stick. Lean Stigmergy. Stigmergic Management. Conduit. THHN vs THWN vs Romex vs XHWN

Sat Apr 27, 2024

Critical_Path#April_27.2C_2024. Chambers of Commerce. Closing Time. Benchmarking. Margins by Sector. Money Buys Happiness.

Fri Apr 26, 2024

OSE Roadmap. Seed Eco-Home Production Engineering. Apprenticeship 2024 Script. Political Manipulation Solutions. Wiring a 240V Oven

Thu Apr 25, 2024

Electrical finishing - [13]. How to Install Bathroom Mirror

Wed Apr 24, 2024

Distributive Enterprise - added Ken and Alexa. Grass Mat. Enterprise Robustification. Seeding Grass. Democracy. How to Build an Advisory Board. Rapid Learning.

Tue Apr 23, 2024

Apprenticeship 2024 Script. Work Doc 6 - adding shower drain - [14]. Seed_Eco-Home_4_Data_Collection. Sending 3D printer parts - [15]. High Output Management. Apprenticeship Metrics. Future of War

Mon Apr 22, 2024

Leveling the Playing Field. Rapid Learning Facility Microskills.

Sun Apr 21, 2024

OSE Mission. Quotes. Apprenticeship 2024 Script. Master Carpenter.

Sat Apr 20, 2024

OSE Curriculum. Drone Motors

Fri Apr 19, 2024

OSE Curriculum. Versioning. Political Warfare. Electric Cars. Power Numeracy. Rapid Learning Methods. Running Trap. Shower 2 Drain. PTO Shaft. High Altitude Pseudosatellites

Thu Apr 18, 2024

Precision Machining. Thuja Green Giant. Engine Compression Test

Tue Apr 16, 2024

OSE Apprenticeship Rollout

Mon Apr 15, 2024

OSE Apprenticeship Scalability

Sat Apr 13, 2024

Open Sector Workshop. Melting Aluminum. Navigation. Military Technology. Aerial Drone BOM

Thu Apr 11, 2024

Average Salaries. Utility Trailer. Lifetime Design.

Mon Apr 8, 2024

Open Source Temporary Restraining Order. Wiki Mindmaps. Open Source Law School. Civil Procedure for Dummies. Rules of Evidence for Dummies. Decent Social Media

Sun Apr 7, 2024

The Legal Analyst.

Sat Apr 6, 2024

Law Degree without Law School. Microschools.

Wed Apr 3, 2024

Court Procedure

Sun Mar 31, 2024

The Hard Thing About Hard Things. What You Do Is Who You Are.

Sat Mar 30, 2024

Reading List. Practical Post-Scarcity: Principles and Strategies to Civilization Reconstruction. Timothy Snyder. The Forgotten History of Hitler's Establishment Enablers. Drones in War.

Fri Mar 29, 2024

Gemini. War in Ukraine: Conflict, Strategy, and the Return of a Fractured World

Wed Mar 27, 2024

Hardware Innovation Scaling Problem. Lateral Thinking. Third Millenium Thinking. Learning How to Learn. Rules of Civil Procedure

Mon Mar 25, 2024

Shower Water Supply. Practical_Post-Scarcity:_Principles_and_Strategies_for_Civilization_Reconstruction#Organizational_Learning.

Sun Mar 24, 2024

Excellent Sheep. Letter to Shane. Practical Post-Scarcity: Principles and Strategies to Civilization Reconstruction

Sat Mar 23, 2024

Practical Post-Scarcity: Principles and Strategies to Civilization Reconstruction. Education. Knowledge Kernel. Integrated Enterprise. Extreme Learning

Thu Mar 21, 2024

Articulating Brush Cutter. Maysville Case. Life Expectancy by Education. VTOL Aircraft.

Wed Mar 20, 2024

Space Jump. Post-Scarcity Economy. Red Bull. Attention Economy. Tree Appraisal. Adverse Possession

Tue Mar 19, 2024

Thread Types. Eccentric Fittings for Shower

Sun Mar 17, 2024

Check.pngGVCS. Blogged. Torsion Axle Kit. Beyond Terror: Strategy in a Changing World, Christian Realism. Scarcity Mindset.

Sat Mar 16, 2024

Edge of Knowledge. The OSE Experiment. Cashing Bitcoin. How Russia Makes Missiles.

Fri Mar 15, 2024

Real Estate Commissions. Data Collection. SEH 4 Finishing Planning. UPC.

Thu Mar 14, 2024

SH4 Electrical Finishing. Maysville Case. Oleksiy Danilov

Tue Mar 12, 2024

SEH 4 Plumbing Install. OSE Whitepapers. Maysville Case. Microasshole Test. Missouri SBDC. Aerial Drone.

Mon Mar 11, 2024

SEH 4 Plumbing Install. Seed Eco-Home 4 Data Collection‎‎. How Many People Love Their Jobs?. Edge of Knowledge Fundraising. Advanced Foundation. CSA

Sun Mar 10, 2024

SEH 4 Plumbing Install. Affordances of Good vs Evil. Falling in Love with Dictators. Admissible Sharkbite Parts.

Sat Mar 9, 2024

2028. Percent of Wheat in Bread. SEH 4 Plumbing Install. Toilet Rough-In

Fri Mar 8, 2024

Maysville Case.

Thu Mar 7, 2024

Legal Process. Maysville Case. Maysville Case

Tue Mar 5, 2024

VA 1000 Drone. Ukraine War Reporting

Mon Mar 4, 2024

Maysville Case.

Sat Mar 2, 2024

Moral and Real Credibility of America. Maysville Case.

Wed Feb 28, 2024

RLF#Bearing Lab. Global Security Infrastructure. Numeracy#Rapid Learning Facility. Maysville Case.

Tue Feb 27, 2024

Buiding refrigerator and laundry nooks [16]. Steve - 5 year anniversary. Seed_Eco-Home_4_Data_Collection#Interior. Shower head install data collection - 1:02 hr as current time. [17]

Mon Feb 26, 2024

Build Competencies. SEH Procedural Details.

Sun Feb 25, 2024

Amateur vs Pro. OSE Subvisions

Sun Feb 25, 2024

Amateur vs Pro. OSE Subvisions

Sat Feb 24, 2024

Hetzner Reset. SEH Retrieval Practice

Fri Feb 23, 2024

Collaborative Development Theory

Thu Feb 22, 2024

OSE Discipline. Tubs Install.

Wed Feb 21, 2024

Wall Oven. Build - bathroom - [18]

Tue Feb 20, 2024

Big Questions.

Mon Feb 19, 2024

Selling a House. OSE Fellowship Model. Ukraine Strategy. Rapid Design Method.

Sun Feb 18, 2024

OSE. Mind-Body Practice.One World Schoolhouse. Miracle on the Vistula. OSE Fellowship. Learning How to Learn.

Sat Feb 17, 2024

One Nation Under Guns

Fri Feb 16, 2024

We're Looking for Aspiring Farmer Scientists. Hazardous Occupations. The One World Schoolhouse. Stair Build.

Thu Feb 15, 2024

Data Collection. The OSE Platform

Wed Feb 14, 2024

Working Openly.

Mon Feb 12, 2024

Basic Apprenticeship Resource Model. File:Sh4stairs.fcstd. Working Openly.

Sat Feb 10, 2024


Wed Feb 7, 2024

College Graduation Rate. Seed Eco-Home Curriculum

Tue Feb 6, 2024

Skoll World Forrum. Front Door Trim Build Instructions. Module Building Ergonomics. Seed Eco-Home Swarm Build. Topgrading. Apprenticeship Expectations

Sat Feb 3, 2024

Nail Sizes. Legal Transformation

Mon Jan 29, 2024

Tech Drawing Best Practice. Carpentry Statistics. Tiny Homes for the Homeless. OSE Work Credo

Sat Jan 27, 2024

Deconstruction Tools. Wire Tools. Nail Sizes. Build - Main Wiring Channel. SEH Apertures CAD

Thu Jan 25, 2024

Seed Eco-Home Apprenticeship. Penetrations Marking. How to Set Number of Decimal Points in FreeCAD Tech Drawings.

Mon Jan 22, 2024

Seed Eco-Home Apprenticeship#Global Narrative. House interior cheatsheets - [21]. Affective Polarization.

Sat Jan 20, 2024

DfT and DfF of Utility Wall. Seed Eco-Home Apprenticeship. ALLFED. Affective Polarization. IPC. Industry Directories.

Fri Jan 19, 2024

Seed Eco-Home Apprenticeship. DfT and DfF of Utility Wall. vcBOM

Thu Jan 18, 2024

Collaborative Design. Seed Eco-Home Apprenticeship. DfT and DfF of Utility Wall. Long Turn Wye

Tue Jan 16, 2024

Finish plan - [22]. Cutting. SEH AR Strategy. TCS. PPI vs TPI

Mon Jan 15, 2024

SEH Construction Management. Refining SH4 finishing workflow - [23]. Lengthwise Wire Stripper.

Sun Jan 14, 2024


Fri Jan 12, 2024

Walking Speed.

Thu Jan 11, 2024

Kakistocracy. Seed Eco-Home Enterprise Psychography. Interior Wall Marking. How to Use Wood Screws in Concrete

Wed Jan 10, 2024

Planning workflow - [24]. Critical Path. Plumbing Submodules. Seed Eco-Home Enterprise Psychography.

Tue Jan 9, 2024

S. Tree Spade. Seed Eco-Home Website. DIN Rail. Scalable Power Module. Inverter Efficiency.

Sat Jan 6, 2023

SEH Marketing Experience. On Tyranny.

Fri Jan 5, 2024

Candidate Assessment - Critical Thinking notes at 1000 Hour Curriculum. Chained down to Divergent and Critical Thinking, Integrated Design. Intersectoral Integration. Integrated Currency. Global Innovation Index. The Wisdom of Crowds

Thu Jan 4, 2024

Tractor Construction Set. 140 Roller Chain

Wed Jan 3, 2024

SEH 4 Transfer Switch. 1000 Hour Curriculum - Integrated Genius. Intelligence Measurement. The Secret World: A History of Intelligence. Solving Pressing World Issues. Critical_Path#2024. SEH Workflow. Lifetime Design. Rebar Manufacturing. Shredders and Heavy Machines. Open Sector Recycling Center. Thermoplastic Olefins. Insulation. Zero Turn Mower.

Tue Jan 2, 2023

PV Combiner Submodule. FreeCAD Workbench Programming.

Mon Jan 1, 2023

Integrated Scaling Strategy. Recursion-based Financing. Productive Rapid Learning. Cost Reduction - machines plan

Sun Dec 31, 2023

Extreme Swarm Design/Build. Essential Cost. Embodied Energy of Machining. Metal Foam. 120/240 Circuit. tsww. Operation Barbarossa

Wed Dec 27, 2023

Milestones. SH4 Documentation Proposal. Floor - [25]. Conduit Fill. Ukraine's Defense Industry.

Sat Dec 23, 2023

Perms. Floor Detail - [26].

Fri Dec 22, 2023


Thu Dec 21, 2023

Housing Statistics. Proposal Construction Set. OSE Investors.

Wed Dec 20, 2023

1000 Hour Curriculum. Work Doc 6. Airless Sprayer Troubleshooting.

Mon Dec 18, 2023

SH4 Data Collection. Seed Eco-Home 4 Build Pictures and Video. Critical Theory of Technology. Fundamental Cost vs Markup Cost. Against the Grain. Build Ergonomics.

Sun Dec 17, 2023

1000 Hour Curriculum. Michio Kaku: Quantum computing is the next revolution. Productive Transparency. Candidate Evaluation. SH1.

Sat Dec 16, 2023

Bend Radius. LFMC. Drone Carrier Strategy. Telescoping Drone Repeaters. Global Security. TPE. Universal Track Unit. Energy Per Unit Hole Volume. Wheel RPM to Speed Calculator. 120 Chain

Fri Dec 15, 2023

Expansion Coupling. Extra Long Socket Coupling. LFMC. Candidate Assessment - Giving an A Assessment. Open Invitation to OSE. Sharing. Working With Others. OSE Asshole Policy.

Thu Dec 14, 2023

Proposal Construction Set. Steve#Dec_14.2C_2023. Economic Development of Ukraine. Transformation to a War Economy.

Wed Dec 13, 2023

Great. Winston Churchill. Free IQ Test. Personal Dashboard. Quantitative Bullshit. Negative Psychology. Overspecialization. Overregulation. Genius. Quotes.

Tue Dec 12, 2023

Intrinsic Motivation. Proposal Construction Set. Positive Psychology. SEH Cost Reduction.

Mon Dec 11, 2023

OSE Charter. Heat Pump Final Run Cheatsheet

Fri Dec 8, 2023

Recyclable Electronics. Genius. Onboarding Survey.

Thu Dec 7, 2023

Solar Shipping. Developer Log. How to Understand Cheatsheets. Proposal Construction Set.

Wed Dec 6, 2023

Hydraulic Fluid. OSE Method. Heat Pump Cheatsheet. Every Build is a Fork. Developer Log.

Tue Dec 5, 2023

SEH Heat Pump Install. OSE Forum. Multilevel Learning. Multimeter With Thermocouple. Refrigerant Reclamation. Abundance Capital. Thermostatic Expansion Valve.

Mon Dec 4, 2023

SEH Marketing. Edge of Knowledge. Pozzolanic Reactivity of Kaolin Clays.

Sun Dec 3, 2023

Edge of Knowledge. Heat Pump Cheatsheet. Expansion - adding funding ideas. Proposal Construction Set. Water. Heat Pump Disconnect Preparation. Technical Writers. Bureaucracy. Hydrogen Gas Pump. H07 Cable.

Sat Dec 2

OSE Model of Change. MJ Dream Log. Missouria. Heat Pump Installation. Native American Colleges. 9 AH Battery.

Fri Dec 1, 2023

OSE Milestones.

Thu Nov 30, 2023

SH4 Garage Beadboard Walls. Nailing Schedules.

Wed Nov 29, 2023

Beadboard Optimization for finish of garage.

Tue Nov 28, 2023

Extreme Tractor Design. Beadboard Optimization. Marc Andreessen. SEH Project Book. Metal 3D Printer.

Sun Nov 25, 2023

Industrial Gases. 1000 Hour Curriculum. Expansion. Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine. Electric Motors - Treadmill Motor. Inverters. ROS Rover implementation as OSE Rover. Beagle Bone. OSE Forum#Intro updated to provide teeth. Infrared Camera Chip. OpenMV. Computer Vision Board with Camera. Electric Power Cube.

Fri Nov 24, 2023

SEH 4 Build Planning.

Thu Nov 23, 2023

OSE Model of Change. 1000 Hour Curriculum. Collaborative Time Binding. Morally Intelligent AI

Wed Nov 22, 2023

Space Frames

Tue Nov 21, 2023

Moral Intelligence. Integrated Human. Extreme Design. Level 6 Leader. Lifetime Design - Lifetime_Design#Implementation_in_the_Technosphere. Wiki Authors. Moral Intelligence AI. Generalized Model for Saving the World. Large Workshop Structure generalized to Space Frames. 15k Axle. Dually Wheel. Trailer - added Trailer Construction. Rotary Kiln. Welding Deposition Rate. Welding Wire.

Mon Nov 20, 2023

Reinventing the Wheel in Expansion. Extreme Design. Hydraulic Motors. Drawbar Pull. Cummins Diesel Steam Hybrid. Engines. Automated Pull Starter. Tires. TPU. TPO. 3" Bearing. Vehicle Speeds.

Sun Nov 19, 2023

Scalable Welding. Swarm Technology. Domes. OSE Specifications#Inclusive. Universal Rotor - Universal Rotor Requirements + Value Proposition.500 Modules#Short List. Hybrid Air Tire. OSE Brand

Sat Nov 18, 2023

Expansion - modular funding method. 3D Printed Insulation.Springless Trailer. Artillery Shells. 215/70R15

Fri Nov 17, 2023

Expansion. Strong Stakeholders. Stone Soup. Abundant Resources. Technosphere. LoD 500 CAD. Roads. Helpful Engineering

Thu Nov 16, 2023

Expansion. Augmented Reality and Online Assembly Engine. John Deere Loader.

Wed Nov 15, 2023

Retaining Walls. Space Frame Trailer and Bridge

Mon Nov 13, 2023

Construction Technology

Sun Nov 12, 2022

Expansion. Seller's Agent Commission. FSBO.

Fri Nov 10, 2023

World Dashboard

Thu Nov 9, 2023

Expansion. Microcarrier. Gateware. Extreme Build Extreme.

Wed Nov 8, 2023

Expansion. Lifetime Design. Transparent Asset Accounting. Unsolvable Problems. Discipline

Tue Nov 7, 2023

Moral Philosophy. Expansion. Badgersett. Cognitive Warfare. Lifetime Design.

Sun Nov 5, 2023

Superlinear Returns. Brikawood. OSE School#Key_Value_Proposition - OSE_4_Year_Program#Key_Value_Proposition

Sat Nov 4, 2023

4 Color Pen.

Tue Oct 31, 2023

Foreign Aid. Gravel

Sun Oct 29, 2023


Sat Oct 28, 2023

OSE Model of Change. Open Source Economy. Amazing Inventions Compilation. Engines. Plate Compactor. Open Source Plate Compactor. Seed Eco-Home Enterprise Discipline. Geogrid. Wheel Contact Area. Mudmixer.

Fri Oct 27, 2023

Disconnect Between Reality and Perception. SEH Enterprise Model. Cordless Router. SH4 Driveway. Tensile Strength of Geogrid.

Thu Oct 26, 2023

Router. SAS Design. Cordless Finish Nailer

Wed Oct 25, 2023

Fasteners. Appropriate Technosphere. Inverter Design. Driveway

Tue Oct 24, 2023

Grit. Hybrid Inverter

Mon Oct 23, 2023

Water hookup [27].

Sun Oct 22, 2023

SEH circuits layout coordination - [28]

Sat Oct 21, 2023


Fri Oct 20. 2023

SEH Recruiting-> Build Transcendent Culture

Thu Oct 19, 2023

OSE Campus Operations. Work doc 5 - finishing interior of garage - [29]. Threading Plastic Pipe. Thread Types. SEH Designer. OSE Campus. Garage Door Opener

Thu Oct 19, 2023

OSE Campus Operations. Work doc 5 - finishing interior of garage - [30]. Threading Plastic Pipe. Thread Types. SEH Designer. OSE Campus. Garage Door Opener

Wed Oct 18, 2023

RMC vs EMT. RMC vs NPT Pipe. Snail Trails.

Tue Oct 17, 2023

Small Engines. Work doc 5 - finishing interior of garage - [31]. CPVC vs PVC vs CTS

Mon Oct 16, 2023

2023 Pitch. Plastic Gears are the Future. Thermoplastic Vulcanizates. Work doc 5 - finishing interior of garage - [32]. Wire vs Cable. 3D Printed Drone Motor. Racialized White. Conduit Body. NPT vs NPS

Sun Oct 15, 2023

2023 Pitch. Factory Model. Direct Learning = Purpose Learning. Eu-entrepreneurial. Class War. 4 Head 3D Printer. Pervious Pavement Blocks. Seed Eco-Home Materials Cost Reduction#R.26D_Investment_into_3D_Printing_Plastic_Recycling. Plastic-Metal Composites. GPS in FreeCAD. R&D Budgets of 3D Printing Companies. Machine R&D Costs. House Valuation

Thu Oct 12, 2023

Finishing data collection from Seed_Eco-Home_4_Data_Collection#Sewer.2C_Power.

Thu Oct 12, 2023

Finishing data collection from Seed_Eco-Home_4_Data_Collection#Sewer.2C_Power.

Wed Oct 11, 2023

Static Cone Penetrometer.

Tue Oct 10, 2023

Open Policy Institute

Mon Oct 9, 2023

Engine Displacement. Automation Construction Set. Copper Plumbing

Thu Oct 5, 2023

Generative Infrastructure. MJ Sublimation Log

Wed Oct 4, 2023

Water and Sewer Hookup. Seed Eco-Home Tools. Beagle Bone Phone. Superlearning. Measureless Cutting Jig. OSE Military Strategy

Tue Oct 3, 2023

Water and Sewer Hookup. Seed Eco-Home Information Infrastructure. Meter Setter. Copper Plumbing. Conduit Fill

Mon Oct 2, 2023

Water and Sewer Hookup. Saddle Tee.

Sun Oct 1, 2023

Small Engines. Muffling an Engine. Quiet Generator. Hydraulic Accumulator. Opposed Piston 2-Stroke Engine.

Sat Sep 30, 2023

A Humble Person. Touchscreen Data Display Specification - added to Automation Construction Set. Seed Eco-Home Builder Crash Course. Water and Sewer Hookup. Burj Al Babas. Hot Tapping. Taxation. TechDraw Workbench. OpenFoam Heat Conduction

Fri Sep 29, 2023

Drainage Pipe Slope. Cost Comparison to Industry Standards. Sewer Pipe. Laser Level. Transit. Excavator Guidance System. Pipe ID&OD. Automation Construction Set. Soil Compaction and Density. PSI to Ton Per Square Foot

Thu Sep 28, 2023

Open Sector Development. Colonialism vs Marxism. What Every Person Should Know About War. Water and Sewer Hookup. LifeTrac Construction Set 2.0. Tracer Wire. UPC. Painting Doors. Painting. Practical Friction Welding

Wed Sep 27, 2023

Statistics. Transformer Shortage. Water and Sewer Hookup. Generalized Universal Axis. Fixing Water Pipe Under Pressure

Tue Sep 26, 2023

Stochastic Terrorism. Liquidonate

Mon Sep 25, 2023

Saving the World Whitepaper. NoVo Foundation Proposal 2023.

Sun Sep 24, 2023

Standardized Multifamily Construction. OSE Build Cost. Large Workshop Structure. 2023 Pitch. Popup House. Seed Eco-Home Microenterprise. Seed Eco-Home Enterprise. NoVo Budget - 2023. Seed Eco-Home Design Workbench

Sat Sep 23, 2023

Jargon. Job Satisfaction. P&L. NoVo. Seed Eco-Home Drones. Slow Solar Operation. Surveys added to pictures folders - [33]

Fri Sep 22, 2023

OSE Questions. Case of the Seed Eco-Home: Method of Open Sector Creation for Scalable Problem Solving. The Essential Guide to Intellectual Property. Institutional Design. Seed Eco-Home Funding Narrative. Seed Eco-Home 6 Person Model Spreadsheet. Housing Statistics. House Valuation.

Thu Sep 21, 2023

Case of the Seed Eco-Home: Method of Open Sector Creation for Scalable Problem Solving

Wed Sep 20, 2023

SH5 Pictures. Painting Robot. Method of Open Sector Creation for Scalable Problem Solving. Black Beans.

Tue Sep 19, 2023

Portable Toilet. Seed Eco-Home 5#Build Instructions. Intellectual Property.

Mon Sep 18, 2023

Sefton Heat Engines. Seed Eco-Home 5#Build Instructions. Seed Eco-Home 5 Trim Painting. Painting PVC.

Sun Sep 17, 2023

Responsible Utopia v1. Protocol II of the Geneva Convention. Geneva Convention. Fast 3D Printers. The Art of Learning. Deinstitutionalization Reform

Sat Sep 16, 2023

Self-Printing 3D Printer. Ground Fault Protection Devices. Steve#Tue_Sep_19.2C_2023. Digital Twinning. PV Panel Grounding. Aluminum Weight Calculator '

Fri Sep 15, 2023

Open Source Ecologist Mindset. Equipment Grounding Conductor. PV Panel Grounding. Table 250.122. Degeneracy#Degeneracy and Modularity for Rapid Builds and Democratic Society. DC Ground Fault Protector. NASA Transform to Open Science. Open Source Vertical Farming Automation.

Thu Sep 14, 2023

Mitt Romney. Power Center Finishing. Cohort Exams = Collaborative Exams. Air Cooling Heat Exchanger.

Wed Sep 13, 2023

Power Center Finishing. Trencher. FreeSolar = OSE Theory of Liberation. Pull Tape vs Fish Tape vs Pull Rope. Wiki Etiquette.

Tue Sep 12, 2023

Power Center Finishing. Torque Wrench. Generic Model of Change. Theory of Noncollaboration. Bobcat

Mon Sep 11, 2023

Gini Coefficient. Badgersett

Sat Sep 9, 2023

Democratic Consolidation.

Fri Sep 8, 2023

Future Predictions 2033. Taiwan Solution.

Thu Sep 7, 2023

Abundance Intelligence. Organizational Waste. Abundance Microcivilization‎‎. Slow-Solar Vehicle. Degeneracy. Continuous Integration for Hardware. Rapid Learning Facility Concept.

Wed Sep 6, 2023

Transfer Switch Detail. Lend-Lease. Nationalism and Liberalism.

Tue Sep 5, 2023

Open Technology. OSE Model of Change Fundamentals. OSE School. The OSE Experiment. Dropping the Cross of Jesus.

Mon Sep 4, 2023

Main Breaker Panel Build Instructions. Open-Mind Test. First Rate Intelligence. Pure vs Applied Science. Grievance Studies. Metapreneurs. Oath of Service. PVC Conduit. PV Manufacturing. Neutral Wire Size. How Power Grids Work. US Ukrainian Veterans Bridge.

Sun Sept 3, 2023

World Peace Plan.

Sat Sept 2, 2023

Solving Pressing World Issues Forum of OSE. Scarcity Escape Velocity. Wall Module 67. Doctrine of Nuclear Blackmail. Schedule 80 PVC Pipe vs Conduit. Insulation from Plastic. Spray Foam.

Fri Sep 1, 2023

Wall Module 67. Electrical Part Library.

Thu Aug 31, 2023

Wall Module 67. Emotional Intelligence. Electrical Design Guide. OSE Growth Strategy

Wed Aug 30, 2023

Wall Module 67. Nate. Ground Rod Resistance. Collaborative Education. Open Sector Development Funding Construction Set. Induction Furnace Cooling Requirements. 24 Person Operation Definition of Done. SEH Cost Savings. Spigot and Socket.

Tue Aug 29, 2023

Abundance Game. Wall Module 67. Rubber Boat. Ground Rod Resistance. Ukraine Reconstruction. Nate

Mon Aug 28, 2023

Module 67 - [34]. Model of Change.

Sun Aug 27, 2023

Moral Intelligence. Replacing the CIA with the MIA. Abundance Curriculum. Emotional Intelligence. The Second World War.

Sat Aug 26, 2023

Applied Critical Theory. Generosity.

Fri Aug 25, 2023

Antifragility.OSE Psychosocial Integration Model of Change. Integral Transformative Practice. Collective Deceptions. Power center - towards completion of transfer switch + subpanel, meter base + main breaker panel. OSE Pedagogy. SEH Rapid Learning Template. OSE Abundance Curriculum.

Thu Aug 24, 2023

Bacchetta Cafe

Wed Aug 23, 2023

Universal Freedom Solution. Desalination. Abundance Mindset. Ignorance. Main Kampf.

Tue Aug 22, 2023

OSE Abundance Curriculum. Hardwiring Happiness. Sublimation.

Mon Aug 21, 2023

OSE School. War and Punishment. Hardwiring Happiness.

Sun Aug 20, 2023

The Moral Philosophy of Financial Independence. Ignorance. Humility. America Is on the Right Track. Superabundance. Re-Distributive Economy. Universal Basic Assets. Timebinding. St. Joseph.

Sat Aug 19, 2023

OSE Sub-Missions. Personal and Political Transformation. How America Got Mean

Fri Aug 18, 2023

OSE Collaboration Concepts. Rapid Learning Facility. Steam Engine Enslaved then Freed. Ultimate Responsibility. Comfortable Unfreedom. OSE Education Strategy. Circuit Breaker Type Requirements.

Thu Aug 17, 2023

Abundance Mindset Test. Self-Leveling Concrete. Universal Basic Assets.

Tuesdsay Aug 15, 2023

Novo Budget v2023. Electric Rotary Kiln. NM Connectors.

Sun-Mon Aug 13-14, 2023

Seed Eco-Home Materials Cost Reduction. Applied Critical Theory.

Sat Aug 12, 2023

Build Cheatsheets. From Fascism to Inclusion, From Me to We. Fundamental Resource Abundance. Applied Critical Theory#Regulation. Humility Mechanisms. Buying Countries. PVC Conduit.

Fri Aug 11, 2023

SEH 1 Photogrammetry. Living Retaining Wall. Mudmixer.

Thu Aug 10, 2023

OSE Certification. OSE Certified Campus. OSE Certified Enterprise. Rotary Hammer. 1000x Plastic. How to Use Regular Screws as Concrete Screws. Moasure. RTK GPS. Applied Critical Theory. 3D Printed Products.

Wed Aug 9, 2023

Class Projects. Rapid Development Systems. Energy History. Compressed Air Energy Storage. Large Workshop Structure. Cost to Solve All Pressing World Issues. Bend Radius. Global Collaboration. Genocide.

Tue Aug 8, 2023


Mon Aug 7, 2023

Applied Critical Theory.

Sun Aug 6, 2023

Critical Theory. Lifetime Design.

Sat Aug 5, 2023

Artificial Scarcity - added NFTs. Added The OSE Mental Model of Change to Survey of Everything. Research. SDR 13.5 Pipe. OSE Recruiting. Heat pump circuit finished - [35]. OSE Flywheel#Clarity. Understanding Human Effort. Distributed Productive Ecosystems for the Open Source Economy

Thu Aug 4, 2023

Zip Ties. OSE Theory of Efficient Builds. Design for Preassembly.

Wed Aug 3, 2024

Design Degeneracy#Seed Eco-Home Context. Integrated_Design#More_Narrow_Definition:_Integrated_Technical_Design. Heat Pump. Temperature Meter. Swarm War.

Tue Aug 1, 2023

NoVo. Comparison of OSE Build Costs to Industry Standards.Market Share Capture Risk extracted from 24 Person Cohorts

Mon Jul 31, 2023

Mjel. Cohort Recruiting. Enterprise Invitation. Crowfoot Wrench on a Torque Wrench. Temperature Meter. Smartphone Data Acquisition.

Sun Jul 30, 2023

Remaining Indoor Wall Modules [36] and heat pump .

Sat Jul 29, 2023

Heat Pump Installation. Window Trim

Fri Jul 28, 2023

Socratic Method. Flywheel Development Log.

Thu Jul 27, 2023

Quotes. House Circuits - [37]. Overpromising.

Wed Jul 26, 2023

Cost Per Square Foot. RPE. House Circuits - [38]

Tue Jul 25, 2023

OSE Recruiting Handbook. Cost Per Square Foot.

Mon Jul 24, 2023

Finished living room electrical [39]. Key Metric to Track.

Sun Jul 23, 2023

How to Spot and Idiot. The OSE Question‎‎. The Psychography of an Open Source Ecologist. Missouri Building Codes.

Sat Jul 22, 2023

The Psychography of an Open Source Ecologist. Seed Eco-Home Expansion. Dialectical Materialism.

Fri Jul 21, 2023

Open Source Air Defense.

Thu Jul 20, 2023

MJ Energy Log. Farm Yields Per Acre. NIBCO. First Who Then What. Solving Pressing World Issues.

Wed Jul 19, 2023

Up to box 40 - [40]. OSE Point Specifications

Mon Jul 17, 2023

MJ Energy Log. Electrical boxes B30 onwards [41]. OSE Apprenticeship Messaging. PVC Pipe Size.

Sun Jul 16, 2023

Survey of All Human Knowledge added to Survey of Everything. The Dark Ages of Open Source. OSE Philosophy.

Sat Jul 15, 2023

Boxes continued [42]. Moral Philosophy. OSE Unique Value Proposition

Fri Jul 14, 2023

MJ Energy Log. OSE School. SH4 Electrical Boxes - seeded 20 in work doc and did File:Boxb11b12.fcstd. This process needs major streamlining: automate the tech drawing extraction, and line length calculation. File:Singlesourcebox.fcstd.

Thu Jul 13, 2023

Electrical Box Jig. I Imagine. Spiral vs Straight Bits. Design-for-Tolerancing. Robustification.

Wed Jul 12, 2023

Economic Advantage of Open. Box Fill Calculations. Moral Philosophy.

Tue Jul 11, 2023

Habitat for Humanity. Electrical Instructions Procedure. OSE Collaborative Design Discipline.

Mon Jul 10 2023

MJ Flywheel. Integrated Education. Integrated Lifestyle. Integrated Enterprise. Integrated Design. Apprenticeship Operations. Growth Log. Billion Per Day Operation

Sun Jul 9 2023

Integrated Education. Draft No. 4. The Art of Conversation.

Sat Jul 8, 2023

Goal today - boxes B3-B34 at Boxes [43]. Critical Path Predictions. Distributive Economics. Jim Collins. Humility

Fri Jul 7, 2023

Terrorism. Food Dehydrator. Worked out light cover at SH4 Electrical Part Library.

Thu Jul 6, 2023

Strategic Culture. Notes July 6th 2023. SH4 Electrical Part Library. Knockout Punch Kit. Airless Sprayer.

Wed Jul 5, 2023

SH4 Electrical Part Library.

Tue Jul 4, 2023

Buy American Act. Kinetic Switch. Through-Wall Fan

Mn Jul 3, 2023

Solar Hydrogen Economy. Open Source Medicine. LFNC. Router. Hole Saw.

Sun Jul 2, 2023

OSE Hiring Policy.

Sat Jul 1, 2023

Chase Nipple. File:Waterheatercabinet.fcstd. File:Waterexpansiontank.fcstd. File:Mareyeco150.fcstd. File:34ballvalve.fcstd.

Fri Jun 30, 2023


Thu Jun 29, 2023

PV Temperature Derating. Basic_Calculations#Solar. PV Combiner. Housing Labor Shortage.

Tue Jun 27, 202

SH4 Interior Wall Jig. Exoskeleton. File:Dewalt65circular.fcstd. SH4 Second Floor Electrical. SH4 Second Story Floor Plan. SH4 Walls Map With Penetrations. Combiner Box.

Tue Jun 27, 202

SH4 Interior Wall Jig. File:Dewalt65circular.fcstd

Mon Jun 26, 2023

Optimized Interior Wall Installation. 3D Printed Trim. SH4 Interior Wall Jig.

Sun Jun 25, 2023

SH4 Penetrations. Wire Strippers.

Sat Jun 24, 2023

Penetrations - [44]. SFPM. Cordless Framing Nailer. Router.

Fri Jun 23, 2023

Battery Adapter. Cordless Router. Nail Gun

Thu Jun 22, 2023

Water system SH2 as built - [45]. UL Listed kinetic switch [46]. Splicing Inside Walls. UL Certified Wireless Switches. Rebar Tie Gun. Angle Grinding Wood.

Wed Jun 21, 2023

Air Compressor. Workflow Optimization. SH 4 Electrical Boxes.

Tue Jun 20, 2023

Billion Per Day Operation. Regenerative Capital. Manual Knowledge Work. Cool Roof.

Mon Jun 19, 2023

Ceiling beadboard, electrical pigtailing. [47]. Material Handling Ergonomics. Measuring. Black and Decker Matrix.

Sun Jun 18, 2023

Electrical ergonomics - [48]. Fasteners#Working_Doc_from_Fastener_Schedules. Chalk Line

Sat Jun 17, 2023

Build doc - insulation and ceiling [49]

Fri Jun 16, 2023

Transcendent Enterprise. OSE Vision. Work doc - beadboard ergonomics [50]. OSE Supertools. Gen Z. Magnetic Tail Light. Seed Eco-Home 2.0 Script

Thu Jun 15, 2023

Seed_Eco-Home_4_3D_CAD#Select_Details. Sweep Bend. Plumbing Library. OSE Apprenticeship Metrics. Pool Heater.

Wed Jun 14, 2023

DFU added to Plumbing Design Guide [51]. Broke main work doc into 4 parts since file didn't save properly for one page, lost one page. Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions#Working_Doc_Part_4_-_Current. Integrated Design. Open Source Ecologist. File:Sinkplumbing.fcstd

Tue Jun 13, 2023

Build - process [52]. Checks. OSE Documentation Philosophy.

Mon Jun 12, 2023

Onboarding - Circles of Competence. Skirt. Driveway. Retaining Wall. Plumbing Assemblies. Apertures. Water Assemblies. Exterior Blocking. Electrical Assemblies. Seed Eco-Home 2.0 Script. Cutting Electrical Boxes in Paneling.

Sun Jun 11, 2023

Build - planning [53].

Sat Jun 10, 2023

Firewalls. Lifetime Design. The Effective Executive.

Fri Jun 9, 2023

Abundance. Getting the Right People On the Bus. Hablab Rental. Apprenticeship Operations

Thu Jun 8, 2023

OSE Certification. Window Trim Design Guide. Efficiency of Integration.

Wed Jun 7, 2023

CAD-BOM-Build-Pictures. Apprenticeship_Operations#Expectations_for_the_4_Year_Program. Vinyl Siding Installation. Truss Connector Plates. OSE Pay Strategy. File:Terracemicrocanopytech.fcstd. File:Bottomwindowtrimassy.fcstd. File:Frontmicrocanopytech.fcstd. Window Trim Design Guide.

Tue Jun 6, 2023

Canopy cheatsheet [54].

Mon Jun 5, 2023

Efficiency of Scale. Efficiency of Integration. Body Recovery. Movie Night. Apprenticeship Operations. OSE Super Tool Box.

Sat Jun 3, 2023

Build - garage interior [55]. Seed Eco-Home 2.0 Script. Garage Doors

Fri Jun 2, 2023

OSE Code of Ethics. Problemsolving added to Survey of Everything. OSE Communication Style. Electrical Design Guide.

Thu Jun 1, 2023

Build doc - garage [56]. Firestop.

Tue May 30, 2023

OSE Purpose. OSE Recruiting. Work Ethic. PV mounting - [57]. Breakdown of Construction Costs. OSE Growth Culture. Wood Primer.

Mon May 29, 2023

OSE Recruiting. Hiring Rationale. Sungold Inverter. FSBO Sites. Embodied Energy of a Home.

Sun May 28, 2023

OSE Recruiting. Time to Build a House. 4x10 Schedule. Survey of Everything

Sat May 27, 2023

Mechanisms for Continuous Improvement. OSE Psychology. OSE Succession Planning

Thu May 25, 2023

The OSE Ethic. OSE Psychology. OSE BHAGs. Fasteners.

Wed May 24, 2023

OSE Recruiting Strategy. Seed Eco-Home 4 Module Breakdown - service entrance finalization.

Tue May 23, 2023

Inset Foundation. Good to Great Insights.

Mon May 22, 2023

Critical Path. Appliances in New Construction. Painting a House. Benchmarking.

Sun May 21, 2023

Build - plumbing assemblies [58]. Lawnmower Truck Bed Ramp. Mission.

Sat May 20, 2023

OSE Subvision. Zero Turn Mower.

Fri May 19, 2023

Epicondylitis. Level 6 Leadership. OSE Apprenticeship. OSE Mentorship. Third World Country with Nuclear Weapons.

Thu May 18, 2023

OSE Mission. PV Cable Protection.

Wed May 17, 2023

Distribution. Power Ladder. OSE Product Ecology. OSE 2.0 Campaign. Contrarian Health. The Case for Distributed Manufacturing.

Tue May 16, 2023

Pressing World Issues - Institutions. The Why of OSE. Built to Last. OSE SMaC. Zooming Out. Financial planning - [59]. Subpanel wiring - [60]. Interview Questions. Grant Writers. OSE Mission. Power Ladder.

Mon May 15, 203

Build - electrical subpanel [61]. OSE Mission. Wire Cost

Sun May 14, 2023

OSE Vision. OSE Appropriate Technology Vision. Ethical Burden. Form 990

Sat May 13, 2023

Beadboardgen work doc - [62]. File - File:Beadboardgen.fcstd. Build - PEX and plumbing assemblies. -[63]. Next - wiring and device assemblies. Electrical Design Guide.

Fri May 12, 2023

FreeCAD_Module_Designer#Part_Library - beadboard generator. OSE Build Tactics. Level 6 Leader.

Thu May 11, 2023

OSE Culture. Seed Eco-Home 4 Product Strategy. FreeCAD_Module_Designer#Part_Library - beadboard generator. Beadboard. House Design Guide - beadboard

Wed May 10, 2023

Sublimation Log. 5-Legged Dogs. Job Satisfaction in Construction. OSE Tactics. Schedule 80 PVC Conduit. FreeCAD_Module_Designer#Part_Library

Tue May 9, 2023

Steve. Build Doc - more submodules.

Mon May 8, 2023

SEH Recruiting#Announcement. FreeCAD_Module_Designer#Part_Library. OSE Purpose. Build Doc - apertures [64]. Hydrogen ICE.

Sun May 7, 2023

The Dawn of Everything - from sissies to Dunbar's number, feminization and gossip, and the rise of civilization.

Fri May 5, 2023

Headers. Sungold Inverter. Trencher Rental. Build Doc - module designer - [65]. FreeCAD Module Designer

Thu May 4, 2023

SEH Recruiting. OSE Purpose. File:Modulegenerator.fcstd. OSE Asshole Policy.

Wed May 3, 2023

File:Modulegenerator.fcstd. Psychology of Humanity.

Tue May 2, 2023

S. FreeCAD Module Designer. File:Modulegenerator.fcstd.

Mon May 1, 2023

FreeCAD Module Designer - eccentric door.

Sun Apr 30, 2023

Metal Seamer. OSE Culture. FreeCAD Module Designer. Loneliness. Forum Software.

Sat Apr 29, 2023

Coordinate System in FreeCAD. Financial Independence. Spreadsheet Workbench. FreeCAD Module Designer - formulas with conditionals [66].

Fri Apr 28, 2023

Rough Door Opening. Seed Eco-Home Integration. Door Inswing.

Thu Apr 27, 2023

Proofs of Concept. FreeCAD Module Designer. Time to Build a House. Steve#Thu_Apr_27.2C_2023.

Wed Apr 26, 2023

Best in the World. Distributive Enterprise Consortium‎. Sublime Enterprise. Value Capture Ratio‎. Optimization. Parametric Table in FreeCAD. FreeCAD Module Designer.

Tue Apr 25, 2023

Module Designer. Seed_Eco-Home_4_Calculations. Build - long trellis [67]

Mon Apr 24, 2023

Spiral Economy. Financial planning 2023 - [68]

Sun Apr 23, 2023

Business Models. Plastic Waste. Service entrance [69]. Electrical Design Guide. Foam Core PVC.

Sat Apr 22, 2023

Service entrance - [70]. Longevity. Hedgehog Concept.

Thu Apr 20, 2023

Service entrance [71]. CAD.

Wed Apr 19, 2023

Build - trellis drop + tolerancing [72]. Electrical submitted for review to Ameren [73]. Maysville working doc [74]. Electrical Design Guide.

Tue Apr 18, 2023

Parts list - PV system - integrating to CAD. Strategy: Work with framing of updated CAD model. [75] and ordering. Electrical Design Guide.

Mon Apr 17, 2023

Build - final equipment selection - [76]. On-Demand Water Heater. OSE Standard. Main build doc is breaking, started Part 2 - [77]

Sun Apr 16, 2023

Distributive Enterprise. Collaborative Advantage. Good to Great. Great to Sublime. Books. Regenerative Enterprise. Collaborative Capital. Distributive Capital. Appropriate Technology. Degeneracy. Design - final PV system refinement [78]. Poverty. OSE Flywheel. Electrical Design Guide.

Sun Apr 16, 2023

Distributive Enterprise. Collaborative Advantage. Good to Great. Great to Sublime. Books. Regenerative Enterprise. Collaborative Capital. Distributive Capital. Appropriate Technology. Degeneracy. Design - final PV system refinement [79]. Poverty. OSE Flywheel. Electrical Design Guide.

Sat Apr 15, 2023

OSE Strategic Plan 2023. The Human Condition. Recycled Steel. Integrated Human Design. Edufactory. Standards. PV system update - [80]. Transfer Switch. Relays.

Fri Apr 14, 2023

Sublimation Log. Desktop Semiconductor Foundry. From Counterculture to Cyberculture. Institute for Advanced Practice. Freedom Statistics. History of Open Source Hardware. Prusa Printers. Pond Liner. Hybrid Inverter. Energy to Gallons Gas Equivalent (GGE) Calculator. Transmission and Distribution Losses.

Wed Apr 12, 2023

Sublimation Log. Effective Altruism. Ukraine War Reporting. Global Security. Narratives. Weight Calculator. Trellis Drop. 3D Printed Housing. Meter Socket. Circuit Protection Requirements. Military Technology.

Tue Apr 11, 2023

Scaling Log - Growth Ecology. Plastic Recycling. Housing Statistics. Build - on-demand heater. [81]. On-Demand Water Heater. OSE Book#Positioning. OSE_Book_One#Positioning_and_Messaging. Sleep. Expansion Tank. Solving Pressing World Issues.

Mon Apr 10, 2023

Seed Eco-Home 4 Training and Management. Build - interior modules. [82]. Tankless Electric Water Heater. Wire.

Sun Apr 9, 2023

Bathroom Design Guide

Sat Apr 8, 2023


Thu Apr 6, 2023

How to Fix Evil. 5th Largest Economy. Lightweight Inverter. On-Demand Military

Wed Apr 5, 2023

Pressing World Issues Log. Global Statistics. Build - interior modules [83]. Global Security.

Tue Apr 4, 2023

Build - interior modules [84]. The Ultimate Script. Explosives. Open Source Rocket. Peace is Over.

Mon Apr 3, 2023

Seed Eco-Home 4 Module Breakdown for bidding. Build instructions - interior [85]. Jigs. Pond Liner. Rotozip. Construction Companies. Drones in War.

Sun Apr 2, 2023

Global Problemsolving Method. Cargo Ship. Deck Door. 3D Printed Wind Turbines. 2nd Floor ceiling build [86]

Fri Mar 31, 2023

SEH Modules. Vinyl siding finishing [87]. Ukraine War Calculations. International Legal Institutions -

Thu Mar 30, 2023

Toggle Screws.

Wed Mar 29, 2023

Wedge Anchors vs J-Bolts. Rotary Hammer. Transformer. Toggle Screws.

Tue Mar 28, 2023

Seed Eco-Home 4 Module Breakdown. Seed Eco-Home 4 Calculations. Drones in War. US Imports More Metals from Russia.

Mon Mar 27, 2023

Seed Eco-Home 4 Module Breakdown. Seed Eco-Home 4 Calculations. Hurricane Ties. OSB. Hardware Cloth.

Sun Mar 26, 2023

Performance Management. Seed Eco-Home 4 Module Breakdown. Seed Eco-Home 4 Calculations. Window Modules

Fri Mar 24, 2023

Bitcoin. Learning How to Learn. Passwords. Relocalizing Production.

Thu Mar 23, 2023

Build Doc. Fair Trade Cocaine. Racketeering.

Wed Mar 22, 2023

SEH 4 Recruiting.

Tue Mar 20, 2023

Build Doc. Flashing Tape. OSE Forum. Promise of Open Hardware. SEH 4 Recruiting. Security Policy. Gross National Happiness. Bitcoin.

Mon Mar 20, 2023

Time to Sublimation. 10000 Hours to Genius. OSE Promise. Learning How to Learn. Build Doc

Sun Mar 19, 2023

Scaling Log. Lifetime of a House. Next Economy. CPU Design and Build. Most Tech Employees Don't Work. Distributive Enterprise. House build doc [88]. Fasteners.

Sat Mar 18, 2023

High School Recruiting. Inventory App. The Promise of Industry 4.0. Civics of Production. Productive Responsibility. Trellis build procedure - [89]

Fri Mar 17, 2023

Trellis build procedure - [90]. Screws. Structural Wood Design.

Thu Mar 16, 2023

Build doc [91]. Fastener Schedules.

Wed Mar 15, 2023

Build doc [92].

Tue Mar 14, 2023

Seed Eco-Home 4 Product Strategy: Scaling_Rollout#Working_Doc. Viral_Replicability_Criteria#2023_-_Product_Qualities. Design for Distributivity. In the News. Photovoltaic Glass. Seed Eco-Home 4 Module Breakdown. Drill Winch. Indigenous Defense Fighter. Arms Race.

Mon Mar 13, 2023

Seed Eco-Home 4 Module Breakdown. OSE Theory of Integrated Industrial Productivity on a Small Scale.

Sun Mar 12, 2023

Housing Theory of Everything. Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions. Galvanization -

Sat Mar 11, 2023

Solar Hydrogen Mine. Power Ladder. Apprentice Pay.

Fri Mar 10, 2023

Adding Power Ladder to build - [93]. Democracy Solutions. Ceramics.

Thu Mar 9, 2023

Open Source EDM. Power Ladder. Democracy Solution. Absolute Steps That Anyone Can Take.

Wed Mar 8, 2023

Enterprise Scaling Log. Enterprise Logs. Financial Independence. Power Ladder.

Mon Mar 6, 2023

Power Ladder. Peace. Terrorist State.

Sun Mar 5, 2023

Seinfeld. What's Our Problem. Redistributive Economy. Incentive Challenges. Solving Pressing World Issues. Collaborative World-Saving Projects.

Sat Mar 4, 2023

Scissor Lift. 4.5" Circular Saw. MASS Design Group. Topgrading.

Fri Mar 3, 2023

Portable Cordless Compressor. Topgrading#Links

Thu Mar 2, 2023

A Study of the Transformation Potential of the World

Wed Mar 1 2023

Scaling Log. Pressing World Issues - added Tunisia. Open Source Legal Violence. Quantitative Transformation. Sublimation Log.

Tue Feb 28, 2023

Horseshoe Theory of Politics. Nuclear Triad.

Mon Feb 27, 2023

Seed Eco-Home 4 Calculations. Critical_Path#Feb_18.2C_2023

Sun Feb 26, 2023

Good Product Construction Set.

Sat Feb 25, 2023

Q&A Site for World Transformation. OSE School. Doping. Nailing Schedules. Nails. Painting Edger.

Fri Feb 24, 2023

Books. World-Saving Efforts. The Housing Theory of Everything. PV Market Penetration.

Thu Feb 23, 2024

RTK GPS. Scaling Rollout. Build - inner and outer trim frames [94]. File:Topwindowinnertrimframe.fcstd

Wed Feb 22, 2023

Cordless Coil Roofing Nailer. Safety Harness. Electric Hoist. Fasteners.

Tue Feb 21, 2023

Modular Window Trim. Drip Cap. Lightbulb Security Camera. Nail Gun.

Mon Feb 20, 2023

SH4 build instructions - siding - [

Sun Feb 19, 2023

Weakly State-Like Entities. Nailing Schedules. Vinyl Cutting Blade. Metal Connector Nailer. Rivet Gun.

Sat Feb 18, 2023

Build Finishing List. Critical Path. Democratic Socialism. Transformation Model 1. Global Statistics. Build Time. Drone Calculations

Fri Feb 17, 2023

Sublimation Log. Collaborative Science. Collaborative Ethic. Distributive Collaboration. Phalanstere. Network State.

Thu Feb 16, 2023

Open Source Village. World Statistics. Historic GDP. Agriculture Construction Set. Corruption. Ukraine War Reporting.

Tue Feb 14, 2023

Growth Log. Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions#Working_Doc. File:Foundationflashing.FCStd. Geoship.

Wed Feb 15, 2023

STEAM Camp Projections. Dump Bed Insert. Pickup Truck Anchor Points.

Mon Feb 13, 2023

Sheet Metal. Bootstrapping.

Sun Feb 12, 2023

Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions#Working_Doc. Seam Tape. Sheet Metal.

Sat Feb 11, 2023

Sat Feb 10 2023 Notes. Log Cabin Built by One Man. Industry 4.0. Garage. Geogrid.

Fri Feb 10, 2023

OSE Forum. Pioneers of Change. Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions#Working_Doc.

Thu Feb 9, 2023

OSE Global Security Platform. Roof Edging and Drip Cap. Reparations for African-Americans. IBC Totes - adding thermal storage. Water Thermal Storage Calculator. Hot Water Heat Pump.

Wed Feb 8, 2023

Important Questions Log. Scaling Log. Trim Notes. Transparency.

Tue Feb 7, 2023

Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions#Working_Doc. Adding interior wall module considerations. Open Source Recycling. BOM Automation -

Mon Feb 6, 2023

CM Log. Build Instructions - trim

Sun Feb 5, 2023

The Great Leap Forward. Capitalism. Seed Eco-Home 4 Build Instructions. Penny Size of Nails. Hurricane Ties. Rahul - `

Friday Feb 3, 2023

America Against America. Statistics.

Thursday Feb 2, 2023

Routine Log. OSE_FreeCAD_Workbenches#2023_-_Automating_BOMs_and_Going_into_Production. Seed Eco-Home 4 Build Instructions - added overall procedure. Seam Tape. BOM finalization - [95]. Patching EPDM.

Wed Feb 1, 2023

Joist Hangers. Seed Eco-Home 4 Build Instructions.

Tue Jan 31, 2023

Seed Eco-Home 4 Build Instructions. Seed_Eco-Home_4_3D_CAD#Select_Details. 6kW PV System. Solar Calculator. Solar Insolation Calculator. Shading in PV Panels. Galvanic Corrosion or Fasteners for Aluminum. Degree Symbol.

Mon Jan 30, 2023

Seed Eco-Home 4 Build Instructions. Pressure Treated Wood with Aluminum. Dunnage. Seed_Eco-Home_4_3D_CAD#Select_Details. Painting. Heavy Lift Drones.

Sun Jan 29, 2023

Seed Eco-Home 4 Build Instructions. Quotes. Seed_Eco-Home_4_3D_CAD#Select_Details. Winter Gloves

Sat Jan 28, 2023

SEH Trellis.

Fri Jan 27, 2023

Manlift Implement. Seed Eco-Home 4 Build Instructions. Hardware Cloth. Seed Eco-Home 4 Data Collection

Thu Jan 26, 2023

UELVE MBC. Collaborative Design. Termination Bar

Wed Jan 25, 2023

Distributed Market Substitution Collaboration Standard. Design Guide. OSE Collaborative Development Standard. Artificial Scarcity. On the Political Consequences of Scarcity and Economic Decline. Requirements. Pyrolysis Oil#Yields. Biomass Yields. Engines. Ideal Gas Equation. Self-Starting Engine. Highest Performance Single Cylinder Diesel Engine in the World

Tue Jan 24, 2023

OSE Open Hardware Standard

Mon Jan 23, 2023

SH4 Data Collection

Sun Jan 22, 2023

SH4 Future Work. SH4 Challenges. Collaborative Design 2023. Neosubsistence. Interior Wall Build Process. SEH in 5 Trailer Loads. SEH Coordinate System . Pyrolysis Oil.

Sat Jan 21, 2023


Fri Jan 20, 2023

SH4 Data Collection. Idea Log. Constitutions and Government Construction Set. Greenhouse Emissions from Food.

Wed Jan 18, 2023

Seed Eco-Home 4 Build Instructions. Funnymoney. OSE Investment. Seed Eco-Home 4 Future Work. Seed Eco-Home 4 Data Collection. System Flaw in Higher Education. Oil Reserves.

Mon Jan 16, 2023


Sat Jan 14, 2023

Window Flashing Procedure

Fri Jan 13, 2023

Collaborative Design 2023. Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions#Working_Doc. How You Can Die as a Drone Operator. Remote Control and Autonomous Vehicles. Low Slope Roofing. D3D Universal v21.06. War Strategy. Drones in War. Open Source Military.

Thu Jan 12, 2023

Technology Module Scopes of Work or Remote Control and Autonomous Vehicles. Industrial Gas Cylinders. Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions#Working_Doc

Wed Jan 11, 2023

Low Slope Roofing. Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions#Working_Doc. Seed_Eco-Home_4_Data Collection

Tue Jan 10, 2023

OSE Investment. Oggun Tractor. Commodity Prices. Clean Motion. Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions#Working_Doc - roof build instructions. Trellis Design Guide. Low Slope Roofing.

Mon Jan 9, 2023

Low Slope Roofing. Tar Paper. Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions#Working_Doc - garage build instructions. Seed Eco-Home 4 Data Collection.

Sun Jan 8, 2023

Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions#Working_Doc. Growth Ecology. Beagle Bone Projects. Arduino Inverter.

Sat Jan 7, 2023

S. Seed Eco-Home Savings with Open Source Construction Machines. Growth Ecology - $2600 machines savings per. Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions#Working_Doc. Open Source Power Ladder. Pallet Jack. Gravel Lock. Pervious Pavement. Chas.

Thu Jan 5, 2023

Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions#Working_Doc. Growth Ecology. Hurricane Tie. Post Anchor Installation. Pond Liner. Seam Tape. Roofing Membrane.

Wed Jan 4, 2023

Pokayoke. Seed Eco-Home 4 Calculations. Pintle Hook.

Tue Jan 3, 2023

S. Icons. Low Slope Roofing.

Mon Jan 2, 2023

Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions#Working_Doc. Seed Eco-Home 4 Future Work. Cap Nailer. SEH Investment. S. Next Generation Collaboration Infrastructure 2023. Power Ladder.

Sat Dec 31, 2022

Growth Ecology. Concrete Calculations. Large workshop structure naterials cost - $3/sf for 5000 sf concrete structure

Fri Dec 30, 2022

Ukraine War Statistics.

Wed Dec 28, 2022

Seed_Eco-Home_4_Build_Instructions#Working_Doc. Small Tractor Companies. Projects to End Poverty. Nailing Schedules.

Tue Dec 27, 2022


Sat Dec 24, 2022

Air Gun. Seed Eco-Home 4 Build Instructions.

Fri Dec 23, 2022

Donation Receipt. Seam Tape. Ukraine War. Housing Statistics.

Wed Dec 21, 2022

December Build. Seam Tape. Culvert.

Fri Dec 16, 2022

Savannah foundation trenching -[96]. File:Foundationstakingsavannah.fcstd. Quitting.

Thu Dec 15, 2022

Savannah foundation build -[97]. Nail Plates.

Wed Dec 14. 2022

XBX Build 2. Seed_Eco-Home_5_Conceptual_Design - foundation forms. Worker Contract.

Tue Dec 13, 2022

XBX Build 2. Seed_Eco-Home_5_Conceptual_Design

Sat Dec 10, 2022

Wall Module Templates. Module I29

Fri Dec 9, 2022

Wall Module Templates. Module I29

Thu Dec 8, 2022

Wall Module Templates

Wed Dec 7, 2022

Wall Module Templates. SH 4 CAD. Savannah Working Doc - grading plan. December Build Shopping List. Seed_Eco-Home_4_3D_CAD#Build_Cheatsheets. SH 4 BOM

Sun Dec 4, 2022

Seed Eco-Home 4 Foundation Plan at Seed Eco-Home 4 Conceptual Design.

Sat Dec 3, 2022

Foundation Staking Design. Plumbing Rough-in Concept at Seed_Eco-Home_4_Conceptual_Design. Seed_Eco-Home_4_3D_CAD#Master_Files - added rough plumbing.

Thu Dec 1, 2022

Wall Module Templates. Mini Excavator. Rough Plumbing Cheatsheet. Foundation Staking Design.

Wed Nov 30, 2022

Insulation Skirt. Rebar Spacing.

Mon Nov 28, 2022

Tolerancing and Fit. Foundation Stakes. Ram 3500#Trailer. Wall Module Templates

Sun Nov 27, 2022

Seed Eco-Home Enterprise Case. Small Homes. Soil moving calculations - [98]

Sat Nov 26, 2022

SIM Card = WiFi Calling

Thu Nov 24, 2022

4' Material. Seed Eco-Home Materials Order.

Wed Nov 23, 2022

December Build - script 2. Artificial_Material_Scarcity#Practical_Examples. Ram 3500. Ordering - [99]

Tue Nov 22, 2022

Crew Leader Webinar

Mon Nov 21, 2022

Missouri One Call. Post Anchors. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Structural Design Concepts.

Sun Nov 20, 2022

Extreme Manufacturing Social Contract. Lifetime Drivetrain Warranty. Seed Eco-Home 5 Conceptual Design. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc.

Sat Nov 19 2022

Ram 3500. Seed_Eco-Home_4_Conceptual_Design. Factor_e_Farm#Natural_History. Seed Eco-Home 5 Conceptual Design.

Fri Nov 18, 2022

Goals: car, trailer, site plan Savannah, site plan Maysville. RAM 3500.

Wed Nov 16, 2022

Land_Acquisition_Log#December_2022_Build_Working_Doc. Critical_Path#2022. Asphalt Driveway. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Heat Pump 101.

Tue Nov 15, 2022

Land_Acquisition_Log#December_2022_Build_Working_Doc - electric, road access Savannah. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc - utility hookup. How to Design a Garage. Skid Loader Rental. RAM 3500. Cash Flow Planning.

Mon Nov 14, 2022

Critical Path. SEH_4_Plumbing#Working_Doc - sewage ejector. RAM 3500. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc - heat pump mount.

Sun Nov 13, 2022

SEH 2 Economic Model Script. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc - PV system. Main Bonding Jumper.

Sat Nov 12, 2022

Enterprise Model Development. Carpentry Training. There Was a Dream

Fri Nov 9 2022

Seed Eco-Home PV System

Tue Nov 8, 2022

Resentment. Mono to Stereo. December Build

Sat Nov 6, 2022

December Build.

Sat Nov 6, 2022

Floating Slab. December Build.

Fri Nov 5, 2022

Maysville Permit. Survey Databases. Collaboration. Rosebud Siding Calculator. Electric Rough-In Quality Control.

Thu Nov 4, 2022

Genius Network. Perc Test. December Build. Housing Statistics. HVAC Contractors. Electric Rough-In Quality Control.

Wed Nov 3, 2022

Surveyors. Balaji Srinivasan.

Tue Nov 1, 2022

December Build. Directional Boring. December Build. Rosebud 2000. Plan Check Document. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc - rough in electrical quality control. SEH_4_Plumbing#Working_Doc. Metal Detector. Jack Hammer. Fastening to Concrete. Land Survey Databases. Free Electronic Signature.

Mon Oct 31, 2022

Revenue Model Scenarios. Carbon Savings from PV. Directional Boring. Final Reconciliation of Interior Sheathing on the Second Floor with 8' Walls.

Sun Oct 30, 2022

Slavery. December Build - hot dog. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc - bath fan.

Sat Oct 29, 2022

Rapid Learning Infrastructure.

Fri Oct 28, 2022

RTK GPS. SEH Plan Review. Surveying 101. ARPA Grant.

Thu Oct 27, 2022

ARPA Grant

Wed Oct 26, 2022

Electrical Contractor. Septic Tank.

Tue Oct 25, 2022

Sewer Tap. YC Safe.

Sun Oct 23, 2022

Electrical License. Reading. Ergophobia. Laundry Box. Tankless Water Heater. 4" OD Toilet Flange.

Sat Oct 22, 2022

Penetrometer. ARPA Grant. Finding Birthdays. NAICS.

Fri Oct 21, 2022

Pipe Leak Repair. Conflict Resource.

Thu Oct 20, 2022

Priority Matrix. Construction Approval in St. Joseph.

Wed Oct 19, 2022

Critical Path. Rosebud 2000.

Tue Oct 18, 2022

Critical Path

Mon Oct 17, 2022

Plan Check. New Jersey Project

Sun Oct 16, 2022

SEH 2 Water System Quality Control. Unskilled Work. Quotes. Electrical Consultant. Via Negativa. Lithography Masks. Seed Eco-Home Ratios. 36x. Building a Subdivision. ARPA Grant. Solving Housing.

Sat Oct 15, 2022

Max Trailer Weight. ARPA Narrative. Inspection Checklist. Test Plug.

Fri Oct 14, 2022

Land. SEH 2 Water System Quality Control. Versioning. It Has Been Proven That Machines Cannot Produce Meaning.

Thu Oct 13, 2022

ARPA Grant. Balaji Proposal. Arpa Narrative. AI Assisted Order Picking. Stairs.

Wed Oct 12, 2022

Metal 3D Printer. OSE Commitment Letter or OSE Intro Letter. Land.

Tue Oct 11, 2022

Land Due Diligence Process. Critical House Details. OSE Curriculum - added Publishing Curriculum. Modular House Franchise. Stairs.

Mon Oct 10, 2022


Sun Oct 9, 2022

Seed Eco-Home Labor Strategy. SEH Revenue Model Development. Quotes. Stairs. Plan Check.

Fri Oct 7, 2022

Workflow Learnings. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Cable Dispenser. ARPA Grant Application.

Thu Oct 6, 2022

Space Travel. Land Acquisition Log. Bonding. Adjusting Current on Pololu Stepper Drivers.

Wed Oct 5, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. OSE Curriculum. Land Acquisition Log. Vacation.

Tue Oct 4, 2022

SEH Stairs. Plan Check. Housing Statistics. Ufer Ground.

Mon Oct 3, 2022

Foundation Types.

Sun Oct 2, 2022

Plan Check. Metaverse.

Sun Sep 25, 2022

Electrical Design Guide - 10/4 wire. OSE Curriculum - adding power to OSE Apprenticeship 2023#Curriculum

Sat Sep 24, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc - CSED install. Deep Enterprise. OSE Certification. Electrical Design Guide.

Fri Sep 23, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. SH2 Plan Review - Electrical and Plumbing. CSED Install-[100]. BOM 5 - [101]. OSE Apprenticeship Cold Start. Pdftk

Thu Sep 22, 2022

CSED install - [102]. PV with hybrid transfer switch - SH2 Plan Review - Electrical and Plumbing. Land Acquisition Log. Hybrid Inverter. SEH 5 BOM. Bus Bar.

Wed Sep 21, 2022

PV with hybrid transfer switch - SH2 Plan Review - Electrical and Plumbing. Land Acquisition Log. Time to Sell a House. Integrated Design. PV Panels. OSE_Apprenticeship_2023#Curriculum. Plan Check. Knockout Sizes.

Tue Sep 20, 2022

Incremental Housing. Plan Check. Roof Ballast. Floor and Roof Joists. OSE_Apprenticeship_2023#Curriculum.

MOn Sep 19, 2022

SEH Build Process Questions. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Critical Path. SEH 5 BOM - update no carport, low ball windows etc. Jon $4M Grant. SEH Revenue Model Development. Land_Acquisition_Log#Mon_Sep_19.2C_2022. SH2 Plan Review - Electrical and Plumbing. Construction Plan Check Document. BOM 5.

Sun Sep 18, 2022

SEH_5_BOM. Book Lists. Solving Housing. PV Panels.

Sat Sep 17, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Corruption. Redistributive. Truly Replicable Production. Digital Responsibility. Productive Potential Backing. OSE Crypto. Seed Eco-Home Material Cost Reduction.

Fri Sep 16, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. MJ_Sublimation_Log#Fri_Sep_16.2C_2022.

Thu Sep 15, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. SEH Revenue Model Development. Easy Wire Outlets.

Wed Sep 14, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Active Couch Potato.

Tue Sep 13, 2022

Seed Eco-Home Cabinets. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Seed Eco-Home Presentation. Screw Withdrawal Force Calculator. UPC and SKU. Optimal Economy. Open Source Economy. Seed Eco-Home Distributed Market Substitution. Old Work Box in New Construction.

Mon Sep 12, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Critical Path. Rammed Earth. OSE Proposal 22 Ambitious. Uyghur Polysilicon. Seed Eco-Home Presentation.

Sun Sep 11, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Land Contract. OSE Investment Proposal. IKEA Culture. Security Camera as Doorbell.

Sat Sep 10, 2022

OSE Investment Proposal. Hyperloop. Zillow. Ductile Iron. Tunnels. Wind Power Statistics.

Fri Sep 9, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Construction Manager. Sublimation Log.

Thu Sep 8, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Crap Jobs. Land Acquisition Log. Afforestation. Hydrogen Compressor.

Wed Sep 7, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Land Acquisition Log. Box Fill Calculator. Caulking Tool. Aqua Casa Houseboat. School of Extreme Learning.

Tue Sep 6, 2022

3-Way Light Switch. Missouri NEC.Land Acquisition Log.

Mon Sep 5, 2022

Land Search. Land Acquisition Log. Lot Search 9/5/22.

Sat Sep 3, 2022

Mutually Assured Abundance. The OSE Experiment.

Fri Sep 2, 2022

Fire Alarm. Land Search and Land_Acquisition_Log. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Land Requirement. SEH 2 Revenue Model Scenarios. How to Wire a Light.

Wed Aug 31, 2022

Transformer. Split Phase Inverter. Seed Eco-Home Test Build Contributors. Hybrid Inverter. Sungold 6kW Hybrid Inverter. SH2 Plan Review. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc.

Wed Aug 31, 2022

SH2 Plan Review. Land Requirement. Driving Radius. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Senville Aura. Torque Wrench. Tin Snips.

Tue Aug 30, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Critical Path. Free Walls. Heat Pump. Apprenticeship Incentives. Senville Aura. Becoming an Electrician. CO2 Heat Pump.

Mon Aug 29, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Critical Path. Free Walls. Heat Pump.

Sun Aug 28, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Electrical Design Guide. The Story. Reading. Mimetic Traps. How to Be a Genius. Learning to Collaborate. Induction Cooktop. Range Hood Installation. Ukraine War Numbers and Strategy

Sat Aug 27, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Bloviation. Orbanism. Strategic Culture. Nonprofit Military Organizations. Peter Principle. Everyone Unjob. Arable Land. Trusscore. Ukraine War Numbers.

Fri Aug 26, 2022

Elite Overproduction Hypothesis. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. OSE Continuous Improvement Standard. Bosch Minitank Heater. Strategic Culture.

Thu Aug 25, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Electrical Design Guide. Nail Plates. Understanding Security. The Story.

Wed Aug 24, 2022

Humanism. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Pressing World Issues. The Trap of Permanent Mediocrity.

Tue Aug 23, 2022

Disinformation. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Roadmap. Digito-Physical Backing. S. OSE Learning Value Proposition. Dimmable LED Bulb.

Mon Aug 22, 2022

Focus. Marketing. Large Excavator. Wire Stripper. Cable Stapler. Weight of Concrete. Mud Mixer. Kansas City General Contractor Exam. Coordination Between the Trades. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Electrical Boxes. Electrical Design Guide.

Sun Aug 21, 2022

Plumbing Rough-In Testing. OSE Crypto. Seed Eco-Home Requirements + Value Proposition. On Writing Well. The Network State. Team Player.

Sat Aug 20, 2022

Build of Electrical - SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Technological Recursion and Evolution. Hiring. Direct Reduced Iron. Bellona Foundation.

Fri Aug 19, 2022

Seed Eco-Home v2#Roadmap. Magnetic Tool Holder.

Thu Aug 18, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Management Learning.

Wed Aug 17, 2022

From Slave to King. Cutting. Rasp Wheel. OSE Asylum Services. Solar Construction Trailer. Backflow Preventer. Sharkbite Fittings.

Tue Aug 16, 2022

SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Seed Eco-Home 4 Value Proposition. Photo Albums. Liberalism and Conflict. Tractor Firmware.

Mon Aug 15, 2022

Workshop Tips and Tricks. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. Entrepreneurs Organization. Instructionals Problem Statement. Entrepreneur to Systems Transformation Entrepreneur Program. Solar Lime Production. Heating. Wood Sawing. Rough-in Plumbing.

Sun Aug 14, 2022


Sat Aug 13, 2022

Seed_Eco-Home_4_BOM. Plumbing Design Guide.

Fri Aug 12, 2022

Biogas. Industrial Gas Cylinders. Cost to Build a School. Military Strategy. Plumbing Build.

Wed Aug 10, 2022

Solar_Concrete#200kW_Array. Liquid Hydrogen Ignition‎‎. Freedom. Miscanthus. Solving Poorly Defined Problems. High Altitude Balloon. Rooftop PV Codes.

Tue Aug 9, 2022

Build interior walls.

Mon Aug 8, 2022

Hydrogen Production. Seed_Eco-Home_4_3D_CAD#Second_Floor_Interior_2. SEH_4_Electrical#Working_Doc. How to Make Stringers. Stair_Design_Guide#Working_Doc. Military Strategy.

Sun Aug 7, 2022

IBC Totes. Tesla Power Wall. Feynman Technique and Evaluating Information.

Sat Aug 6, 2022

Truth. Ukraine Reconstruction Program. File:Ultimateblockingheight.fcstd. Drones in War.

Fri Aug 5, 2022

Structural Engineer. Open Source Engineering Degree.

Thu Aug 4, 2022

Seed Eco-Home 4.

Tue Aug 2, 2022

Seed Eco-Home 4. Genealogies. Rosebud 3. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files.

Mon Aug 1, 2022

SH2 Interior Walls Build.

Sun Jul 31, 2022

Critical Path. Open Source CSA. SH2 Interior Walls Build.

Sat Jul 30, 2022

Engines. Open Source Lumber Milling. Solar Construction Trailer. Mother Teresa. Sickle Bar Mower. Hydrogen Internal Combustion Engine.

Fri Jul 29, 2022

Political Ponerology. Seed Eco-Home Presentation. Construction Plan Check Document.

Thu Jul 28, 2022

Construction Plan Check Document. Heat Pump Calculator. Global Perspective Feeds. Peak Solar Hours. Ameren. SEH 2 Roof. Critical Path. Senville Aura. Psychographic Atlas.

Tue Jul 26, 2022

SEH 2 Roof. Handheld Belt Sander. Angle Grinder. Kaja Kallas. Political Ponerology. Seed_Eco-Home_Roadmap. S. Seed Eco-Home Presentation-for Matt Reisinger. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc.

Mon Jul 25, 2022

Seed Eco-Home Presentation. Free X to Everyone.

Sun Jul 24, 2022

Construction Plan Check Document updated. Semiconductor Fabrication. Why Are We Here. Rosebud 3 Building Book. Full Build Certification. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Build Cheatsheets. Bacchetta Cafe.

Sat Jul 23, 2022

Albert Bandura. What Got You Here. SH2 Plan Review. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Cheatsheets. Campus Social Contract. OSE_Apprenticeship_2023#Fine_Print. STEP Export in FreeCAD. Large-Scale Open Collaboration.

Fri Jul 22, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Cheatsheets. Seed_Home_2_Utility_Panel_Conceptual_Design#PV - adding notes from utility officials. SH2 Plan Review - added off-grid system. Seed Eco-Home Collaboration Team - meeting recording added. TechDraw Workbench.

Thu Jul 21, 2022

Construction Plan Check Document. Grid Tie Inverter. File:Rec315.fcstd. Solar Panels on a Flat Roof. Senville Aura. Decided on panel layout at Seed_Home_2_Utility_Panel_Conceptual_Design#PV.

Wed Jul 20, 2022

Construction Plan Check Document. Rental Equipment. Design Guide for Frost-Protected Shallow Foundations.

Tue Jul 19, 2022

Unleash the Power of Storytelling: Win Hearts, Change Minds, Get Results. What Got You Here Won't Get You There. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Three Line Diagram. Be We. Mindfulness Over Matter. SH2 Plan Review. Transformation. Construction Plan Check Document. Earth Anchors. Helical Pier Foundation. Seed Eco-Home 3 Conceptual Design#Carport. Sublimation Log. Recumbent Computing.

Mon Jul 18, 2022

Welders Near Me.

Sun Jul 17, 2022

Seed_Eco-Home_3_Conceptual_Design#Carport. SH2 Plan Review.

Sat Jul 16, 2022

Panel Lift. Seed_Eco-Home_3_Conceptual_Design. Critical Path. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working Doc - wire. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. IFo Log. Seed_Home_2_Product_Strategy#2022_Investment_Product_-_Engaging_Investors_in_Mission-Aligned_Funding.

Fri Jul 15, 2022

Wall Connections. HVAC Rough-In. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Seed Eco-Home Features 2022. Aquaponic Greenhouse Webinar. Bath Vent Codes.

Thu Jul 14, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Supercooperators. SEH_2_Revenue_Model_Scenarios#Subsidized_Builds_and_General_Contractor_Training_Model. Draftspeople. Open Source Invitation. Logan Log.

Wed Jul 13, 2022

Samir Awad. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Boot Menu.

Tue Jul 12, 2022

SH2 Plan Review. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc.

Mon Jul 11, 2022

Orders - [103]

Sun Jul 10, 2022

How to Fail at Almost Everything and Still Win Big. Dowel Jig. Wood 3D Prints. Chrome Paint on 3D Prints. Builder Mentorship. LG Condensing Washer/Dryer. Seed Home v2 BOM#Receipts. Kitchen Cabinets Materials. Best Water Conserving Toilets. PVC Glue Calculator. Plastic Pipe In Construction. IPC.

Sat Jul 9, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. Peter Zeihan. Hydrogen ICE. Overhead vs Underground Service Feed. SH3 BOM. Why - Integrity Certification. Sharkbite Fittings.

Fri Jul 8, 2022

Seed Eco-Home Collaboration Team. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. Extreme_Enterprise_House_Cost_Detail#Complete_Budget. Our Renewable Future. Transfer Switch. PVC Friction Saw.

Thu Jul 7, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. SH2 Plan Review. Third Party Inspectors. Nonviolence Entrepreneurship. Democratic Representation. How to Opensource a Project. Kleptocracy. Tracer Wire. Seed Eco-Home Build Questions. CEB Builders. Battery Box Vent.

Wed Jul 6, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc - developing water vBOM. Why. Seed_Home_2_Product_Strategy#2022_Digital_Strategy. World Peace Institute. Pollution Bases on Source. PEM Fuel Cell Costs. Peter Zeihan.

Tue Jul 5, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. SEH 2 BOM. SEH_2_Revenue_Model_Scenarios. OSE Documents. OSE-Related Forums.

Mon Jul 4, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. SEH 2 BOM - final BOM on water supply, distro, plumbing, electrical. Producation. Housing Statistics - added number of construction workers. SEH CAD Tasks.

Sun July 3, 2022

Heat Pump Disconnecting Means. Hauling Shipping Containers. October Build. Book Lists

Sat Jul 2, 2022

Potential Collaborator Topgrading. How to Create a Blockchain. Funding Innovation. Solar Hydrogen. Laminate Flooring in Bathroom.

Fri Jul 1, 2022

Seed_Eco-Home_Collaboration_Team#Meeting_2_-_July_1.2C_2022. LG 4.5 cu ft Washer Dryer Combo WM3998HBA. Seed Eco-Home Build Plan.

Thu Jun 30, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Electrical Design Guide - optimizing load design based on hardware selection for off-grid capacity. Seed Eco-Home FAQ.

Wed Jun 29, 2022

Open Source Invitation. OSEmail. phpList Log

Tue Jun 28, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. S.

Mon Jun 27, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. SEH 2 Revenue Model Scenarios. FAQ. Open Source Wind Turbine.

Sun Jun 26, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Electrical Design Guide. Seed Eco-Home Collaboration Team.

Sat Jun 25, 2022

Seed Eco-Home Collaboration Team. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Electrical Design Guide. Loren Log. Iris Log. Salvatore Log. OSE General Store. OSE Transformation. Pierre Coupet.

Fri Jun 24, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Electrical Design Guide. Seed Home 2 Marketing Strategy. Glimpse the Future with Peter Zeihan. Critical Path.

Thu Jun 23, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Electrical Design Guide. Depth of Modularity. Meta Design Guide. OSE Enterprise Ecosystem. Psychographic Atlas. Open Source Invitation. Server Capacity.

Wed Jun 22, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Electrical Design Guide. ToC. Growth Ratio. About Billionaires. SEH 2 Team. House Electrical Diagrams. Housing Statistics. Wire Ampacity - added discussion on motor startup current.

Tue Jun 21, 2022

Critical Path. Does OSE allow non-open source, DIY products in its product ecosystem?. Review. Past Workshop Paricipants. Box Blade. Oggun Tractor.

Mon Jun 20, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Electrical Design Guide. Forums. Correction for The Spruce. Sone to Decibel Calculator. Sears Home. Open Source Everything Store Proposal Conctruction Set. 8x8 Inch Air Grille. House Ventillation Requirement. PhPList. OSEmail

Sun Jun 19, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Electrical Design Guide. Media Bias. Open Source Aerial Drone Industry Standards‎‎.

Sat Jun 18, 2022

Electricians. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Working CAD Tasks. Affordable Housing Topgrading. House Electrical Diagram Process. QElectroTech. Master Interface Design Process. Fireblock Foam.

Fri Jun 17, 2022

Produceum. Working CAD Tasks.

Thu Jun 16, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. CAD Draftspeople. SEH Collaboration Strategy. OSE Video Assets. OSE Modular Swarmability. Investment Construction Set. FreeCAD Benchmarking. SEH 2 Job Board. MCC. TED Community. SMEs. Friendly Forums. SEH 2 Canopy.

Wed Jun 15, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. World Prosperity Institute. S - design program. Ukraine War. Senville Aura. LRA.

Tue Jun 14, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Best House. Dryer Circuit. Sewer Connection. Affordable Housing Topgrading. Migraine Craftsman.

Mon Jun 13, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. OSE Social Contract. The Best and the Brightest. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Build_Instructions. Electrical Design Guide. Lighting Design Guide.

Sun Jun 12, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files. SEH 2 Master Coordinate System. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. 3D Printed Tourniquet. Ukraine Contacts. Scaling Swarm Builds added to Seed_Home_2_Marketing_Strategy#Strategies. Distributed Market Substitution. Milestones. Housing Statistics. Outlet Boxes.

Sat Jun 11, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files. SEH 2 Master Coordinate System. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Enterprise Development Log. World Peace Institute. Topgraded Incentive Challenge. Sublimation White Papers. Extreme Enterprise Method. 6 Ds of Tech Disruption. Guaranteed Consensus. Belt Sander.

Fri Jun 10, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files. SEH 2 Master Coordinate System. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Rebuilding a Country. War Calculations. Key Statistics. Ukraine War. Rutger Bregman. Open Source VAWT. Decade of Prusa Printers. Universal_Gearless_Extruder#OSE_History.

Thu Jun 9, 2022

SEH 2 Master Coordinate System. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files. Information Ecology. OSB Flooring. Banality of Evil. Necrometrics.

Wed Jun 8, 2022

SEH 2 Master Coordinate System. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files. Modular Electrolyzer.

Tue Jun 7, 2022

Gitcoin Grant. Immortality. SEH 2 Master Coordinate System. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files. Stair Treads Without Screw Holes. Construction Tolerances.

Mon Jun 6, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files. Quotes. Critical Path. Web Traffic Log. FSBO. Open Source House Walkthrough Software. Gitcoin Grant. Get Rich Quick Schemes.

Sun Jun 5, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files. 120 Design Lessons.

Sat Jun 4, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files. xTool. 10kW Induction Heater. Tank and Bulldozer Tracks. Extensive Scalability. OSE School. Distributed Market Substitution. Extreme Learning Process. Extreme Learning Enterprise Process. Sublimation Log. History of the Internet. Levels of Source. Hannah Arendt. Banality of Evil.

Fri Jun 3, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files . Sound Judgment.

Thu Jun 2, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files . File:Seh2 wall 51.fcstd. Genius. OSE Forum. Trailer. Determination Incorporated. Art of Possibility. Quotes.

Wed Jun 1, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files - closet door. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Solar Construction Trailer. Seed Eco-Home Extreme Enterprise. General Principles of Swarm Development. Contract-First_Design#Challenge_of_Contract-First_Design. Modular Breakdown. Brave New War. Build Instructions Protocol. Walking Meditation. Gooseneck Trailer. PWM Power Control. Happiness.

Tue May 31, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files - closet door. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Unlimited Problem Solving Approach. Topgrading. Hiding a Seam in Wood. Build Permitting Log. Money Can Buy Happiness.

Mon May 30, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files - closet door. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. OSE Infrastructure Improvements 2022. Core Enterprise Module Staff. Open Source Stackable Engine. Enterprise Development Log. Open Source PV System Data Collection. New Industrial System. Hydrogen in Glassmaking. Arduino Speed. Biogasoline. Biokerosene.

Sun May 29, 2022

Shear Strength. Organizational Development Log. Hourly Rates. Topgrading. Keirsey. Transformation. 9 Forms of Capital. Open Source Ecologist Selection Assessment. Book Lists. Dangerous Leader Disorder.

Sat May 28, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#CAD. OSE Model of Change. Open Source Economy of Affection. OSE Apprenticeship 2023

Fri May 27, 2022

Stair Design Guide. SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. SEH 2 Electrical Design. SEH MVP Budget. Affordable Housing Soution That is Also a Job Program. Open Source Nursery. Decolonize Russia. American Kleptocracy. Chestnut Flowers.

Thu May 26, 2022

SEH 2 Electrical Design. Ukraine War. Utopia for Realists. Charitable-Industrial Complex. $800k Grant Request. Village Infrastructure. Night Vision Cameras. The Age of AI.

Wed May 25, 2022

Cement Mixer. OSE Photo Albums. Bill of Materials. SEH 2 Electrical Design. Electrical Design Guide. Mindfulness. OSE Campus Infrastructure. Patio Brick. Landfill Liner. Embodied Energy.

Tue May 24, 2022

OSE Apprenticeship 2023. Critical Path. Freehouse. Lowest Cost DIY House. Industrial Productivity On a Small Scale.

Mon May 23, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design - beadboard cutouts. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files - added bath electrical. Critical Path. Soda Chargers. College. Concept Drawing. Architectural Rendering. Seminal Thinkers on Bioregionalism.

Sun May 22, 2022

Village Infrastructure and Swarm Builds. Concrete Slabs. Lightweight Ferrocement Panels. Gravel Roof. [

Sat May 21, 2022

Electrical Design Guide. OSE Campus Levels. Regenerative Antifragility. Reaching the Stars. Pole and Wire PV Racking. Open Source PV System. Storage Hacks.

Fri May 20, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Electrical Design Guide. Split Phase Is Not 180 Degrees Out of Phase. OSE Campus Levels. Clay Studio. The Rules. Rapid Learning Strategy. Lighting Design Guide.

Thu May 19, 2022

SEH_2_Electrical_Design#Working_Doc. Electrical Design Guide. FAQ. Shrader and Presta Valve. Robossembler. Assembly-Oriented Design. SEH 2 Electrical Design. Autocracy and Democracy. Surviving the Future.

Wed May 18, 2022

SEH 2 Electrical Design. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Master_Files - added water lines. Positive Psychology. Housing Statistics. Google Maps. OECD. Updated Open_Source_Ecology#Introduction. OECD Affordable Housing Database. Gulag Archipelago.

Tue May 17, 2022

Core Enterprise Module Staff. OSE Campus Levels. Liberal vs Conservative Language. Cost of Semiconductor Manufacturing. Wouldn't Be Asking on Reddit If It Mattered. Positive Psychology. Stefania.

Mon May 16, 2022

SEH 2 Electrical Design. Smart Energy Grid. Democracy#Operations. Review. Jeremy Rifkin. Jeremy Rifkin. Polar Bear 3D Printer.

Sun May 15, 2022

Democracy. 2006. Charles Hampden-Turner. Kurt Lewin. Evolution Opportunity Cost. Sleep. Solutions Journalism.

Sat May 14, 2022

How to Embed a YouTube Playlist. Form_990#2021_Fiscal_Year_Filing. OSE P&L. Past Workshop Participants.

Fri May 13, 2022

Form 990. SEH 2 Kitchen and Bathroom Part Library. SEH 2 Electrical Design. Worry. P&L Statement. Policies

Thu May 12, 2022

SEH 2 Electrical Design. Organizational Development Log. Critical Path. Land Due Diligence. Seed Eco-Home Cost Structure. Lot Cost. OSE Turnkey Enterprise. PV System Install Cost. St. Joseph Building Department. Motels. Incentives Log. SEH Milestones. Velomobile.

Wed May 11, 2022

SEH 2 Electrical Design. Sleep#Nocturnal Arousal.

Tue May 10, 2022

SEH 2 Electrical Design. Robert McKee. Collaborative Scanlon Plan.

Mon May 9, 2022

Scanlon Plan. Development of Core Enterprise Module. Core Enterprise Module. S - key takeaways. Market Size.

Sun May 8, 2022

OSE Turnkey Enterprise. Evolution Opportunity Cost. Recumbent Bike. Gulag Archipelago.

Sat May 7, 2022

Seed Home v2 Conceptual Design. Wall Module Design Guide. Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Select_Details. Anxiety. Watching the News. Open Source Imaging. Left or Right Swing Door. 10W40 Oil. Electrical Design Guide.

Fri May 6, 2022

SEH Electrical. Wall Module Design Guide. Sleep. Mental Fallacies.

Thu May 5, 2022

SEH Electrical. Right Bias Bias. $800K Grant Request. Wiki vs Github. Proactivity Paradox. Electrical Design Guide.

Wed May 4, 2022

SEH Electrical. SEH Plumbing. Sustainable Workday for a Construction Worker. Lighting Design Guide. Tiles Material Guide. Kitchen Design Guide. MCC. Ukraine Twitter Feeds

Tue May 3, 2022

SEH Electrical. SEH Plumbing. Solving_Housing#Producer_Training. Tractor-Trailer Capacity. Shipping. Aerogel. OSE Scaling Incentives Whitepaper. What the Russians Really Need. Design Degeneracy. S. Rough-in Inspection. Land Due Diligence. Closing the Racial Wealth Gap. Sleep.

Mon May 2, 2022

SEH Electrical. SEH Plumbing. What the Russians Really Need. Shinnobu - Of His Eyes the Peace.

Sun May 1, 2022

How to Learn Everything About Everything. Modality. Ontology. Structure of Knowledge. How to Research. OSPD. Execution of Ideas Proposed. Freud Was Wrong. Energy Density. Solar Electrolyzer Development.

Sat Apr 30, 2022

SEH Electrical. SEH Plumbing. Wiki Bugs. Tailsitter Drone.

Fri Apr 29, 2022

SEH 2 Electrical Design. SEH 2 BOM. Power Meter Socket. T-Group. Kurt Lewin. Hierarchy of Ideas. Great Transition Initiative. Leadership Styles. Autocracy and Democracy.

Fri Apr 29, 2022

SEH 2 Electrical Design. SEH 2 BOM. Power Meter Socket. T-Group. Kurt Lewin. Hierarchy of Ideas. Great Transition Initiative. Leadership Styles. Autocracy and Democracy.

Thu Apr 28, 2022

SEH 2 Electrical Design. Cutting. Spray Foam Insulation. S. Rapid Learning Strategy. Rapid Learning Infrastructure.

Wed Apr 27, 2022

SEH 2 Electrical Design. OSE Collaborative Design Guide. Open Source Economy. Poverty. Modular Computers. Book. Oggun Tractor

Tue Apr 26, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [104]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. Sleep.

Mon Apr 25, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [105]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. Sleep.

Sun Apr 24, 2022

Algorithm for Global Collaboration. Dyson Sphere added to Kardashev Scale. Tech School Collaboration Proposal. OSE School.

Sat Apr 23, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [106]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. Briar Patch Observatory Podcast. Mental Model App. Extreme Block Party. Integrated Learning.

Fri Apr 22, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [107]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. Workshop Structure. Elephant Syndrome. Solar Energy Transition.

Fri Apr 22, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [108]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. Workshop Structure. Elephant Syndrome. Solar Energy Transition.

Thu Apr 21, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [109]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. Distributed Meritocratic Microfactory. Antifragile Production. Rooftop Area. Freedom of the World Process.

Wed Apr 20, 2022

Distributed Meritocratic Microfactory. Solar vs Wind Materials Inputs.

Tue Apr 19, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [110]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. Platinum Open Access. Brave New War. Battery Storage. Finnish Defensive Army.

Mon Apr 18, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [111]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. OSE Campus#Scaling. Ecocity. Book Burning. Why Ecohome. Village Maintenance Schedule. Cohort Rationale.

Sun Apr 17, 2022

OSE Campus#New Industrial System. Induction Furnace Melt Rate. Plastic Melt Rate. An OSE Business. How to Create a Democratic Society.

Sat Apr 16, 2022

Rapid Learning Strategy. Zero Turn Mower.

Fri Apr 15, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [112]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. What Do People Really Want. 2 Hours. Immunity to Authoritarianism. Ukraine War. Edelman Trust Barometer.

Thu Apr 14, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [113]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc.

Wed Apr 13, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [114]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. OSE Platform. Chinese Opium. OSE Forum. Respects Your Time. Mattereum White Paper

Tue Apr 12, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [115]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. Online Image Resize. 2022 Site Plan. Subversive Abundance Supercollaboration.

Mon Apr 11, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [116]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. Community College Collaboration. $500k Spend. Site Plan 2022. Ukraine War.

Sun Apr 10, 2022

OSE Governance. Ukraine War. Icons.

Sat Apr 9, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [117]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. CPVC. It Is Only for the Sake of Those Without Hope That Hope is Given.

Fri Apr 8, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [118]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. Atmospheric_Water_Generator#Energy_Use_of_X_Model. Volcano Nozzle. OSE Piping Workbench.

Thu Apr 7, 2022

Utility Burial Requirements. Connecting to a Water Meter. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Cabinets. BOM - [119]. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. SH2 BOM - [120]. Core Enterprise Module#Components. Solar Calculations. Average Electricity Cost. Utility Costs.

Wed Apr 6, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. SH2 BOM - [121]. Fighter Jet Maintenance. Aerorozvidka. Butter. PEX A vs PEX B. Ozone and Plastics. Sharkbite Fittings. Tank Tracks. Semiconductor Companies.

Tue Apr 5, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. SH2 BOM - [122]. Core Enterprise Module. Profit in Construction. Trailer Axle. Solar Calculations.

Mon Apr 4, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. SH2 BOM - [123]. Sublimation Log. SEH Roadmap. Work Doc.

Sat Apr 2, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Plumbing. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. SH2 BOM - [124]. Rough Plumbing Inspection. OSE School. Neuroplastic Sublimation. Sublimation Log. Garbage Disposal.

Fri Apr 1, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Plumbing. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. SH2 BOM - [125]. Toilet Flange. Free Solar Panel Installation. Margins for Cement. Collaborative Education. Open Source Aerial Drone. Plumbing Inspection.Quotes.

Thu Mar 31, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Plumbing. SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. SH2 BOM - [126]. Toilet Flange.

Wed Mar 30, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Plumbing. Wisdom. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Utility_Wall. PVC Fitting Types. Socket vs Spigot. Plumbing Design Guide. How to Plumb a Dishwasher.

Tue Mar 29, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. SEH 2 KItchen and Bathroom Part Library. OSE School Collaborative CAD.

Mon Mar 28, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. SEH 2 KItchen and Bathroom Part Library. BOAB. Appliances in New Construction. How to Think Like an Inspector. Circuit Venting.

Sun Mar 27, 2022

Ukraine War Calculations.

Sat Mar 26, 2022

SEH_2_Kitchen_and_Bathroom_Part_Library#Working_Doc. SEH 2 KItchen and Bathroom Part Library review. OpenAFPM. Open Source Wind Turbine. Solar Conversion. Plastic Pipe Pressure Drop Calculator. Funding.

Fri Mar 25, 2022

SEH 2 KItchen and Bathroom Part Library. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Utility_Wall. MJ Sublimation Log. 2 Way Cleanout.

Thu Mar 24, 2022

SEH 2 KItchen and Bathroom Part Library. Plumbing Design Guide. Microstates. Global Governance. Ukraine War Log. Street Elbow. Plumbing Library

Wed Mar 23, 2022

SEH 2 KItchen and Bathroom Part Library. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Utility_Wall. SEH 2 KItchen and Bathroom Part Library. Global Governance. AAV for Toilet

Tue Mar 22, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Utility_Wall. Sublimation. MJ Sublimation Log. Penetrometer.

Mon Mar 21, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Utility_Wall. SEH 2 KItchen and Bathroom Part Library. Practical Mindset. SEH Enterprise Module. Recruiting 100 People in 180 Days. 4 Zones of Possibility. Forum Design.

Sat Mar 19, 2022

Long Term Security Strategy. Unit 112 of the Kyiv City Special Brigade. Heavy Lift Drone.

Fri Mar 18, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Canopy. World Peace Institute. OSE_Campus#Other_Enterprise

Thu Mar 17, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Data_Collection#Top. Purpose.

Tue Mar 15, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Canopy. Seed_Home_v2_Data_Collection#Top. Solutions. Atmospheric Water Generator.

Mon Mar 14, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Data_Collection#Top. SEH 2 KItchen and Bathroom Part Library. Hydrogen Car. AAV. Nuclear War. The End of History. Structural Change. Notes.

Sun Mar 13, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Data_Collection#Top. Tesla Solar

Sat Mar 12, 2022

SEH 2 KItchen and Bathroom Part Library. Plumbing Design Guide.

Fri Mar 11, 2022

SEH 2 KItchen and Bathroom Part Library. Open Source Energy Recovery Ventilator. Rollout. IPC.

Thu Mar 10, 2022

SEH 2 KItchen and Bathroom Part Library. Rollout. Utility Wall Build.

Wed Mar 9, 2022

Rought Plumbing Inspection Checklist. SEH 2 KItchen and Bathroom Part Library. Open Source Economy. Post-Scarcity Revenue Model. Scarcity-Based Business Models. Oggun Tractor. Socrates' Last Error. Radical Man. Liberal vs Progressive.

Tue Mar 8, 2022

Military Strategy. Solar Economy Transition. Global Energy Use.

Mon Mar 7, 2022

SEH 2 Water Fittings Library or Water Fittings Library. Also labeled as SEH 2 KItchen and Bathroom Part Library - this will be important source for iterations. Schiller Institute.

Sat Mar 5, 2022

History of Russia.

Thu Mar3, 2022

Oil. PV Panel Manufacturing Facility.

Tue Mar 1, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Build_Pictures_and_Video#Video_Assets- added EPDM and roof folders. Seed Eco-Home Decorative Trellis Design - bolt angle figured out. Lag Bolts. World War 3.

Mon Feb 28, 2022

Hydraulic Power Unit.

Fri Feb 25, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Gutter_.26_Top_Finishing. OSINT. Ukraine War.

Thu Feb 24, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Gutter_.26_Top_Finishing. Open Source Solution to War. Big Think. Mercenaries.

Mon Feb 21, 2022

Percentage of Urban Land.

Sun Feb 20, 2022

Air Compressors. The OSE Experiment. Lag Bolts. Wind Load Calculator.

Sat Feb 19, 2022

Seed Eco-Home Decorative Trellis Design. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Gutter_.26_Top_Finishing. Habitat for Humanity. Book Recommendations. Principles of Extreme Manufacturing. OSE League.

Fri Feb 18, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Gutter_.26_Top_Finishing. Open Source Chemistry. Canola. Seed Eco-Home Decorative Trellis Design. Gulag Archipelago. School Benchmarking. Solar Panel Wholesalers.

Thu Feb 17, 2022

Earth Area Required for a Solar Economy. Solar Economy Transition.

Wed Feb 16, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Trellis. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Gutter. Technological Transformation. Slow Solar Autonomous Agriculture. Solving Housing. Gutter Calculator. Radical Man.

Tue Feb 15, 2022

Subtleties of Scarcity Thinking

Mon Feb 14, 2022

Solar Concrete#Concrete Howto. SH2. Farm Manager Job Descriptions. Muscle Growth.

Sun Feb 13, 2022

Global Oil Reserves. Solving Housing. Exams. Housing Statistics. Ziggurat. Supplements.

Thu Feb 10, 2022

Seed Eco-Home Inspection Planning. Diet and Life Expectancy. Lumber Prices. Industry Standard Certifications. OSE 101 by Jesse. KC Land Bank. Reverse Bucket List.

Mon Feb 7, 2022

OSE Doctrine Cut 1 continued.

Sun Feb 6, 2022

OSE Doctrine.

Sat Feb 5, 2022

OSPD Protocol. OSE Doctrine. Principles of Distributed Economics.

Fri Feb 4, 2022

OSE Doctrine. Open Compute. Hydrogen Engine Design. 1 kg for a Dollar. Hydrogen Economy.

Thu Feb 3, 2022

SatNOGS. Copenhagen Suborbitals. Hydrogen Airplane. Most Important Century. Open Source Furniture.

Wed Feb 2, 2022

Pressing World Issues. OSE Doctrine. Flawed Democracy. Buying a Country. Noam Chomsky. OSE Dialectic. 80000 Hours Podcast. Capital Institute. Transition Towns. Regenerative Enterprise. Regenerative+ Enterprise.

Mon Jan 31, 2022

College Dropout Rate. SEH Labor Strategy. Collaboration Scripts. OSE Doctrine. How to Write.

Sun Jan 30, 2022


Sat Jan 29, 2022

OSE Campus#Mashup_Of. OSE_4_Year_Program#Narrative

Fri Jan 28, 2022

Voluntary Simplicity. ReGen Villages.

Thu Jan 27, 2022

Seed_Home_2_Business_Plan#Jan_2022. Voluntary Complexity. Revenue Per Employee. Tim Ferriss.

Wed Jan 26, 2022

Hydrogen for Glass Making. Hydrogen for Cement Making.

Tue Jan 25, 2021

Torque Wrench. Pipe Flaring. Disaster Rebuilds. Ladder Jacks.

Mon Jan 24, 2021

Seed_Home_v2_Industry_Standards#Advisors. Tim Ferriss. Dual Boot. Cambiatus. New Ways to Fund Science. Acetylated Wood. Ethylene from Ethanol

Sun Jan 23, 2022

Elias in the Anthropocene. Derren Brown. Communication. Greg McKeown.

Sat Jan 22, 2022

Vinyl_Siding#Installation_Instructions. OSE School.

Thu Jan 20, 2022

Habitat Pitch 2022. Plumbing Design Guide.

Wed Jan 19, 2021

Area of Competency. Urban Block.

Tue Jan 18, 2022

Cognitive Override Sublimation. Started category of Positive Psychology. Sublimation. Creativity Construction Set. Human Capacity. Web3. Hydrogen Engines.

Mon Jan 17, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Trim_and_Siding. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Interior_Walls. Electrical Design Guide. OSE Podcast. Open Source Special Economic Zone Specifications. OSE School. Microstate Entrepreneurship. Microstate Entrepreneurship. 3D Printed Houses. $10k 3D Printed House Myth Debunked. Wiring and Plumbing Test.

Sun Jan 16, 2022

The Best and the Brightest. The Laws of Human Nature. List of Makerspaces. Jordan Peterson. Limited Liability. Narcissist, Psychopath, Sociopath. MTP. Laissez-Faire Leadership. Compassion vs Empathy. Farnam Street. Mental Models. D3D v20.07

Sat Jan 15, 2022

Carbon Credits

Fri Jan 15, 2022

Great Resignation. Grameen Bank. Poverty.

Wed Jan 12, 2022

Time to Build a House. Shipping Container to Trailer Conversion. Certified Master Plumber. Housing Statistics.

Tue Jan 11, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_3D_CAD#Plumbing_Final. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Interior_Walls. High Achieving Low Income Students. Solving Housing.

Mon Jan 10, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Electrical. Habitat NOVA.

Sun Jan 9, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Electrical. 2 Bedroom 2 Bathroom. Rough-In Plumbing Inspection. Final Plumbing Inspection. Inspection Schedule. Frost-Proof Hose Spigot. Construction Resources. Under Construction Phase Inspections.

Sat Jan 8, 2022

Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization. Moulding. Cryptocurrency. Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Electrical. Copy. House Cost. 2 Story Plumbing. SEH 2 Build Optimization.

Fri Jan 7, 2022

Brian Potter. Plumbing Design Guide. Old Work Box.

Thu Jan 6, 2022

Enterprise Incubation Programs. Gap Year Programs. Landmark Education. Seed Home v2 Build Instructions. Design-for-Tolerancing

WEd Jan 5, 2021


Tue Jan 4, 2021

The Company. Utopian Communities. Unschooling Rules. Get in Touch.

Mon Jan 3, 2021

Performance Testing of People. Emotional Intelligence Tests.

Sat Jan 1, 2022

Seed_Home_v2_Build_Instructions#Sheathing. Character. The Extraordinary. Aurora James. Financial Independence for Solving Pressing World Issues. OpenCV AI Kit.

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